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Clive McIntosh Saved My Life

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Where: Crunch Fitness and Private

At Flavorpill HQ in Soho on Friday afternoons, the CEO's personal trainer comes in and runs a half hour boot camp for anyone willing to step away from their desk. It's sort of an experimental thing, and a testament to how much Flavorpill CEO, Mark Mangan, digs Clive McIntosh.

"Clive changed my life," Mangan told me. "I used to be heavier. Not a fat bastard, but not exactly svelte either. The nonstop, startup, on-the-computer lifestyle had taken its toll. I had been going to the gym sometimes. I ran on the treadmill. But I pretty much did the same thing, and it wasn’t working." Mangan is a trim web media guy. His business is cultural criticism. In short, a reliable critic. "Clive was about change," Mangan says. "More than just working with weights, he taught me the interplay between diet, cardio and strength training. He changed the way I think about exercise and food. How I feed and use my body."

McIntosh trains at Crunch. He's a big, very muscular guy raised in Brooklyn, with parents who come from the Carribbean, where they grew up with mango trees in the backyard. Which is to say, eating fresh fruit, vegetables and juices as a matter of course. He has a calm, easy, but non-babying presence. It's pretty clear that he's not asking you to do anything he can't. In not much more than 20 minutes, he more or less crushes the Flavorpill crew.

"It's expensive to work with a personal trainer," says Mangan. "But it’s worth ten times what I paid. More."

FYI to Crunchies on the hunt for a personal trainer who traffics in serious change: Word on the street is that Clive McIntosh gets the job done.

Life Saver
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