Apparently, Yoga Is Officially Okay For Manly Men

Breaking news from the New York Times: Dudes do yoga too. (They immediately followed this news with an article about women no longer riding side saddle). In fact, the data is somewhat interesting. The Times reports that in 2008, men made up about 28% of yoga practitioners, and presumably the number has gone up from there. One Jivamukti teacher said classes are often about 40% male these days. “I see more and more athletes,” he said. “The resistance is breaking down.” The "athletes" part is the real gist of the story. There have always been men who've done yoga. But apparently, says the New York Times, not manly men. I want to get all mad and say something about hetero-normartive bias. But whatever. I guess at minimum their observation is somewhat accurate — there are more dudes from the weight room in yoga class than they're used to be.

Man Yoga (via NYTimes)

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This Study Should Convince Your Boss to Sponsor Your Kickball Team, No Prob

  • Step 1: Print this study
  • Step 2: Show it to your boss. 
  • Step 3: Immediately follow with request for company kickball team sponsorship.
  • Step 4: Move right along to kickball team jersey design. 

Here's the gist — the healthier you are outside work, the more productive you are on the job. The researchers surveyed over 10,500 workers at 49 different companies between 2005 and 2009 and found that more than 10% of sick leave and productivity loss were due to health-related lifestyle factors outside the workplace. Their conclusion: primary health interventions (like kickball team sponsorship!) contribute to maintaining a productive workforce. 

Kickball (via <a href="">timsamoff</a>)


The Tennis Grunting Advantage

Grunting in tennis. Players may do it just because, wow, they're hitting that ball really hard and that kind of exertion naturally elicits a vocal accompaniment. But a new study shows there may be a little more to it — Grunting might give loud tennis players a distinct advantage over their quieter peers. In the study, participants watched video of tennis and had to hit a button as quickly as possible to indicate which direction each shot went. When there was an "extraneous sound" with the video (aka a grunt), they were much slower and much less accurate in their responses. Granted, these weren't professional tennis players with steely concentration. These were just college students. But still, grunting, howling, shrieking, definitely messes with your opponent.  

Monica Seles (via

Wake Up Video

Good Morning, Surfers (And Wish-You-Were Surfers)

Because sometimes, on a gray Monday morning, you just need a surf video to get you going. 

Oneill Imaginarium from Blake Kueny on Vimeo (via Outside).

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Wake Up Call

Song of Yourself

I believe in the flesh and the appetites,
Seeing, hearing, feeling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me
is a miracle.

Divine am I inside and out, and I make holy whatever I touch or am
touch'd from,
The scent of these arm-pits aroma finer than prayer,
This head more than churches, bibles, and all the creeds.

~ Walt Whitman

Yes! (Via <a href="">daniel n. reid</a>.)

Noon Stretch

Like Floating On A Cloud

"Lyrical w/kristin 1hr: lovely movements, felt like floating on a cloud, such light yet strong motions & emotions...kristin is luminous & teaches w/ such love, patience & absolutely no judgements." — maymay y., yesterday, 9:00 P.M.

Autumn Dancer (via <a href="">tibchris</a>)

Social Workouts

The Heavy Eyeliner Basketball League

Massive social workout (small "s," small "w") find yesterday! Should you happen to be in the vicinity of the St. Patrick's Youth Center in New York (on Mott Street) on any given Thursday evening, step inside the old brick building. Notice the classic pre-war gym-auditorium. Hardwood floors with no lines, aqua green industrial paint running halfway up the walls, shallow stage. Notice also the ten women on the floor. It's the "Muffs" vs. the "Sluts," a regular lesbian pickup game known as the Heavy Eyeliner basketball league. The league has only two rules: You must wear eyeliner, and nobody gets hurt.

Ladies Basketball

New York

Death By Television

Yet Another Way TV Is Bad For You

There's more bad news for TV viewers every day. First, there was the research that said every hour of TV you watch per day increases your odds of premature death by 11%. Then there was vonhottie's report on ABC's new lineup, pronouncing it bereft of good fitness role models (save Taye Diggs who knows how to treat himself right with bubble baths). Well now, there's a new study out that says TV viewing turns you into a hypochondriac and "reduces your satisfaction with life." The study, which took place at the University of Rhode Island, surveyed students ages 18-31 and found that, based on all the medical information on TV, TV viewers develop a mistaken sense of their "likelihood of being victimized by health-risks as well as a strong belief in the severity of those risks." In other words, too much TV and next thing you know, you're that guy on the subway in the hospital mask. Best line from the study press release: "Other leisure activities such as socializing and exercise may actually be better options." That, or treadmill TV.

TV (via <a href="">schmilblick</a>)

DVD Reviews

A Hip Hop Home Workout To Make You Cooler

No longer will I scour the profiles of the men of New York on OkCupid during those long lonely nights; I have found a remedy to my loserdom, and it comes in the form of an exercise DVD. Hmm, that sounds a little creepy lame but I assure you I am a total badass now, thanks to Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Hip Hop. I would even go so far as to say that this is the most fun I have ever had doing an exercise DVD in my history of doing exercise DVDs.  I know, that's a big statement, that's what I'm trying to tell you—this one is awesome.

Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Hip Hop

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A Big Shout Out To Happy Eaters

I spent most of my teens and early twenties anxiously counting the calories in every bite of sugar-free Jell-O and basing my feelings of self-worth (or lack thereof) on the elliptical machine's data screen. It took years to liberate my brain from that kind of thinking, so I cringe every time I encounter media informing me I'll have to jump rope for exactly three hours to burn off the pizza I had for dinner, or that if I want a treat I should eat two and only two donut holes, lest I surpass the 100 calorie treat limit. And in inverse proportion, I want to do cheerleading flips every time I encounter media that extols the virtues of calming down, eating and sweating in a reasonable fashion, and focusing on my happiness instead of my "bikini body." And so I'm rah-rah revved up all over the place this morning because of a new website called "Happy Eaters." Here's their pitch:

Happy Eaters

Kimberly Rae Miller said "

Great site, thanks for the recommendation Charity.

" More comments...

Space Gyms

The First Space Hotel: Will The Gym Suck?

Last time we chatted about space, it was to discuss the fact that while Boeing and others are building tourist space buses, if you want on the bus, you've got to be very fit. (And rich, but I like to imagine that's secondary). Today, we bring you another bit of space and fitness news. A Russian company has announced plans for the first space hotel. The hotel will reportedly have facilities for "scientific research, media projects and entertainment." No mention of the gym?! As we all know, bad hotel gyms can really dampen your enthusiasm for travel. To the Russian space hotel builders: I may never visit your hotel, but for the sake of my dreams, please build a pimpin' gym. Colbert-related equipment optional. 

Image by K. Alverson of

Buns of Steal

Crash Update: Fractured Rib, New Yorkout Plan Needed

So... the fall was worse than I thought, because I went to the doctor today (finally) and it turns out I have a hairline fracture in one of my ribs. It'll take 6-8 weeks to heal. AWESOME! So, that's the bad news. The good news (yes there's good news) is that apparently there's not really anything I can do, short of clubbing myself in the chest with a baseball bat, that will make the injury any worse. That means I can "proceed at my own risk" as far as any physical activity is concerned. Basically, if the pain is tolerable, I can go ahead and exercise (this according to the doc).

So, that leaves me with the question: What can I do?

Ribs (via <a href="">upton</a>)

Eis4Emily said "

This happens to boxers and kick boxers a lot. You can pretty much do ..." More comments...

Wake Up Call

Love the Wet

I like rain, actually.

~ Bill Rodgers

Bike on! (Via <a href="">trix0r</a>.)

Workout Gear

Tough Morning Bike Commute? Get the BOND Bike

Cars and truck cutting it a little too close? Cue the handlebar flame thrower. Crazy pot holes to maneuver? Cue the caterpillar track wheel. Bike thieves? Employ the ejector seat! Britain's Environmental Transportation Association (which sells bike insurance) conducted a survey of riders' concerns, and then they built a bike to address them. You can't actually purchase the bike...yet. But you can take a look in person at the Cycle Show in London next week. Meanwhile, check out the BOND Bike video after the jump (via Outside)

Flame Throwers! (via the Daily Mail)

Noon Stretch

No More Hoping And Praying

"The jeans that the skinny woman I worked for gave me last year at my thinnest are now slightly baggy. These jeans—which I haven't been able to wear for awhile—were my "SEE, I wear a thin woman's jeans" pants when I felt bad about my weight. I can't even describe how amazing I think that is, that there is no more hopping and praying that they will button, just sliding on, comfort and ease." — Maggie H., yesterday, 11:30 P.M.

Jeans Ump (via <a href="">jesse.millan</a>)

Poet Laureate

The Price of a Nutritionist

At the “Health and Wellness Fair” my company recently sponsored, I had the opportunity to briefly meet nutritionist Robyn Youkilis, who agreed to have a half-hour phone meeting with me the following day. 24 hours later, I found myself in my office lobby, discussing my erratic sleeping habits and the quality of my, er, gastrointestinal system as my coworkers glanced and frowned at me while they walked in and out of the office. I learned a few things, like gluten can be the culprit behind my insomnia and inability to focus, followed immediately up with that there’s actually good-tasting gluten-free beer. (My nutritionist knows me so well and she’s not even my nutritionist!) After our talk, though, came the pitch: for $297 a month I too could have a nutritionist! Wait, what?

Gluten-Free Beer (via <a href="">Pilgrim Wine and Spirits</a>)

Jdesigner said "

I don't know about you but being able to sleep an uninterrupted deep ..." More comments...


Aging Gets A Kick In The Ribs

There are many ways to fight aging: intensely regimented calorie-restricted dietsanti-gravity yoga, shooting up with pregnant women's urine, or, according to the Washington Post, kicking other people in the ribs. The crowds at boxing, karate, and kickboxing gyms these days, the Post reports, are getting a little grayer, or in their somewhat less kindly description, more "brittle." Luckily for everyone involved, the story doesn't include tales of splintering bones. Instead, it's about overcoming middle-age. "What are we doing here? We're all trying to fend off the march of time," says one of the 40-something boxers. "That's what I'd like to achieve physically." Though apparently for a few, perhaps wiser salt-and-pepper boxers who realize that might not be possible, there are other goals too. Explaining why he's in the gym, sparring, one 50-something says:

"Overcoming pain is something we all have to do. The pain of loss. The pain of disappointment. Physical pain. Being able to take that in and absorb it and go on...This is what life is all about. Realizing what you're up against and how to get around it."

Call me crazy, but working out with something like that in mind sounds a little better than being a calorie-starved, high-on-urine, stem-cell-facelifted, clinging-to-an-impossible-goal, punching machine. 

Brittle Boxers (via <a href=""></a>)

Gym Profits

Evander Holyfield Evangelizes India With New Boxing Gyms

The typical scenario is this: Americans head to India, take an idea (typically yoga related), then tweak it, bring it back to America, patent it, and make a million bucks off it. India is trying to put the kibosh on that, but meanwhile, here's a somewhat notable variation. This time, an American is taking something American and trying to get it to catch on in India. Legendary boxer Evander Holyfield is opening up a chain of gyms and boxing clubs and academies throughout the country, with flagship gyms in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Phase 2 of his plan is to launch a line of Evander Holyfield shakes and supplements in India. Unlike France where no self-respecting Frenchman will set foot inside a gym, India’s sports and fitness market is growing at 35% a year, so Holyfield and Co. are expecting some mega-profits. India, you give us strength, flexibility, and inner peace; in return, we give you protein powder and mouth guards. Okay, that's not quite fair. Silky shorts and fancy footwork are part of the package as well. 

Holyfield (via <a href="">BET</a>)

Yoga Trends

Yoga Gets Another Helping of Hip Hop

Remember Cowboy Yoga? As in cowboys doing yoga in jeans and boots to prove that yoga isn't just for "hippies, democrats, and other sissies who like to wear that sissy lycra stuff." Well now there's Yo Yoga, which proves that a ball cap, Nikes, and Raiders gear is yet another alternative to Lululemon. Add yesterday's Yoga rap to the mix, and you've got a little bit of a yoga hip-hop groundswell. 

(via YogaDork)

Fit Tech

First Lady Hands Out Fitness App Prizes

As part of Michelle Obama's marvelous Let's Move campaign, this week the White House awarded $60,000 in prizes to students who competed in the First Lady's fitness apps for kids contest. The big winners: A group of students at USC who designed an app named "Trainer." (Apparently creative naming wasn't a high priority). "Trainer" is a little like Gigi Pets from the 90s, except now the digital creature lives on your sweat. You work out in front of an interactive webcam, and as you thrive, so does your little digital friend. What's particularly cool is that it might really work to motivate kids. Recall the virtual flower garden app and how grownups were all about sweating to make their garden grow? Flowers, perhaps not as inspiring for the younger set. But dogs and dragons? Totally. Next up in First Lady fitness-related contests, a competition to create healthy school lunch recipes kids actually like. 

Michelle (via

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