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Hi. Here's where we're gathering up all the important "How Tos" of Social Workout, as well as the answering frequently asked questions, and gathering suggestions for improvements around here. The following list is in reverse chronological order, i.e. the most recent -- not necessarily the most important things -- come first. If you don't see an answer to your question on the list below, you can simply add a comment at the bottom of this page. (Must be signed in.) Thanks!

Can I edit or delete a post after I've saved it? Yes, you can always go back and delete or edit your own posts. Just click on the Edit "tab" at the top of the given post. Once in the Edit view, you can modify the post as you wish. When you're done,  scroll down, and you will see  to the "Save," "Preview," and "Delete" buttons. If you just want to delte the post, hit the "Delete" button.

Can I "follow" another user, i.e. get notified whenever they post?
Yes, though we use slightly different terms. If you'd like to keep up to date on another users' posting, you can simply click on the little "Subscribe: Posts by ???" link at the bottom of any given post. You can configure how often you want to receive "notifications" whenever your friends post, i.e. the minute they save their post, or a daily or weekly digests, etc.) To configure all your notifications, go to your User Profile page, and click on the "Notifications" tab at the top of the page, just under the menu bar.

Can I add an image to my workout post?
Yes! Here's what you do: When you create a new workout post, you'll see a section on the form called "Attached Images." Click those words to expand the section, then click on the "Choose File" button. Choose your image, give it a title (or caption), and you're done. When you save your post, your image will appear.

What's a Workout Post, and how is it different than a General Post?
Workout posts are designed to log workouts, while old fashioned blog posts can be used for everything else, like posting questions, rationalizing, general philosophizing, goal setting, misc. poetry, etc.  One key difference: When you post a Workout, the workout "count" on your user profile page tics up by one. Note: If you are a member of a challenge, remember to select the relevant Challenge check box on the Workout post form. This way you'll also get credit on the Challenge "Stats" page.

If I work out multiple times in a single day, can I create multiple workout posts?
You can create as many workout posts as you want, and you'll get credit for each one that you "publish." That said, all of the Social Workout challenges to date have asked challengers to exercise on a certain number of days in a given time frame. To keep track of this, people in a challenge should just post one workout per day. (You can always consolidate multiple sessions into a single post!) That way your workout count is effectively your "total days with exercise" count. As our software gets more sophisticated, we'll be able to keep track of workouts by day, but that's still to come!

My Workout Count is Off. What Gives?
The workout count on your profile page should reflect all of the workouts you've done to date. The count on the "stats" page of any given challenge, will only reflect those workouts you've posted to that challenge. Please note: If your workout count for a given challenge is off, you may have forgotten to click the little "Audience" checkbox on your workout post for that challenge. You can always go back and edit the post, and check the box.

My feat count is off. How can I fix it?
We recently upgraded our old school, steam-punk style feat tracking software to allow our challengers to keep track of their various feat counts on a single, convenient page. The new counters are simple and addictive, but not forgiving of typos. You may be one of the challengers who, understandably, entered a wrong number into a counter. (Like perhaps you entered the number of pullups you did, instead of the number of sets of pullups.) To solve that problem, we've come up with a primitive but effective fix: You can now enter negative numbers in your feat counters! Thus, if you're showing 20 for pullups, but only did one set of pullups, just add "-19" to the pullup feat count, and you'll be back to "1." See? Very do-it-yourself. As always, we trust you implicitly.

Where is the Challenge Tracker?
Go to the "home" page of the Challenge. At the top of the page you'll see a tab "Stats." Click there.

How Do I Join the Site?
To post to on Social Workout, comment, or participate in a challenge, you must join the site. It's very easy: Click on the "Join" link in the top navigation bar at left, create a username, submit your email address, and you're off to the races.

How Do I Post Something
One you're logged in, you can start posting. On your user profile page -- where you land after you've signed in -- look for the red "Workout Post" or "General Post" buttons. (You can get to your user profile page by clicking on your name in the top navigation.) The same buttons, by the way, are on the TalkAmongstYourselves page.

To post, click on any of aforementioned buttons. The resulting forms are pretty straightforward: First create a title, and then add your text. You can also add "tags" to your post so it's easier for people to find later, (like "yoga" or "running" or "hangover.")

For Workout Posts, you can also link your workout to a class or a place, like a gym or yoga studio. (If your class or place doesn't exist in the system, you can add it after saving your workout post.) You can also set the date of your workout.

I worked out, but didn't blog it. Can I do a "catch up" post now?
Yes! Best to get into the habit of "flogging" (fitness logging) your workouts when they happen, but if you need to do a catch up, you can. Create a single post for each workout. On the Workout Post form, there is a "Workout Date" field. Enter the date of your workout there. You're all set.

Very important: For Challenge-related posts, be sure to click the little "Audience" box. That will assign your post to the Challenge, so it will appear on our Challenge page, and your participation will get counted.

Do I have to write a novel for every workout?
No! The most important thing is to log your workout. This can be done in very minimalist terms. As in:

  • Ran on treadmill for 30 minutes. Burned 450 calories.
  • Loved it.

Will people tease me if I get really literary and soul searching in my workout post or general blog post.
Of course not. These posts are your creation. They can be terse, or expansive. Dry or witty. Statistical or literary. Blog in whatever fashion makes you happy, just be sure to do blog, so we know you're working out.

Where do I send feedback, and/or who should I  talk to if my questions aren't answered?
Add your comments, questions, or withering criticism via comment form below. We check it regularly, and will add answers to this list as they percolate out. You may also send email to us at Thanks!


Facing problems while posting...

eddyjas's picture


I'll be surprised if this works, but I haven't been able to post anything in about 2 weeks.  Is something wrong with the website or my account?



Solyoga Trips's picture

It would be awesome if we could post by email.  I know, I know -- tall order.  But it would be great.

runleenarun's picture

Hi! I've turned off every concieveable notification and subscription, but yet i'm still getting e-mails from the site. Any way to stop that from happening, short of marking the messages as spam?



grannyshorts's picture

Hey--I'm pretty jazzed about these feats, but seems like there oughta be a status of "I'm working on it" since we really can't say we've accomplished it until the end...can we??

At any rate, I'm enjoying the variety of the feats, and they're giving me some much-needed variations.

Trix's picture

1 - on your profile page, if you add a workout from a different day, the post shows the date you entered the post rather than the date you worked out. it should be the other way around.

2 - i signed up for the NYE challenge and it's a pain to click on each challenge to get the details. i think there are better ways to organize the information. for example, it would be good to have them all on one page. also it would be good to be able to sort them by time period (daily, one solid week, etc.). since this information isn't easily accessible i'm going to have to create my own list to keep track of what i should be doing when. it seems like that is the whole point of the website...

i think this website is a great idea by the way!

lisavanshima's picture

i'm having the same issue as swell1 was having for ESB. I can't find the checkbox for EHC so it's saying I have only 19 workouts.


whatodds's picture

I've tried every which way. I must be clueless.

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I made a mistake, can you remove 1 of my 11/27 post and I only did 2 workouts so far and not 3. sorry, I thought that I did not check off the emergency holiday challenge audience. Also, can you plz add my gyms to the where. Reebok is already included but not The Sports Club/LA Rockefeller Center or The Sports Club/LA Upper East Side.



sandella's picture

I just logged a my last workout for ESB but there isn't a box to check for the ESW challenge/audience - have I missed the deadline?

swell1's picture

I would be nice to be able to sort the columns and have a extra column for "feats completed".

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So far, so I did 40 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of stretching and abs, and will log about 90 mins of walking.
Food situation under control: haven't had fast food or a soda in YEARS, so I am feeling confident!

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I wrote a comment on my own blog entry and I want to delete it, not just edit it. How to?

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hi muffins,
i love reading tons of posts...but i'm getting email updates about ALL of them- ummm my email box will blow up- i can't be this popular- please help me undo this

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I would love to add subscriptions so that I can follow certain people and receive notifications about blog updates... But I can't seem to find. Is that available on this site?



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