Let's Get Feralicious!

A feral organism is one that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to a wild state.

We sit at desks in heated buildings, swaddled in high tech fabrics. We eat food made in factories, and go weeks without breaking a sweat, or months without seeing a night star. And it doesn't all suck, but perhaps you feel a creeping uneasiness with your domestication. Hello yogis and Cross Fitters and Raw Foodies! There's a reason runners shed tears when they hit their stride outdoors, or dancers smile while dancing. People yearn to be grounded in their bodies, and in nature. We want to unplug and turn on.

At least that's our take, and so here comes our eighth challenge: The Feralicious. As always, it's homemade and without additives. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to complete ALL TEN of our Feralicious feats. If you push yourself, you may feel a slight awakening within. Millions of years of evolution yawning and stretching, post long nap. You may find yourself a little less tame, and like it.

The Challenge will run from March 1st to March 31st, so you have 31 days to get the job done. To track your progress and register your accomplishments, you will simply click a button on your personalized (and yet again upgraded!) Challenge Progress Page. (To launch Sunday!)

For now, all you have to do is browse the feat descriptions below, listen to the call of the wild, and then click on the earthy, green buttons above to join us.

The Feats

GENERAL EXERCISE: This is the foundational feat: Just. Get. Exercise.

EAT WILD: There are a lot of exciting back-to-basics diets. Think Paleo, Raw, and Feral. We hear good things, but our definition of "wild" is much simpler.

RITUAL & RHYTHM: Embedded in human nature is an attraction to rhythms and ritual.

CARDIO, UNPLUGGED: Run, dance, swim, cycle, jump rope, climb, do donkey kicks! Any cardio will do, as long as no machines are involved....

PUSH UPS!: 31 Days. 1,000 Push ups. No tears.

SIT UPS!: Seem familiar? Yep: 1,000. Still no tears.

PULL UPS!: Rack up 20 sets of your baseline pull up count.

DIPS!: Ditto! Do 20 sets of your baseline dip count.

SQUATS!: With or without weights, lower yourself into a bent-kneed position, and then rise up again, triumphant. 1,000 times.

D.I.Y. FERAL!: As (almost) usual, we give you one feat to make up for yourself.

Feeling the call of the wild? If you're already a Social Workout member, just click here! Otherwise, follow the two step process via the green buttons above to the right. Meanwhile, feel free to check out your fellow, less-than-tame challengers!


GRAND PRIZE: The ultimate guide to wild mushrooms, a bottomless bag of venison jerkey, and a utility knife. And other prizes to be announced....

Spirit Guides!

Aarona Pichinson

Yogi, dancer, and beautiful healthy living spirit who has studied yoga and healing in India, South America, and now teaches at all the best studios in New York, and hangs out on the web at Yoga of Nourishment.

Ariane Hundt

Founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp, Ariane is a champion of the hardcore outdoor workout in a hardcore urban setting. She's a certified trainer and nutritionist, and dabbles in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the side.

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