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Yes, some people really do this: They live in the city, but they compost. Some compost by throwing their organic matter in a plastic bag in the freezer, and then schlepping the stuff to a municipal composting spot. Others, however, create a small eco-system under their sinks, complete with worms, which efficiently convert your old salad to nutrient rich fertilzer ready for your garden. Yes, to a hardened urbanite, having worms in the apartment might seen insane; but perhaps no moreso than giving up meat or alcohol for a few days. Changes of routine are healthy, especially if they put you more in touch with the natural world. Why not try it? Composting at least one full week of organic matter gets you this feat. After that, you're on your own with the worms.

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Authored on 12.18.09 at 05:07 by Oliver.


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sarah6211 14:47 01/04/2010
jenniechris 16:45 01/04/2010
trilln1 17:53 01/11/2010
jan1965 20:44 01/11/2010
VeganDiva 22:03 01/11/2010
melcrawf 22:56 01/11/2010
megdala 21:40 01/13/2010
volcane09 02:48 01/17/2010
100Pounds 23:22 01/17/2010
Saroja.tarn 14:39 01/18/2010
Llaves 16:10 01/18/2010
PaprikaJones 19:38 01/18/2010
Trix 23:12 01/18/2010
nettap 11:05 01/20/2010
annerawleyeden 15:31 01/20/2010
chaoninja 17:53 01/20/2010
tcmahunt 16:39 01/22/2010
Kid Swinging 18:17 01/23/2010
lrcat22 18:55 01/23/2010
runleenarun 19:50 01/23/2010
maymay 20:06 01/23/2010
hivemind8 01:20 01/25/2010
chelice 00:37 01/26/2010
rodrilau 21:26 01/26/2010
spindig 00:36 01/27/2010
stlcolleen 14:07 01/27/2010
andrealc23 10:32 02/03/2010
vcolsen 00:23 02/05/2010
Matty_G_Fresh 12:02 02/05/2010
seshat 10:58 02/08/2010
lhlady517 12:14 02/09/2010
artichkme 12:15 02/11/2010
FiddlersBride 12:39 02/12/2010
SeryiStar 12:12 02/19/2010
mssarcastic3 10:15 04/17/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

mssarcastic3 on 04/17/2010 - 10:15 Comment

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SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 12:12 Comment


We habitually compost, so I'm going to claim this one :)

jenniechris's picture

Would composting to make veggie broth count?



Llaves's picture

having a backyard with a composter makes this easy for me. The hard part is shovelling a path to get there in the winter.

jan1965's picture

I've been bringing my food scraps to the Union Sq Farmers Market for years now.  I keep them in the freezer in a plastic bag, sometimes, but I will also keep them in an old food container.

Not only can you compost food scraps but you can also compost hair. 

Here are some links with more info:




VeganDiva's picture

Also dryer lint. Which makes me happy, for some reason. I always felt like you should be able to do something with it.

megdala's picture

This is just everyday life for me...so, yeah:  "Feat Accompli!"

volcane09's picture

Everyone might want to check out their farmers markets... I know that Fort Greene Brooklyn has a composting guy and rumor has it so does the Union one.


Llaves's picture

Composting is everyday life for me as well! First Feat Accompli!

PaprikaJones's picture

Yep, we already compost!  And I have some fabulous garden soil to prove it.  And I hadn't thought about the dryer lint....

Trix's picture

As of today we will have composted our scraps for one week now, So I'm gonna go ahead and claim this one...

hivemind8's picture

Llaves, we make broth with our food scraps too. Yay, stock! I think you'd have to compost the strained out bits to count it though.

seshat's picture

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ddesire's picture

My compost barrel is full and I need to take it to the compost pile. But the weather is making it difficult to get down the hill. So I have started a second containter.

lhlady517's picture

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