Walking on Christmas

Inspired by the British Department of Health, we've added this late breaking feat to the E.H.C. To complete is simple: Roust yourself from apathetic post-mimosa or pre-Chinese nap, and head outside for a blood circulating perambulation. Feel the brisk wind on your cheek, see the glint of winter sun on snow drift, catch hands with a family member or dear friend. Breathe deeply. 

(Image: Walking the Moors by Yoshimai.)

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Authored on 12.23.09 at 01:37 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
swell1 22:14 12/24/2009
volcane09 07:04 12/25/2009
Fraidy 13:06 12/25/2009
whatodds 14:40 12/25/2009
emahlee 15:17 12/25/2009
Eis4Emily 16:36 12/25/2009
shaynet 19:12 12/25/2009
Kaitlyn 19:53 12/25/2009
sassletics82 20:43 12/25/2009
msh258 20:51 12/25/2009
meggiep 23:26 12/25/2009
babarbanel 23:32 12/25/2009
sandyliz 23:55 12/25/2009
kornflowers 08:53 12/26/2009
reganh 11:42 12/26/2009
@HereNow 10:39 12/27/2009
Oliver 22:49 12/27/2009
Mr. Mohawk 10:51 12/28/2009
alicebradley 16:55 12/28/2009
spindig 17:46 12/28/2009
artichkme 21:02 12/28/2009
Sardonic 15:38 12/29/2009
lhlady517 12:05 12/30/2009
nfolkert 15:40 01/01/2010
rahree 19:44 01/01/2010
annabanana 07:58 01/06/2010
Joe M 13:55 02/05/2010

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I'll go for that walk post-Xmas meal and probably catch hands with a family member or dear friend. I won't, however, feel a brisk wind on my cheek or see the glint of winter sun on snow drift.  I definately won't breathe deeply; I might inhale a blowfly.

Yay (!) for this addition!  :)

volcane09's picture

amazing, this one is like a freebie!

sandyliz's picture

Now I can breath easier (!) about dropping the naughty flogging ...

whatodds's picture

it was fantastic weather to take a walk at the botanical gardens today - this was a great idea!

swell1's picture

walk with my brother & the doggies on the frozen lake :-)

msh258's picture

walked to the bakery with my mom for some christmas-y challah just in time for shabbat :P

babarbanel's picture

Wow... I did this without even knowing... yesterday hit chinatown for lunch... then walked around chinatown to little italy to soho... (hard to walk fast with all the crowds... but we definitely walked off our meal)

kornflowers's picture

Nice walk in Central Park.

@HereNow's picture

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