We know, you're obsessed with eating sweets. And we're asking you to give them up—but that's not all. Forget adding sugar to your coffee, honey in your tea, a squirt of agave on your finger. NO SUGAR. Read your labels. Adios high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, maple syrup. Strip your diet clean of cloying excess calories and go for the natural stuff instead. Pick up a piece of fruit. You'll feel so much sweeter.

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Authored on 09.17.09 at 12:20 by qasimvirjee.


User Date & Time
cdmoonc 17:02 09/29/2009
sugababy60 03:42 10/01/2009
Butwhatifido 23:04 10/07/2009
lmarcan 09:49 10/08/2009
indigojones 11:27 10/08/2009
k.ben 13:40 10/08/2009
babarbanel 00:48 10/09/2009
AnnieBlogs 17:40 10/09/2009
forthrightfattie 09:26 10/11/2009
azari 21:22 10/12/2009
@HereNow 21:33 10/12/2009
bookworm 22:19 10/12/2009
MarisaVH 16:51 10/13/2009
lizh 09:56 10/16/2009
benjamin 10:47 10/16/2009
katiem 15:02 10/16/2009
kapo 22:18 10/16/2009
hktexan 04:57 10/17/2009
keriW 15:49 10/18/2009
Eis4Emily 22:31 10/18/2009
msh258 16:05 10/19/2009
dr.dre27 23:49 10/19/2009
sassletics82 01:00 10/20/2009
f. pamplemousse 09:01 10/20/2009
eunonymous 15:05 10/22/2009
maebee 15:58 10/22/2009
ADRIANA 01:11 10/23/2009
oh.k.k 14:07 10/23/2009
kornflowers 16:20 10/23/2009
killercadoogan 11:19 10/25/2009
spindig 19:51 10/25/2009
gotigers2003 22:22 10/25/2009
princessmichelle 23:28 10/25/2009
reganh 23:52 10/25/2009
sandyliz 09:22 10/26/2009
nfolkert 16:47 10/27/2009
femlafrog 09:50 10/28/2009
jenniechris 09:54 10/28/2009
muzzle32 14:33 10/29/2009
Oliver 20:37 11/01/2009
Project Swole 11:21 12/02/2009
FrogOmnibus 13:44 01/17/2010

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I did this during Feats of Summer, and felt fantastic afterwards. My sugar cravings still haven't returned.

p.s. that one ingredient ice cream is AWESOME. 5 minutes, and a super delicious rich tasting dessert.

sandyliz's picture

What is the time period for this one?

OperationBanginBod's picture

Does this challenge mean cutting out sugar substitutes as well? Is Splenda allowed?

starry04's picture

wo-hoo! first feat down!

Butwhatifido's picture

If they're including agave nectar, I'm assuming Splenda's also out of the picture.

snowpeach's picture

yea, i figured as much! this feat is not going to work for me :)

starry04's picture

My normal behavior. This was one of the easiest feats.

@HereNow's picture

yay!!! accompli!!! this sucked!!!

msh258's picture

frozen acai and dried fruit were saviors! i have to say though, i did not use actual sugar, but a lot of the fruit i ate has lots of natural sugars in them...but i think they are all healthy so whoop whoop

sassletics82's picture

Piece o cake!

ADRIANA's picture

168 hours without adding sugar to anything.  This one was tougher than the summer, because I didn't allow any wiggle room.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have honey to eat.

sandyliz's picture

I don't even like eating sugar that much. I don't use any in my coffee and I try to avoid foods with corn syrup and such. If you go without sugar for a week your body will get used to it and the cravings will stop. Once you add sugar back into your diet you will feel nasty.

Project Swole's picture

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