OMG! Food - exercise pairing! Welcome to the challenge official wildcard feat, created in conjunction with Apartment Therapy's thekitchn.com. (SW + AT, see?) This one requires dedication and a sense of humor. Every day in October, we'll post a food and a body part. Your mission will be to consume the food and to exercise the body part, and then tell us how you did it in your workout post. To help you along, thekitch.com will post recipes, and Social Workout will offer likely exercises. To complete the feat, you must pull off the food-exercise pairing ten times over the month.

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Authored on 09.17.09 at 12:29 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
erink1411 15:39 10/01/2009
crxxe 21:26 10/01/2009
reganh 22:14 10/01/2009
indigojones 11:26 10/08/2009
spindig 22:42 10/15/2009
eunonymous 15:08 10/22/2009
msh258 22:34 10/22/2009
sandyliz 10:20 10/23/2009
princessmichelle 11:50 10/23/2009
babarbanel 21:25 10/24/2009
k.ben 16:40 10/28/2009
hktexan 22:49 10/28/2009
andrealc23 10:23 10/29/2009
Sardonic 21:41 10/29/2009
@HereNow 22:25 10/29/2009
jenniechris 09:14 10/30/2009
killercadoogan 09:29 10/30/2009
meggiep 10:43 10/30/2009
twinklefee 23:14 10/30/2009
sassletics82 03:10 10/31/2009
nfolkert 10:46 10/31/2009
tlp 17:35 10/31/2009
Fraidy 18:53 10/31/2009
liz 20:02 10/31/2009
CJ 11:30 11/01/2009
bene 15:33 11/01/2009
ADRIANA 16:55 11/01/2009

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Where is this info posted?

forthrightfattie's picture

I was wondering the same thing

Brooke's picture

Thirded; I assumed it would pop up today but so far no dice.

meggiep's picture

thekitchn has posted about beets, but I haven't found the body part element of the challenge eyt.

forthrightfattie's picture

I saw it on the sidebar...Social Workout also tweeted it. It's glutes and beets--Beet Butt!

jenniechris's picture

Carrot & beet juice and squats-success! :)

erink1411's picture

The info is also on the SW home page - you may need to scroll down to find it (depending on time of day). Here's the Day 1 challenge: http://www.socialworkout.com/2009/10/01/food-exercise-pairing-1-beet-butt

spindig's picture

I got an unintentional twofer - had beets on my salad for lunch and sauteed beet greens for dinner!

reganh's picture

Hm. I really like the idea of this challenge, but I'm a dedicated meal (and exercise) planner, and it's tough to reconceptualize my day if these pairing aren't posted til almost noon (East Coast time). Oatmeal would have been great for breakfast today. Would anyone object to a "day after" approach? As in, I'll eat my oats and work my abs tomorrow, and count it as one day down?

forthrightfattie's picture

As I am in Australia I am forced to do it this way as they truly aren't posted until the day after for me - I think that the point is that you do it, not that you do it immediately.

swell1's picture

How do I find the daily food and exercise pairings?

indigojones's picture

It's posted on the site, I think they're only doing it Monday - Friday. And you can follow on Twitter to get it:

sandyliz's picture

SwEeat - is it okay to do the food/body part combo any day we can make it happen, or do we need to do it the actual day (or day after) it's posted?

kornflowers's picture

The idea is that you should do the pairing the day of, or the day after if necessary, to count it as one of the ten days for the feat. But of course the pairings are great anytime, so you shouldn't deprive yourself just because you missed it the day of. 

Charity D.'s picture

I have a suggestion - being the average Manhattanite with a hectic work schedule, it is hard to get in the SW-e-AT challenge on the day it is posted (or even the day after). How about since there are no matches over the weekend, we are allowed to complete any we missed during the week on Saturday or Sunday as a make-up?

If so Saturday with broccoli quads is in my future.

tlp's picture

I agree... I can see it now... broccoli quads and oatsy abs... this weekend... last night I guess I did beet my butt - even if it was 3 days late! It felt/tasted great!

kornflowers's picture

OK, the jury has reviewed tlp's suggestion, and we have found it sound and acceptable. Official ruling: SW-e-AT pairings not completed within 48 hours of posting, MAY be completed on the following weekend -- until Sunday at midnight, when the clock restarts for the week.... Good luck, and thank you for the suggestion.

Oliver's picture

Ooo...so we have 48 hours from the posting of the SW-e-AT to complete? That might mean I've completed a couple of others. Hoorah!

CakeOrDeath's picture

this was fun! i'll keep doing it for the rest of the month!

msh258's picture

9 down, one to go.

@HereNow's picture

Finished this up with carrots and lats!  Yippee!

andrealc23's picture

Completed.  Internal monologue today:

- Oh no. Only two days to go and I need one more SW-e-AT.  What if tomorrow's is impossible?

- Do I have any barley at home?  Where can I buy some?



Beer = Barley malt + yeast + hops:

22oz. Smuttynose India Pale Ale + 50 crunches + Carrie's Extreme Yoga class.

Feat Accompli!!!


@HereNow's picture

4:35 - hike to whole foods to scan aisles for something with barley in it - cereal with barley - walk back - gobbled a handful - last feat accomplished!  yee haaa

tlp's picture

Oops - I didn't mean to click this one.  I didn't complete this challenge.

ADRIANA's picture

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