Sugar Free

One week, without sugar. Radical! Adios high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, maple syrup. Forget adding sugar to your coffee, honey in your tea, a squirt of agave on your finger. NO SUGAR. Strip your diet clean of cloying excess calories and go for the natural stuff instead. Pick up a piece of fruit. It's just seven days, and you'll feel so much sweeter. Don't believe it can be done? Read these comments from veterans of the Eat.Sweat.Blog. challenge.

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Authored on 12.22.09 at 06:31 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
sarah6211 13:03 01/04/2010
Llaves 00:59 01/05/2010
rick.crump 17:44 01/07/2010
petitfor 10:02 01/11/2010
chococat 22:09 01/11/2010
chelice 21:09 01/12/2010
michlny 11:57 01/13/2010
Luscious 12:38 01/13/2010
FrogOmnibus 12:32 01/15/2010
abbeysoul 14:33 01/15/2010
MarianJulie 16:26 01/15/2010
volcane09 02:58 01/17/2010
princessmichelle 22:16 01/17/2010
kornflowers 01:27 01/18/2010
Saucyd 03:13 01/18/2010
Khaliah 03:15 01/18/2010
rahree 08:47 01/18/2010
runleenarun 10:09 01/18/2010
lizh 10:20 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 18:01 01/18/2010
Seelexfit 19:20 01/18/2010
SeryiStar 21:52 01/18/2010
VeganDiva 18:10 01/20/2010
maymay 17:04 01/21/2010
spindig 00:20 01/22/2010
indigojones 18:46 01/22/2010
rolene 11:55 01/23/2010
msh258 19:02 01/23/2010
killercadoogan 19:13 01/23/2010
gotigers2003 13:50 01/24/2010
babarbanel 21:59 01/24/2010
ynkegrl8 22:36 01/24/2010
syrupandhoney 10:25 01/25/2010
girlinva 10:58 01/25/2010
body electric 13:21 01/25/2010
Butwhatifido 15:09 01/25/2010
snowpeach 23:31 01/25/2010
Evangeline 10:12 01/26/2010
deannajo 17:56 01/26/2010
Elspeth 15:26 01/27/2010
sandyliz 22:58 01/28/2010
Daisy58 03:20 01/29/2010
whatodds 02:31 01/30/2010
rainmemories 22:59 01/30/2010
emahlee 22:42 01/31/2010
ramonalisa30 14:11 02/01/2010
auntbeast 14:20 02/01/2010
f. pamplemousse 00:30 02/02/2010
Kaitlyn 00:56 02/02/2010
artichkme 09:42 02/02/2010
jenniew 01:10 02/03/2010
alicebradley 22:49 02/03/2010
hktexan 05:11 02/06/2010
lrcat22 10:29 02/06/2010
shaynet 13:26 02/06/2010
vcolsen 22:09 02/07/2010
@HereNow 23:31 02/07/2010
caitrin 16:42 02/08/2010
reganh 14:05 02/11/2010
moveyourbootyblog 01:37 02/12/2010
CJ 13:06 02/12/2010
deanna25pounds 10:37 02/16/2010

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So I hit Accompli on accident... but I swear I am going to do it next week!

Llaves's picture

Why does the one ingredient for that ice cream have to be a banana?!? They are the bane of my existence!!

oiwuc's picture

I am going to have to detox my body from coffee before I can complete this task. But, I assure you I will! I just need a few more days to finish my yummy coffee creamer.

MarjiKay's picture

Does jam count as sugar?  I want to do this feat but I want to do it right. 

ReneeLRohrer's picture

Renee, most jams have added sugar, but there are "all-fruit preserves" and they should be free of added sugar.


This is one of my 2010 goals. I love love love sugar, but it makes me so sick-- yeast infections, colds. I will start on Wednesday, after my annual staff party. I swear.

Olivia_Lane's picture

Had a burger for dinner and realized that ketchup has HFC, oh well.  Tasted just as good without any ketchup.

ynkegrl8's picture

Thanks Olivia_Jane,   I love love love sugar too and that's part of the reason why this challenge will be such a challenge.  

One more question:

So if my Cascadian farms bran fiber cereal has 11 grams of added sugar, I should ban that as well?

ReneeLRohrer's picture

Put me down for this one. My big issue will be my soy yoghurt which has cane juice. There must be something out there that doesn't and still tastes decent.

Raviahmad's picture

I just remembered that even my salad dressing (Asian Toasted Sesame) has sugar in it...this is going to be tough.

ReneeLRohrer's picture

Stevia is ok - right? 

Splenda?  probably not so much....

michlny's picture

going on 10 days of no sugar and feeling AMAZING!!

chelice's picture

I do not really use sugar.....but honey at times!! So I am going to do witnout my honey or any thing that has added sugar.

Booty_Buster's picture

I think after three days I have realized I have a sugar addiction.  After lunch and dinner all I crave is a nice little piece of dark chocolate...

ynkegrl8's picture

I'm off sugar and my energy is AMAZING.  If I crave a sweet I am eating yams and using Agave to sweeten coffee.  Today I bought one of those whipping contraptions to make frothy drinks like cappuccinos at home using soy milk.  Once you're off sugar its so much easier to stay off sugar.  I'm a tiny bit afraid to try some dark chocolate because I think it might make me want sugar.  But let's see how that goes.

MarianJulie's picture

This means ADDED sugar, yeah? And avoiding super-sugary foods, yeah?

One week? Yeah, I can do this. :)

volcane09's picture

I thought even agave was against the spirit of the feat. I keep putting this one on my to do list for challenges but a whole week seems just too complicated!

CakeOrDeath's picture

i went without sugar for 3 days. avoided all my favorites - pop, ice cream, flavored yogurt, cookies, sweetened cereal. but had deep desires for salty snacks, especially at night. figured chex mix wasn't so bad. but intentionally did not read the ingredients, afraid of what i might find.

then, on day 4, as i went to a meeting, where i knew there would be potato chips and pop, i stopped and bought lunch - a cup of black bean soup, a bottle of water, a bag of baked lays. was sitting, listening and eating, when i looked at the baked lays ingredients. item no. 3 was SUGAR!!! wtf. i would have done better with the potato chips that were now across the room laughing at me.

done. blew it. bought fried chicken/catfish dinner on the way home. had 4 cookies before bed.

feat non-accompli. will try again some other time. will stock up on fresh and healthy, reading the ingredients before i buy or dig in.

today, i'm veggin' it. with sugar.


shawninchgo's picture

This feat stopped me from doing "little cheats" that I may have considered during the week... you know... it's just a little so it won't (and hasn't) killed me.  But I did it!  No sugar (in any of its forms).  I'm going for week 2!

kornflowers's picture

I managed 6 2/3 days of the official challenge, and counted the extra 1/3 from the previous Sunday (I had no sugar after breakfast that day).  I would have made it through this Sunday if not for a horrible cough that needed honey to settle it down.  But it was a full 7 days, even if they began a little before the challenge.

For a lovely sweet but sweetener-free main dish, see my post "The Internet Cooked My Dinner Tonight."

lizh's picture

Without sugar I have had more energy

Seelexfit's picture

Day 1

I am ready to do this! Ro and I had a chocolate day yesterday so we've had enough chocolate for all week. I loved the banana ice cream!

Day 2

I checked my Coffeemate only to discover it's "a blend of glucose syrup and vegetable oil." Oh yeah, that's what it says in bold on the package. I tried to rectify this by going immediately to the cafeteria to get fresh milk and I will probably do an extra day of sugar free to make up for this.

Day 3

This is awful. No gummy bears? No ice cream? I'm out of bananas by the way. I'm invited over to Bobbi's for dinner and Diane is bringing dessert that she says I can't have. I am grumpy.


We did it. One week with plain oatmeal, banana ice "cream" and fruit smoothies. Now I'm back to eating granola bars, coffee creamer, hot wings and oh yes, gummy bears. It was a good experiment in reading the labels, but I ate a lot of things I would not normally eat (like nachos) since I was being deprived. I also have been eating more fruit since I stopped this expereiment. I refused to select fruit for the duration of the feat out of sheer stubbornness. Feat accompli!

whatodds's picture

I was really frustrated with this feat after discovering just how much added sugar is in my go-to foods: soups, bread, yogurt etc.

I was doing okay though until I popped a cough drop to soothe my sore throat and realized that they too, contain sugar. I shouldn't have been surprised by this... After that I freaked- and made waffles with maple syrup and have not even thought of going back. Actually I have and I really don't think I can do it.  I'm addicted to sugar.  I may try cutting cookies, brownies and my fav sour gummi worms out for a week but still eat my soup and bread guilt free.

Feat non-accompli  :( 

ReneeLRohrer's picture

I love my sweets, although, I don't eat any refinbed sugar.  I'm sorry that agave is not allowed either.  So to satisfy my sweet tooth I had a week of grapefruit and/or oranges with goji berries.  No sugar, agave, stevia, any sweetener added.

I realized that I'm plenty sweet already.

VeganDiva's picture

Anyone else dream about cookies while undergoing this feat??

runleenarun's picture

easy peasy when on the paleo diet :-D

msh258's picture

One of the easier challenges.


When I was a child (back in the Middle Ages), there was a sugar shortage and prices doubled or trebled. 

One of my parents suggested that we go sugar-free for tea and coffee. 

The drinks (mostly tea [it was England]) tasted strange for a few days, but after that we have all been fine.

@HereNow's picture

Thisis such a hard feat for me, but i love doing it because it really teaches me how much of the food I normally eat has hidden sweeteners.  After Unsweetened in October and now again for NYE, I have learned of a few items I'll no longer be eating!

babarbanel's picture

One of the harder feats for me but proud to say I completed.  One week isn't sooo bad, but not a lifestyle for me.

ynkegrl8's picture

surprisingly easy. i'm counting last week even though i had a piece of candy cane when my breath needed it. kinda liberating since i usually have dessert at least once per day. don't think i didn't backfill with a delicious "dessert" of buttered toast. mmm...

syrupandhoney's picture

Maybe because I eat so little sugar anyway but I don't feel that different.  Either that or I'm just oblivious to my body. (well - that's definitely true)  Really - all I cut out was peanut butter, an occasional chocolate chip with my walnuts and I didn't make banana bread with my brown bananas because there is 1/3 cup of sugar in it.  I never eat desert - even if I'm out and everyone else gets one I usually get a boozy coffee drink... I keep thinking I must be missing something on this but I can't think what

Butwhatifido's picture

I may have fallen off the wagon with a grin and a thud, but at least I finished no sugar!

sandyliz's picture

Well, I finally finished one feat!  I don't know that I was quite as militant as I maybe could have been.  I didn't check to see if my whole wheat pitas contained sugar, for instance.  I didn't spend a lot of time looking for hidden sweeteners.  But I'm pretty much a sugar/sweets junkie (as in bordering on binge level), so for me 7 days without any of that stuff was challenge enough without checking my tomato cans.  Maybe it doesn't count.  But it was a radical enough change for me to think that it does.  :) 

auntbeast's picture

this actually wasnt that bad.  didnt realize that most of the stuff i eat is low or no sugar to begin with.  did miss out on TWO office birthday celebrations which is for the better im sure.  only thing i really missed was my vanilla for my coffee.  i used to drink it black no problems but the older ive gotten it was milk then soy milk then milk with vanilla.  keeps becoming less & less about the coffee

artichkme's picture

I'll have to say, I'm straddling the "This wasn't so bad" sentiment and the "This was ridiculously diifficult" sentiment.  I have a mega sweet tooth, and found myself really, really excited about the delicious grapes in the fridge, the little bit of no-sugar added raisins in my oatmeal, the mandarins at work, and the natural sweetenting power of milk in my coffee.  The coffee was easy - I gave up sugar in my coffee a long time ago.  But other things posed the problem.  I am vigilant about reading for high fructose corn syrup, but not other sugar.  I know sugar is a necessary ingredient for some breads (helps the yeast), and is mysteriously added to other foods.  I have a big thing of natural peanut butter (peanuts & 1% or less of salt) that has a large dent in it.  I didn't feel any different.  I did feel left out at work when they had a cupcake going away party for a coworker & I explained I wasn't eating sugar.  It's amazing how people reacted ("Why?!?" look-of-horror & "I want to do that" look-of-agreement).  Anyway, glad to be done.  This felt very food-control-issue-y to me, but I might be less dependent on the sweets in the future (needing/craving/dying for desserts), not so much worrying about the sugar in my hot sauce.

lrcat22's picture

I thought that I had already checked this one.

Sugar is not part of my life.


@HereNow's picture

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