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Sitting will kill you. Solution: Stand up. This feat is designed especially for those of us who languish at desks in front of computer monitors. And it's simple enough: Every hour of your work day, on the hour, stand up. Stretch. Look around. We started doing this at Social Workout headquarters, and we found it both addictive, and effective. Do it for a while, and you might find yourself adding in a few pushups or sun salutations. It makes a surprising difference. To complete the feat, you must stand up purposefully at least four times during your work days, for the entire challenge.

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Authored on 12.22.09 at 12:11 by Oliver.


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sarah6211 13:50 01/04/2010
kat-tastic 17:33 01/07/2010
liankate 23:14 01/11/2010
anne jeanette 23:37 01/11/2010
700stories 08:18 01/13/2010
michlny 12:13 01/13/2010
joy p. 15:50 01/13/2010
KKesquire 17:09 01/14/2010
2getmorechi 21:08 01/14/2010
Trix 21:32 01/14/2010
samritchie 15:29 01/16/2010
marsadrian 01:11 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 17:16 01/18/2010
gpo 17:47 01/18/2010
dysterious 07:24 01/20/2010
nettap 15:15 01/20/2010
konstanzepr31 16:42 01/20/2010
indigojones 17:51 01/22/2010
petitfor 10:16 01/25/2010
lmstew 14:51 01/25/2010
Lucinda H. 08:27 01/26/2010
chelice 20:53 01/26/2010
jenniechris 12:23 01/27/2010
_bean_ 13:44 01/28/2010
emahlee 21:42 01/31/2010
espaide 15:10 02/01/2010
lonek8 22:16 02/01/2010
alicebradley 21:49 02/03/2010
obsoleteforms 18:41 02/05/2010
Elspeth 15:29 02/06/2010
abertany23 11:31 02/08/2010
maymay 13:13 02/08/2010
czellet 14:19 02/08/2010
caitrin 15:43 02/08/2010
Kid Swinging 18:22 02/08/2010
oldbaygirl 20:11 02/08/2010
Gia Alvarez 21:06 02/08/2010
lhlady517 10:52 02/09/2010
lauram 12:47 02/09/2010
a.cute.angle 01:12 02/10/2010
Bdawg 15:06 02/10/2010
librarianjess 16:21 02/10/2010
Llaves 22:50 02/10/2010
za 04:05 02/11/2010
whatodds 07:04 02/11/2010
hktexan 10:16 02/11/2010
monikaus 10:53 02/11/2010
allenem 12:28 02/11/2010
FrogOmnibus 14:36 02/11/2010
Beelove 15:08 02/11/2010
swell1 15:15 02/11/2010
maya622 15:40 02/11/2010
oh_totally 18:23 02/11/2010
runleenarun 22:38 02/11/2010
moveyourbootyblog 00:34 02/12/2010
100Pounds 00:51 02/12/2010
Matty_G_Fresh 00:59 02/12/2010
killercadoogan 07:34 02/12/2010
liz 08:01 02/12/2010
Jenns_11 08:50 02/12/2010
muzzle32 09:07 02/12/2010
CJ 09:42 02/12/2010
Eis4Emily 09:43 02/12/2010
sassletics82 10:15 02/12/2010
Fraidy 10:36 02/12/2010
tigertailamy 10:46 02/12/2010
zuzupetals 10:48 02/12/2010
msh258 11:05 02/12/2010
CakeOrDeath 11:37 02/12/2010
FiddlersBride 11:37 02/12/2010
greengirl20 11:41 02/12/2010
lrcat22 11:42 02/12/2010
stlcolleen 11:47 02/12/2010
pittami 11:49 02/12/2010
starry04 11:59 02/12/2010
sandyliz 12:00 02/12/2010
kornflowers 12:02 02/12/2010
chococat 12:03 02/12/2010
mo rizzle 12:06 02/12/2010
andrealc23 12:07 02/12/2010
mindy b 12:12 02/12/2010
erikka 12:17 02/12/2010
NayP12 12:18 02/12/2010
gleam 12:25 02/12/2010
reganh 12:27 02/12/2010
twinklefee 12:28 02/12/2010
Sardonic 12:35 02/12/2010
runningrudy 12:40 02/12/2010
lizh 12:45 02/12/2010
babarbanel 12:59 02/12/2010
shaynet 13:53 02/12/2010
neversent 14:36 02/12/2010
syrupandhoney 14:51 02/12/2010
FatBottomSlim 15:58 02/12/2010
jenniew 16:29 02/12/2010
oiwuc 17:58 02/12/2010
gotigers2003 21:31 02/12/2010
nfolkert 22:40 02/12/2010
Rowing the Harlem 00:06 02/13/2010
@HereNow 10:10 02/13/2010
Oliver 17:08 02/14/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 19:20 02/15/2010
SeryiStar 10:54 02/19/2010

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standing up..stands the test  

SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 10:54 Comment


I have started this already so I get into the habit before the challenge starts next week. I set up a Task (Start > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler) to play an mp3 every hour on the hour from 9 am - 2 pm as a reminder to get up. It works!

whatodds's picture

I don't have much trouble getting up at work, but I never manage to drink enough water.  I'm going to combine them -- get up at least 4 times a day to refill my mug.  With water, not coffee.

lizh's picture

I work 2 part time jobs as a hostess and as a salesperson in a boutique. It would be a miracle if I ever sat down! I will try to adapt this by stretching and deeply breathing every hour. Also ditto with lizh about the water- great idea!

Olivia_Lane's picture

Great idea!! I may take a tip from you since I am always on my feet too.

Elspeth's picture

We used to have pushup challenges between departments at my old job - boy pushups (we're digital artists... nuf said)!  I was lead of my little group for a while and made us all do 10 pushups every hour so we could kick some character animator hind quarters.  You'd be really surprrsed how quickly you can get up to ten pushups that way!



vfxchick's picture

The hard part will be trying to remember to do this.  Geek by day, crafter by night, sitting on my butt all day long and most of the evening. Definitely, desperately need to do this challenge!

have5cats's picture

Oh I hear you on the crafting. Still, I can totally do this at work. I'm going to go for every hour on the hour when I'm at work since that's totally something I need to do anyway.

Raviahmad's picture

This is harder for me than expected.  I set up an MS Outlook notification to stand up at certain times ...

espaide's picture

Ever since I read about the study I have been standing up at least once or twice if not more per hour!!

michlny's picture

There's no way I'll remember to do this on my own, so I set an alarm on my phone to go off every hour (I'm keeping it pretty quiet so I dont annoy my co-workers) :).  So far its worked well--though I feel a little odd being the only one in my pod to stand up every hour--maybe I should get all my cubemates into it!

sidneystiles's picture

I have been sticking with this, but it has been difficult to remember to do.  Who would have thought standing would be a challenge?

KKesquire's picture

Ummm... I don't understand this one.  I work in an office, at a desk, behind a computer.  But I get up MANY times every hour: to get something off the printer, to go ask my boss or a co-worker a question, to take an envelope to the mailbox or FedEx box, to get water, to make tea, go to the bathroom, etc.  Is this something different from that?

samritchie's picture

I'm always on my feet for work--but, yeah, I reckon I'm not drinking enough water daily so I'll, too, tweak this a bit for sipping some water every hour.  Is that allowed?

volcane09's picture

samritchie - I think to understand it, you should try setting the hourly alarm.  The first time I read this, I thought the same thing,  but once I tried timing it, I was only standing up once every 2 hours.

After a while, I've even started adding stretching to the standing, and I'm feeling the difference in my body every day.

sandyliz's picture

I mentioned this to my work neighbors and I guess I'm freakishly mobile.  They all said they've noticed I get up a lot.  Then, in a meeting with a colleague on another floor, I confounded her when we had to call my boss and I didn't know his telephone extension.  It has just seriously never occurred to me to call someone else on the same floor as me... I just get up and walk over.  How did I never realize that this is not the norm?

Good to know that I have at least ONE good habit down.  Because let me tell you, I could use help on pretty much every other challenge on here!

samritchie's picture

I've got it.  I should start smoking. 

That way I can leave my work every hour or so and hang out outside my building with the other smokers.

@HereNow's picture

I agree with all the others who said this was more difficult than expected.  I am SHOCKED at how I have miserably failed at this one.  I am a teacher, so I move around quite a bit all day anyway.  However before the challenge started I thought that every hour on the hour I would consciously stand up and do a little stretching (subtly enough so that my kids won't think I'm nuts).  But every day so far, at about 3:15, I look at the clock and go, "wow, definitely did not accomplish that feat today!"  I think for my own well being I am still going to try to do this, but I cannot in good conscious mark this one as "Feat accompli".  

yeahredgymnast's picture

I'm on my feet all day for work. I seldom get a chance to sit at a desk since I share one with several other people. Do you think it's cheating if I "accomplish" this one? Maybe I could stretch more..

Evangeline's picture

I thought this one would be hard - always seems like I spend long hours at the desk. But when I started tracking it, it turns out I have to pee at least once an hour. Go figure. I guess chugging water all day pays off in more ways than one.

marsadrian's picture

this is so helpful! i forget that i have to pee or eat sometime too!

mitzidodge's picture

I liked this one.

lhlady517's picture

Did we ever get a ruling on the active workplace? I have to deliberately sit more than I have to deliberately get up.

Evangeline's picture

I think this was harder than not drinking.

Llaves's picture

I managed to do this.. but man have I gotten weird stares from coworkers.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I don't have to work tomorrow, so I'm officially feat accompli!  Whoo!!

runleenarun's picture

This was awesome!

greengirl20's picture

I'm not anywhere near my 20 workouts (bummer) but this feat definitely helped me feel more fit.

runningrudy's picture

Hurray! I developed a back problem last year as a result of sitting, and while I've improved the ergonomics of my desk and am good about doing my stretches to keep the injury from returning, I am not always good about remembering to get up. I actually set an Outlook alarm on my computer to remind me, because sometimes I just zone out, and I did it at least five times per day. My back is definitely thanking me for it, and I'm going to keep it up post-challenge.

neversent's picture

What a great habit to get into!  It's a harder habit to keep than one might think!

Rowing the Harlem's picture

Thanks to whatodds for the computer pop-up info.  It kept me on track.

I'm a huge fan of this idea.  It's hard to force youself to take a break.  Especially if you are overwhelmed with work.  I find the advantages end up being huge.

In my own experience, the times that I work through the day, with no lunch break, are when I make big mistakes at the end of the day.

@HereNow's picture

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