Spot Turn

The spot turn is central to virtually all forms of dancing. To complete this feat, you must be able to convincingly execute a spot turn, and, ideally, several in a row. See here for instructions and examples.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:13 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
sweatpantsundays 00:08 06/25/2009
taralab1 13:18 06/25/2009
meanyc 16:13 06/26/2009
Eis4Emily 19:38 06/27/2009
pjsnsockz 20:32 06/27/2009
Butwhatifido 10:17 07/03/2009
idkmybffdev 20:24 07/08/2009
twinklefee 20:47 07/09/2009
princessmichelle 08:50 07/20/2009
sassletics82 23:22 07/23/2009
erikka 08:59 07/27/2009
Katie B. 08:26 08/05/2009
pittami 21:14 08/09/2009
H2Ownage 19:19 08/13/2009
CJ 12:30 08/18/2009
mindyse 13:02 09/02/2009
Mr. Mohawk 09:57 09/03/2009
Oliver 15:16 09/07/2009
sneathd 18:17 09/07/2009
spindig 20:53 09/07/2009
Fraidy 21:30 09/07/2009
chessqueen84 22:32 10/03/2009
salsamamita 18:27 10/12/2009
ericanewnum 04:57 10/16/2009
femlafrog 10:13 10/20/2009
scsoccerchick6 19:21 11/02/2009
FrogOmnibus 14:00 02/01/2010

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Swirl and Twirl. Love me some spot turns. Completed the first week of the challenge.

meanyc's picture

I went to a concert of Dervish music about 7 years ago and was taught this at the time. Now I need to see if I can remember/relearn this.

sneathd's picture

Final Day: I tried this on Friday in a stairwell landing at work and got very dizzy. Today I had the idea to try it again in a less confined space. I tried near Hudson Beach in Riverside Park. I managed ten loops using a park garbage can as my focus point.

sneathd's picture

Did this several times while swing dancing over the weekend.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I do this several times at the weekly lindy hop.

FrogOmnibus's picture

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