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The unexamined slumber, is still worth sleeping. AND YET, you might be surprised at how the act of tracking your sleeping hours shifts their quantity and/or quality. To complete this feat, you must keep track of the time you sleep each night of the challenge. While you're at it, you may wish to note any dreams you've had, or other relevant color commentary. As "sleep" you may count all the time you spend in bed, with the lights out, eyes shut, and trying to sleep, regardless of whether you have actually drifted off. (Of course, you may want to keep separate accounts of time in bed vs. time actually asleep.) FYI: Were you to sleep for eight hours a night over the 32 nights of the challenge, you would sleep 256 hours. We'll give you a bonus for anything over 224 hours, which is an average seven hours a night. Final note: While you are welcome to post your hour count and color commentary to the site, this is not strictly required. Some people may wish for greater confidentiality around this information, (which some day soon we hope to be able to offer).

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Authored on 12.21.09 at 07:05 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
kat-tastic 17:24 01/07/2010
Amanda.Schneider 10:27 01/12/2010
DLMdoc 17:21 01/18/2010
Butwhatifido 10:14 01/19/2010
nettap 10:03 01/20/2010
indigojones 17:49 01/22/2010
Untrapping Myself 22:14 01/26/2010
Gia Alvarez 01:50 01/28/2010
rainmemories 21:59 01/30/2010
librarianjess 23:22 02/04/2010
jenniechris 11:08 02/05/2010
Mr. Mohawk 12:01 02/05/2010
obsoleteforms 18:39 02/05/2010
Elspeth 15:30 02/06/2010
Evangeline 10:50 02/08/2010
maymay 13:12 02/08/2010
FrogOmnibus 18:31 02/08/2010
tcmahunt 08:35 02/09/2010
espaide 10:30 02/09/2010
lhlady517 11:09 02/09/2010
rolene 06:55 02/10/2010
emilyg 23:13 02/10/2010
reganh 13:08 02/11/2010
zuzupetals 13:17 02/11/2010
swell1 15:02 02/11/2010
oh_totally 18:22 02/11/2010
hktexan 21:57 02/11/2010
@HereNow 22:35 02/11/2010
moveyourbootyblog 00:34 02/12/2010
100Pounds 00:51 02/12/2010
CakeOrDeath 02:52 02/12/2010
runningrudy 06:33 02/12/2010
killercadoogan 07:35 02/12/2010
runleenarun 07:47 02/12/2010
liz 07:58 02/12/2010
Jenns_11 08:51 02/12/2010
muzzle32 09:10 02/12/2010
CJ 09:42 02/12/2010
Eis4Emily 09:45 02/12/2010
sandyliz 09:50 02/12/2010
sassletics82 10:14 02/12/2010
lurtle 10:16 02/12/2010
oiwuc 10:25 02/12/2010
shawninchgo 10:29 02/12/2010
Fraidy 10:36 02/12/2010
marikorose 10:38 02/12/2010
msh258 11:01 02/12/2010
greengirl20 11:07 02/12/2010
kornflowers 11:11 02/12/2010
princessmichelle 11:18 02/12/2010
barefootgirl 11:28 02/12/2010
lrcat22 11:44 02/12/2010
stlcolleen 11:46 02/12/2010
babarbanel 12:12 02/12/2010
starry04 12:12 02/12/2010
erikka 12:17 02/12/2010
Kaitlyn 12:22 02/12/2010
NayP12 12:23 02/12/2010
Sardonic 12:35 02/12/2010
twinklefee 12:37 02/12/2010
lizh 12:45 02/12/2010
vonhottie 12:57 02/12/2010
vajardin 12:59 02/12/2010
shaynet 13:52 02/12/2010
neversent 14:14 02/12/2010
whatodds 14:48 02/12/2010
syrupandhoney 14:52 02/12/2010
yeahredgymnast 15:13 02/12/2010
za 16:26 02/12/2010
jenniew 16:29 02/12/2010
nfolkert 22:40 02/12/2010
seshat 13:25 02/13/2010
Oliver 17:08 02/14/2010
meggiep 05:22 02/15/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 19:21 02/15/2010
SeryiStar 11:14 02/19/2010
lennyon 10:56 11/05/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

lennyon on 11/05/2010 - 10:56 Comment

Did it!  

SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 11:14 Comment


last night i dreamt i stole will smith's camaro and went to a burger king in chicago that was in the same lot as a home depot. i think the feds were chasing me, and at one point i accidentally knocked over a motor cycle. bk forgot to give me fries :(

Mr. Mohawk's picture

haha i dreamt that one of my students didn't get his visa to go to spain. and i went through all kinds of trouble to help him out and he kept sabotaging me and himself.

i think i need a vacation longer than a couple weeks...clearly i'm traumatized.

msh258's picture

dammit i hate it when i don't get my fries on a stolen camaro bk run!!

sandyliz's picture

My sleep habits are totally trashed -- I fall asleep on sofa at 8PM, wake up at midnight or 1, drag myself to bed, fall asleep again, and then up at 6AM.  I'm pretty sure that this is not a good thing.  I also take naps on days off, but I'll keep those -- they're so luxurious, so civilized! Will track night-time sleep, though, try to do one long stretch, instead of two shorter stretches.

have5cats's picture

mmm sleep. i typically get about 8 hours a night, unless there's something bothering me.  then i'll lay awake.  sometimes i'll read to pass the time.

nettap's picture

I just realized this was for the month not the week.  I am so having trouble with keeping the challenges straight this month.  sigh.  I suck.  I have been keeping track anyway since Monday but not blogging...I'll start blogging again.   Now I really have to earn this Feat Accompli because I don't want to be one of those jerks that checks prematurely - but here I am... humiliated

Butwhatifido's picture

Get back to sleep tips.

  • Use the bathroom in the dark, the light won't wake you up
  • Dr. Weill breaths 4 in, 7 hold, 8 out: 4 times

@HereNow's picture

Katie was in my dream and said that this was the last challenge edition.  There was also a SW event/challenge in a swimming pool on top of a skyscraper.

@HereNow's picture

Is it sad that I am barely going to cross the 200 hour mark by the 13th? I'm only at a woeful 186 now..

Evangeline's picture

I have averaged 6 -7 hours a night through out the challenge. Except on Saturdays which I get a solid 8 to 9 hours.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I love the function on my new Fitbit. It tracks my sleep. I've had it since late November. It was shocking to see the actual time I am asleep versus the time in bed. This is definitely something I will continue tracking.

lhlady517's picture

I averaged 7.867 hours in bed and 7.164 hours asleep over this challenge. I definitely thought I spelt more than this, but considering the crazy hours I've been working maybe I shouldn't be surprised. 

swell1's picture

Close to 25.

I claim the bonus.

@HereNow's picture

Looks like I get about 5.5 to 6 hours of sleep on weeknights and 8 or 9 on weekends. I might need to work on evening that out....

liz's picture

258.5 hours of sleep from Jan 11-Feb 12.

sandyliz's picture

224.25 hours

shawninchgo's picture

I am a power sleeper and I clocked 280 hours over the challenge!!!!  This keeps me alert and productive during the day :)

greengirl20's picture

261 hours of sleep...manage somewhere around 7 hours a night and I'm still tired all the time! I didn't really change my habits.  Work schedules & stuff to do just keeps me up late. :-/

lrcat22's picture

Just under 248hrs.  I did notice that when my boyfriend was out of town for a week, I slept better. Not necessarily longer, but better.  Hmmmm.

babarbanel's picture

Completed! 250 hours total, but it varied widely from way too little, to lots to make up. I also kept track of whether I woke up in the middle of the night, which I discovered happens to me a lot! Wondering how to remedy this... Anyway, it was a useful exercise!

neversent's picture

At what point does someone become officially nocturnal?  Through this feat I have discovered that I get around 6 hours of sleep per night, and even on the weekends I cannot make myself sleep more than 7.75 hours.  This cannot be normal - can it? My total for the challenge:  213 hours.  Compared to everyone above, it appears I get the least.  I don't even drink caffeine - so its not like I can cut that out.  Have to find a solution to this.  Glad I discovered how sleep deprived I am.  

yeahredgymnast's picture

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