Sleep Discipline Redux

Back by popular demand, the infamous Six by 6:30 feat. This feat first appeared during the Feats of Summer challenge, but, of course, it is timeless.... The bedrock of good health, is sleeping well and sufficiently. To complete this feat, you must get up -- and stay up -- by 6:30 A.M. seven days in a row. (Note: Over the summer, we only asked for six days in a row. Must aim just a little higher.)

(Image: Rooster Awakened via Aske Holst.)

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Authored on 12.21.09 at 07:37 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
petitfor 12:49 01/15/2010
Trix 11:12 01/16/2010
volcane09 02:55 01/17/2010
yeahredgymnast 07:53 01/17/2010
runleenarun 08:06 01/17/2010
rahree 10:19 01/17/2010
Fraidy 11:25 01/17/2010
tcmahunt 15:59 01/17/2010
liz 21:05 01/17/2010
espaide 10:47 01/18/2010
gleam 11:20 01/18/2010
syrupandhoney 13:56 01/18/2010
czellet 14:18 01/18/2010
body electric 14:25 01/18/2010
Saroja.tarn 14:38 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 18:23 01/18/2010
SeryiStar 21:54 01/18/2010
rainmemories 17:11 01/19/2010
Jenns_11 00:05 01/20/2010
JennErdedy 01:40 01/20/2010
annabanana 07:45 01/21/2010
michlny 13:49 01/21/2010
oldbaygirl 09:16 01/22/2010
vajardin 12:39 01/23/2010
msh258 19:05 01/23/2010
killercadoogan 19:14 01/23/2010
shawninchgo 10:10 01/24/2010
dysterious 21:07 01/24/2010
starry04 11:08 01/25/2010
meggiep 14:09 01/25/2010
CakeOrDeath 18:38 01/25/2010
jenniechris 10:19 01/26/2010
reganh 00:33 01/27/2010
lizh 08:30 01/27/2010
rockkitten 14:21 01/28/2010
Daisy58 03:29 01/29/2010
rolene 01:15 01/30/2010
swell1 17:20 01/30/2010
lurtle 10:40 01/31/2010
andrealc23 11:16 01/31/2010
Eis4Emily 01:35 02/01/2010
erikka 13:51 02/01/2010
NegritaLinda69 18:05 02/01/2010
lrcat22 22:30 02/01/2010
tracey 17:49 02/02/2010
maxthebd 19:23 02/03/2010
spindig 00:35 02/04/2010
Rowing the Harlem 16:29 02/05/2010
indigojones 07:56 02/06/2010
babarbanel 11:56 02/07/2010
Llaves 01:16 02/08/2010
Evangeline 11:01 02/08/2010
jenniew 11:43 02/09/2010
KatieGaga 12:34 02/09/2010
janebrda 09:18 02/11/2010
CJ 15:52 02/11/2010
FatBottomSlim 16:59 02/12/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 20:21 02/15/2010

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Wait, no naps at all?

whatodds's picture

I loved this challenge!  So far so good.  The 6:30am Bikram class helps.

ADRIANA's picture

I'm an early riser anyway so, barring any flare ups of my arthritis, I want to be up by 6am every day of the working week plus Saturday so I can make the Sun Salute challenge and an early yoga class!

Raviahmad's picture

Up every morning between 4:30-5:00 and out the door for either a walk or run.  This feat?  No prob!

volcane09's picture

5 days a week this one is easy for me (work).  But I have to admit, waking up early Saturday and Sunday was easier than anticipated.  And I was shockingly productive too!!!!  Maybe this will become a permanent thing!  maybe.  

yeahredgymnast's picture

5-6 days a week, i have to be at work before 6:30am so this is an easy one for me!

tcmahunt's picture

I am glad this one is over!

espaide's picture

Made it, today was the hardest day to get up, must be a monday thing - it doesn't matter how early I got up the last 2 days.

gleam's picture

wish i could say i did this voluntarily.  but alas. have to set the alarm for 5 or 6 most days.

body electric's picture

Since I wake up at 6:40 already, I can do this challenge and make time for the Sun Salutation challenge!  Whee!

Morbidda Destiny's picture

I had to get to work early this morning.  I had to wake up at 6AM.  That doesn't happen so often.  Now I need to get to work early tomorrow and will have to wake up at 6:30. 

So now I will just do it for 5 more days and have this challenge nailed.  The weekend will be the most challenging.  But at least I will make it to the farmers market early.

VeganDiva's picture

my automatic body clock wakes me up whether I want it to or not!

michlny's picture

So are afternoon naps allowed?  This whole Saturday and Sunday up at 6:30am is going to be rough!

starry04's picture

yay! did it on the first try...(if only because i've been sleeping like absolute shite). here's to better sleep!

msh258's picture

Done. Urgh.

CakeOrDeath's picture

Done!  And despite being a morning person and usually getting up this early, 7 days in a row was tough.  I feel for all the evening people attempting this.

lizh's picture

Third time is the charm, After messing this up on the last day the first two weeks I finally made it on the third. I'm planning on keeping up with it through the rest of the challenge though as it really helps keep me on schedule. 

swell1's picture

Complete!  Mon - Fri were easy, I'm always up by 6am, and this Saturday I had to be up to catch a plane.  This morning was tough, but I did it and went to the gym in the morning!  Feels good!

lurtle's picture

god, am I glad that's over.

spindig's picture

I am still tired from this one... but also impressed that I wasn't as crabby as anticipated.

Llaves's picture

Only made possible by time change, niece & nephew under three in the house and two 6am flights.

Nope. Not my natural sleep pattern.

jenniew's picture

 I did this the week of 1/17/10 thru 1/24/10.  I really could stand to make this a habit!

Rowing the Harlem's picture

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