Reindeer Gaming

First, call a lonely friend. Then, to complete this feat, you must do at least one of the following with the friend: Snowball fight, sled, ice skate, prance in snow. Nothing is more lonely than being stuck alone inside on dark winter day. And nothing more liberating and bonding than playing outside in the winter with a friend. Recommended: Combine with the Divine Singing feat.

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Authored on 11.18.09 at 01:21 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
artichkme 21:16 11/30/2009
liz 11:13 12/07/2009
rahree 19:07 12/13/2009
amandanicole 00:54 12/19/2009
lizh 21:18 12/19/2009
Eis4Emily 22:36 12/19/2009
sassletics82 01:42 12/20/2009
killercadoogan 12:17 12/20/2009
sandyliz 14:04 12/20/2009
Sardonic 16:36 12/20/2009
za 17:33 12/20/2009
alicebradley 18:57 12/20/2009
vonhottie 21:30 12/20/2009
Fraidy 00:04 12/21/2009
kornflowers 10:48 12/21/2009
mo rizzle 11:08 12/21/2009
CJ 11:25 12/21/2009
pearl 17:32 12/21/2009
msh258 16:58 12/22/2009
whatodds 15:18 12/23/2009
Oliver 22:48 12/27/2009
runleenarun 16:10 12/28/2009
bess 17:06 12/28/2009
andrealc23 20:44 12/28/2009
jmmartim 22:26 12/28/2009
lhlady517 12:10 12/30/2009
MammaPole 22:32 12/30/2009
ALKings10 18:07 12/31/2009
starry04 16:28 01/01/2010
ADRIANA 02:03 01/02/2010
seshat 14:16 01/02/2010

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Ice skating party! I'm going to plan this. You are all invited! so excited!

sassletics82's picture

I *am* the lonely friend! Does it count if I drag the skating-phobic boy out?

CakeOrDeath's picture

I'm planning doing Roo Gaming here in Melbourne - just have to decide which fun summer game...

swell1's picture

Doing it tomorrow.  Whoo!  Hooray for snow storms!

runleenarun's picture

made some little snow balls and 'pranced in the snow' with my hubs and dog when we got a light dusting of snow on 12/6... plan to have some fun outside tomorrow when we get blasted with snow! (by nj standards anyway)

amandanicole's picture

I thought I wouldn't be able to do this one because it's been so long since we've had a good snow in Philly and I'm skating-phobic.  Hooray blizzard!

lizh's picture

I am never challenging the snow throwing skills of anyone on this site, ever again.

And thanks for my first ever snowball fight!

sandyliz's picture

yeah for the snow!  Dragged a couple of friends to a party sat night... thru the snow... and back... we pranced and laughed and fun was had by all!  (see naughty flogging page for more details!)

kornflowers's picture

Even though I was exempt from winter activities, due to my desert location, I went ice skating with my mom, brother and sister-in-law. We practically had the rink to ourselves. I hadn't skated in 14 years; so, yeah, thanks socialworkout.

whatodds's picture

We finally have snow so a snow ball fight is on the schedule.

lhlady517's picture

nothing like waiting til the last day to get in my 10th feat.

i thank my brother for starting up a snowball fight after leaving the frick collection.  i'm not sure anyone on the streets of the UES were to thrilled with our behavior, but all in good fun!

ALKings10's picture

We don't have snow in California so I tried to substitute.

I played the piano while my mom played the ukelele, "Blue Hawaii".

Bikram with my big brother on Christmas morning.

Bike ride with my uncle to the beach on Christmas afternoon.

ADRIANA's picture

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