Pimp Your Bed

Show your bed some love! You spend one third of your life there, give or take, and it's worth paying attention. Consider a new set of sheets, a cozy blanket, or a better bedside lamp. Whatever else you do, though, to complete this feat you must make your bed every day for the duration of the challenge.

Image: Comfy Bed via Gui Taveres

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Authored on 12.18.09 at 04:16 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
kat-tastic 17:34 01/07/2010
Saucyd 23:50 01/10/2010
lurtle 13:31 01/11/2010
galangalang 15:07 01/11/2010
JuliaHaskins 15:25 01/11/2010
@HereNow 19:03 01/11/2010
tiffany 10:04 01/12/2010
mgeigner 11:46 01/12/2010
muzzle32 14:23 01/12/2010
petitfor 18:13 01/12/2010
chelice 20:06 01/12/2010
lscochran 23:33 01/12/2010
priscyla 14:16 01/13/2010
lauram 15:21 01/13/2010
catpita 12:53 01/15/2010
chococat 16:07 01/15/2010
KKesquire 16:14 01/15/2010
alicetiara 16:31 01/15/2010
dysterious 21:27 01/15/2010
Trix 10:13 01/16/2010
GirlInTheCurl 11:26 01/16/2010
czellet 13:23 01/18/2010
Saroja.tarn 13:38 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 16:58 01/18/2010
pipistrelle 21:19 01/18/2010
rolene 23:37 01/18/2010
rlkauffmann 10:54 01/19/2010
coolbeannes 13:59 01/19/2010
jan1965 17:56 01/20/2010
michlny 12:43 01/21/2010
obsoleteforms 16:42 01/22/2010
KatieGaga 17:50 01/23/2010
kika 18:01 01/23/2010
seprice86 03:38 01/25/2010
lmstew 14:50 01/25/2010
annerawleyeden 16:59 01/26/2010
oldbaygirl 16:53 01/27/2010
rockkitten 13:21 01/28/2010
jenrunsnyc 23:16 01/28/2010
Elspeth 01:12 01/29/2010
Daisy58 02:30 01/29/2010
marikorose 13:46 01/29/2010
librarianjess 17:10 01/29/2010
@certainDISASTER 13:49 01/31/2010
ramonalisa30 13:09 02/01/2010
Llaves 14:29 02/01/2010
NegritaLinda69 17:00 02/01/2010
f. pamplemousse 23:30 02/01/2010
Untrapping Myself 10:48 02/02/2010
Evangeline 22:14 02/03/2010
volcane09 07:33 02/05/2010
MammaPole 13:25 02/05/2010
Gia Alvarez 21:04 02/08/2010
lhlady517 11:10 02/09/2010
notoriousjbg 23:34 02/09/2010
emilyg 23:08 02/10/2010
moveyourbootyblog 00:27 02/11/2010
janebrda 08:17 02/11/2010
Bdawg 08:26 02/11/2010
KirstenDC 09:04 02/11/2010
artichkme 11:14 02/11/2010
reganh 13:07 02/11/2010
zuzupetals 13:16 02/11/2010
rahree 13:32 02/11/2010
Mr. Mohawk 13:42 02/11/2010
FrogOmnibus 14:37 02/11/2010
swell1 15:00 02/11/2010
Beelove 15:08 02/11/2010
vcolsen 16:15 02/11/2010
oh_totally 18:21 02/11/2010
killercadoogan 19:26 02/11/2010
hktexan 21:57 02/11/2010
za 02:07 02/12/2010
runleenarun 07:48 02/12/2010
liz 08:01 02/12/2010
Jenns_11 08:48 02/12/2010
sandyliz 09:31 02/12/2010
Eis4Emily 09:42 02/12/2010
gleam 10:09 02/12/2010
shawninchgo 10:25 02/12/2010
Fraidy 10:36 02/12/2010
tigertailamy 10:45 02/12/2010
Seelexfit 10:55 02/12/2010
msh258 11:01 02/12/2010
kornflowers 11:14 02/12/2010
barefootgirl 11:28 02/12/2010
pittami 11:51 02/12/2010
starry04 12:02 02/12/2010
Butwhatifido 12:02 02/12/2010
babarbanel 12:03 02/12/2010
mindy b 12:04 02/12/2010
andrealc23 12:08 02/12/2010
Charity D. 12:09 02/12/2010
CJ 12:09 02/12/2010
erikka 12:16 02/12/2010
NayP12 12:17 02/12/2010
twinklefee 12:17 02/12/2010
Kaitlyn 12:22 02/12/2010
mo rizzle 12:25 02/12/2010
Sardonic 12:36 02/12/2010
lizh 12:44 02/12/2010
vonhottie 12:57 02/12/2010
vajardin 13:00 02/12/2010
tracey 13:35 02/12/2010
shaynet 13:51 02/12/2010
whatodds 14:45 02/12/2010
neversent 14:46 02/12/2010
syrupandhoney 14:53 02/12/2010
spindig 15:17 02/12/2010
ashleigh0723 15:37 02/12/2010
FatBottomSlim 15:57 02/12/2010
jenniew 16:27 02/12/2010
oiwuc 17:59 02/12/2010
gotigers2003 21:31 02/12/2010
natejgray 23:03 02/12/2010
Rowing the Harlem 00:10 02/13/2010
seshat 13:25 02/13/2010
snowpeach 15:06 02/13/2010
Oliver 17:07 02/14/2010
meggiep 05:20 02/15/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 19:22 02/15/2010
deanna25pounds 09:41 02/16/2010
SeryiStar 10:59 02/19/2010
amfeller 11:26 06/09/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

amfeller on 06/09/2010 - 11:26 Comment

pretty room  

SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 10:59 Comment


this would make my mom so happy!

Fraidy's picture

judges, i need some official rulings.  If I share a bed, and am the first person out, but convince the other to make said bed (strongly against his will), do i get credit for this?

And, no, it isn't that important to me, but he and I had an argument about this, where he said he's not doing my work for me, and i said that convincing him to do it is more work than doing it myself.

sandyliz's picture

LOL! I totally agree, sandyliz. This challenge really does involve family members and roommates, what with all the cooking at home, fish for dinner, pimped out bed and energy-saving. My dear husband agreed to do ten feats (but no workouts) with me for January (including Jan Plan Plus!!!).

whatodds's picture

i love this challenge! I propose to either make or buy a load of new throw pillows and get some new sheets. btw, one of my things to live by is to make my bed everyday...neat bed, neat mind? seriously it somehow helps me feel more organized

urbansherpa's picture

The Boy has such an annoying tendency to oversleep and be late for work (after I've already left) that there isn't a hope in hell of him making the bed! Shame, as this was a challenge I could tick off myself quite happily.

CakeOrDeath's picture

I'm wondering if it counts if I make my half of the bed when I get up.  

yeahredgymnast's picture

I make my bed everyday, so no problem here.  :)

volcane09's picture

yeah i am working at home now and making my bed in the morning helps me create "edges".

I already have great sheets and comforter. so i  going to finally put up those curtains i have had sitting here in my bedroom. get a decent bed night lamp, and i just ordered a new pillow.

anilop's picture

Oops, to soon.

I bought my bed a microsilk, microfiber "down" blanket.

I see I still need to make the bed every day.

I'll be back.

@HereNow's picture

just posted a pic of my freshly pimped bed. organic cotton shetts.....yummers.

Saucyd's picture

This will be a hard one, but I know I'll feel better when I come home from work each day to a nice tidy bedroom. Will take my special quilt (handmade by me!) out of storage and put it on the bed, which will motivate me to make it every day.   100% hand-quilted, made with fabrics designed by Laura Ashley.

have5cats's picture

I just bought new sheets yesterday!  Good timing. 

I attempt to make the bed every morning, but my BF banned me and does it himself because he says I do a crappy job. 

tiffany's picture

New quilt (to help with the 20 degree weather), new sheets, vacuumed and rotated the matress, and a new bedside tray to hold my sleep journal and water.

sidneystiles's picture

Sandyliz, so sorry it took us so long to make an official ruling. If you convince him, credit is yours: feat accompli!

Charity D.'s picture

I have bamboo sheets (I love the feel of these), a down comforter and my bed is made each morning, even with the furkids that try to help.

lhlady517's picture

snagged some new sheets & a new comforter - so far so good on the making the bed too.  yeah for polka dots!

artichkme's picture

thanks Charity.  But now it doesn't matter, as I am back in a bed by myself.  Which has to be made, because its the couch during the day.

so, another Feat on the way to completion!

sandyliz's picture

New down comforter!

KKesquire's picture

I got awesome new sheets and new lampshades for our bedside tables. I already make the bed every day so I can confidently say this will continue to happen.

alicetiara's picture

I make my bed (nearly) every day, and love the way it gives the bedroom a relaxed and welcoming air.

Trix's picture

I make 2 beds every day. I like coming home to a made bed, then I don't look at the mess in the rest of the room.

jan1965's picture

I have these amazing new cozy flannel sheets!  PLUS I've added pillows under my knees (sleep on my back) - I am so comfy and cozy, I look forward to sleep every night!!

michlny's picture

I make my bed every day and change my sheets every week... but today I thought I'd go shopping for some pimps. Unfortunately I didn't find any I liked.

kornflowers's picture

In a NY apartment, making your bed every morning is almost a must!  Nothing makes the apt look messier than it is than a bed that's unmade.  

Pimp:  de-cluttered nightstands, new simple vases, and new shams for the bed.

@certainDISASTER's picture

i LOVE doing this. It's on automatic now. Whenever I leave, even if I'm in a hurry, my bed just doesn't look right not made!!

ramonalisa30's picture

Totally pimping my sexy self in my bed with a new satin nighty... trust me when I say this- this is totally new to me!

Llaves's picture

33 consecutive days of making by bed - I don't think I've EVER done that before...

swell1's picture

we're nuts. but...we did pimp my bed!

msh258's picture

making my bed when I get up instead of before I go to sleep - a habit that I think is going to stick.

gleam's picture

makin my bed every day, got some sky blue 620-thread-count sheets and a new quilt... yumm

kornflowers's picture

I'm not winning any super-pimped-bed prizes...but feat accompli nonetheless!

babarbanel's picture

this has started to become a compulsion. i actually feel a little anxious until i make it. my mom would be so proud and so very, very surprised.

twinklefee's picture

The new pillow was totally worth the money, and I've discovered that the bedroom stays cleaner when the bed is made. I'm more inspired to want to hang up my clothes or put them in the hamper rather than toss them in the corner if the bed looks nice. Who knew?

neversent's picture

Not a big stretch.  I do this every day, anyway.

Rowing the Harlem's picture

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