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You know how in movies about New York there's always a scene where a bunch of people gather in some cool apartment and make dinner together and the soundtrack is some upbeat "Journey" song? We're not asking you to listen to "Journey"—but we do want you to cook ten meals for your friends. Ten meals. Ten different days. Don't worry about making some four-course feast. You can do a simple soup, a taco bar, even just a pot of great spaghetti. Then open your doors and let the eating begin.

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Authored on 09.17.09 at 12:30 by qasimvirjee.


User Date & Time
chessqueen84 23:48 10/06/2009
Juan Pablo 14:54 10/12/2009
lmarcan 12:56 10/13/2009
Sardonic 21:18 10/13/2009
PhotogAmanda 08:19 10/14/2009
killercadoogan 11:40 10/14/2009
vonhottie 04:07 10/16/2009
rahree 13:07 10/18/2009
br 10:53 10/21/2009
Brooke 14:36 10/21/2009
babarbanel 20:19 10/21/2009
hktexan 13:10 10/22/2009
starry04 14:08 10/22/2009
swell1 04:15 10/23/2009
H2Ownage 11:21 10/23/2009
jenniechris 11:58 10/23/2009
glamazon 12:03 10/23/2009
zuzupetals 22:12 10/23/2009
indigojones 15:37 10/24/2009
sandyliz 22:54 10/24/2009
alicebradley 19:19 10/25/2009
Fraidy 00:40 10/26/2009
lizh 10:33 10/26/2009
CakeOrDeath 16:55 10/27/2009
caroline 13:14 10/28/2009
mo rizzle 12:07 10/29/2009
meggiep 17:15 10/29/2009
keriW 20:56 10/29/2009
spindig 21:28 10/29/2009
stlcolleen 20:45 10/30/2009
greenslade13 21:46 10/30/2009
andrealc23 22:01 10/30/2009
tlp 12:39 10/31/2009
Butwhatifido 13:51 10/31/2009
seshat 14:58 10/31/2009
liz 20:02 10/31/2009
CJ 11:30 11/01/2009
msh258 14:57 11/01/2009
bene 15:33 11/01/2009
maebee 13:25 11/03/2009

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hmmm..what about Lady Gaga? Still an acceptable movie scene?

Ok, the real question is, do you count potlucks?

sandyliz's picture

journey should probably be a part of most gatherings.
but i am going to second sandyliz's question- if there was to, say, be a social workout dinner party where all participants cooked something, can that count? von hottie and i are an expert at dinner parties that turn into scenes from the big chill.

mo rizzle's picture

easy... i do this anyways!

snowhite197's picture

Yes, I was wondering if potlucks count! Maybe if you host it at your house?

jenniechris's picture

do you have to just cook, or do you have to cook for others?

msh258's picture

I cook like this on the weekends it helps me be creative and clean out my pantry.

chessqueen84's picture

This is a tough one! I hardly have anybody over at my house in the first place, because I don't really like it. So I may skip this one...

ADRIANA's picture

Just finished my 10th cooking for others in October, by cooking for bff B, and his parents.  Not just the last one, but also the best, I think :)

sandyliz's picture

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