The One Thousands

Simple, but effective: To complete the One Thousands feat, you must do 1,000 situps and 1,000 pushups over the 33 days of the challenge. Two things to point out: First, your situps may be of whatever variety you choose, i.e. crunches, windshield wipers, regular old situps, etc. Also, your pushups may be full pushups, and/or pushups from the knee, depending on your proficiency. You may also choose a substitute exercise for the pushups, though it must be of equivalent difficulty and simplicity. Second point: Please note that 1,000 is just about 30 per day of each. Piece of cake.

(Image: Situps with Daughter via Phil Campbell.)

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Authored on 12.21.09 at 08:45 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
sarah6211 13:05 01/04/2010
kat-tastic 18:27 01/07/2010
regstaco 11:50 01/11/2010
Saucyd 17:03 01/11/2010
Gia Alvarez 13:39 01/14/2010
notoriousjbg 15:37 01/16/2010
ynkegrl8 17:54 01/16/2010
obsoleteforms 14:23 01/18/2010
pipistrelle 22:16 01/18/2010
nettap 16:14 01/20/2010
michlny 13:48 01/21/2010
Mr. Mohawk 16:32 01/22/2010
nfolkert 10:12 01/25/2010
jmmartim 00:28 01/26/2010
swell1 07:42 01/28/2010
FrogOmnibus 14:07 01/29/2010
emahlee 22:43 01/31/2010
killercadoogan 10:13 02/02/2010
erikka 13:44 02/02/2010
oiwuc 22:06 02/02/2010
msh258 22:40 02/03/2010
Rowing the Harlem 16:29 02/05/2010
sandyliz 16:51 02/05/2010
sassletics82 21:18 02/05/2010
volcane09 17:51 02/06/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 21:59 02/06/2010
za 03:56 02/07/2010
natejgray 11:24 02/07/2010
FatBottomSlim 20:22 02/07/2010
Llaves 01:20 02/08/2010
Butwhatifido 13:41 02/08/2010
czellet 15:19 02/08/2010
caitrin 16:43 02/08/2010
Kid Swinging 19:22 02/08/2010
tcmahunt 09:26 02/09/2010
@HereNow 22:52 02/09/2010
emilyg 22:53 02/09/2010
babarbanel 02:04 02/10/2010
lizh 11:26 02/10/2010
andrealc23 13:49 02/10/2010
librarianjess 17:21 02/10/2010
Matty_G_Fresh 23:14 02/10/2010
Fraidy 02:09 02/11/2010
liz 08:12 02/11/2010
monikaus 11:51 02/11/2010
rahree 14:31 02/11/2010
CJ 15:52 02/11/2010
runningrudy 23:03 02/11/2010
maxthebd 00:24 02/12/2010
yeahredgymnast 00:36 02/12/2010
Jenns_11 09:49 02/12/2010
muzzle32 10:07 02/12/2010
Eis4Emily 10:44 02/12/2010
lurtle 11:12 02/12/2010
chococat 11:22 02/12/2010
tigertailamy 11:47 02/12/2010
NayP12 13:19 02/12/2010
Kaitlyn 13:20 02/12/2010
twinklefee 13:34 02/12/2010
tracey 14:36 02/12/2010
spindig 16:14 02/12/2010
CakeOrDeath 17:29 02/12/2010
cbethjump 17:45 02/12/2010
gotigers2003 22:31 02/12/2010
runleenarun 22:45 02/12/2010
mindy b 01:33 02/13/2010
abertany23 13:34 02/13/2010
Elspeth 15:34 02/13/2010
meggiep 06:23 02/15/2010
SeryiStar 11:56 02/19/2010

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SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 11:56 Comment


I can do this. It'll be a killer at first, but I know I can do it.

have5cats's picture

Hah. This is like 2-3 pilates classes, maybe less. 3x15 quickly adds up, not to mention the ab blast series at equinox or whatnot.

armandae's picture

I was going to do 1000 push ups in a week for my DYI feat. :-(  I'll come up with something else. 

Tedesco's picture


daily: M40, T20, W0, T20, F0, S90, S0, M40, T50, W20

running total:80


daily:M0, T0, W0, T0, F0, S75, S0, M0, T75, W75

running total: 0

Oliver's picture

250 situps this afternoon; various styles.

@HereNow's picture

Need to thank Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp for this one otherwise it would never have gotten done.

ynkegrl8's picture

I do these in classes EVERY day.....oy vay. 

michlny's picture

250 situps yesterday afternoon; various styles.  1/2 way on these. 

I need to start on the pushups.

@HereNow's picture

i think i am going to save all these up for the last day of the challenge . . .

body electric's picture

Finished push-ups today - finished sit-ups on the 21st. 

swell1's picture

The  situps were the easy part... the hard part was the pushups.. finally finished this morning.

FrogOmnibus's picture

HATED this challenge ... but so glad that I did this one.

@certainDISASTER's picture

Done and done.

This was a great challenge.

natejgray's picture

would have completed this the first week if i didn't get hurt.

killercadoogan's picture

easy...esp. if you're taking bootcamp class with ariane hundt: 250 push-ups per 60-minute class!!!

msh258's picture

Another 250 sit ups this evening at Crunch USQ.  250 to go.

30 push ups this morning.

I've done a lot more, I just need to log them.

@HereNow's picture




i feel like a superhero :)

sandyliz's picture

1,000 situps done today at Crunch, final batch of 250 this lunchtime.

I've got to add up the push-ups to see what I need to complete.

130 today though.

@HereNow's picture

1000 sit-ups about 800 push-ups.

I'm going to try to finish this feat today by intermittently doing blocks of 20 to 50 push-ups.

Wish me luck.


@HereNow's picture

I feel pretty tough now.

Llaves's picture

now if only those pushups looked at all pretty.  Still a ways to go in terms of form on this one...

Butwhatifido's picture

150 push-ups on Sunday, 50 on Monday.

I'm done.

@HereNow's picture

had the situps finished awhile ago, finished the pushups yesterday. yay me!

emilyg's picture

about 850 of my pushups were girly knee pushups.  my quest is to make them all full pushups next time this feat appears!

babarbanel's picture

I didn't realize that tomorrow is the end of the challenge.  I did 180 today.  Does that mean I can do that more often?!

runningrudy's picture

SO HAPPY I did this one!!!!  If I keep these going my arms and abs will be awesome for my wedding in July :-)  

Somehow wound up doing exactly 1,020 of each one.  Weird.  But good. :-)

yeahredgymnast's picture

complete!  ended up doing 1020 pushups and 2200 situps/crunches! 

lurtle's picture

Done! I added in 50 situps & 50 pushups a day, and resolved not to cheat & count those I did in the course of a class or workout video. I'm going to try & keep this one up beyond the challenge - it's just a few minutes a day & I love that there's measurable progress - I'm going to dial it up to 60 a day, in fact!

tigertailamy's picture

Would not have done this w/o seeing how y'all were taking it on. Thanks for the inspiration!

spindig's picture

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