String cheese for a snack, half-and-half in your coffee, whole milk in your cereal, parmesan on your pasta and how about those drippy cheddar cheese quesadillas? You've got a lot of dairy in your diet—don't worry, we're not judging. But too much of it can make you mucusy and sluggish. Try cutting it out for a week and see how you feel. Not a big deal.

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Authored on 09.17.09 at 12:21 by qasimvirjee.


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Dairy is very unhealthy. I would never eat it. Consumption of dairy causes cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and raising dairy cows contributes more to greenhouse gasses than raising cows for meat.

VeganDiva's picture

I'm so confused by the anti dairy frenzy. Milk is good for you! Greek Yogurt is from the Greek Gods! hmmm...I find it so strange how dairy is so controversial ....hmmm

sassletics82's picture

Dairy is good for you. Humans have evolved over eons to eat it, and because of this our bodies love it.

Although I'll go a week without to see how I feel.

sandyliz's picture

This is a great idea!

I did the Paleo diet for a month, which excludes all dairy products. After reintroducing dairy into my diet I was able to recognize its effects more clearly. Eaten before a workout it definitely makes me feel congested and gives me stomach cramps. There is a possibility that I'm allergic to dairy...I think it's different for everyone.

So I try to eat less of it tastes so darn good!

calamity_jane's picture

I'll do this one the third week of October...

snowhite197's picture

hell, i'm vegan, but lord do i miss dairy!! I know its not that great for you anyway, and um, i'm not a baby cow (though sometimes i eat like one) but I realllllly like cheesecake! (lifethyme cafe makes a killer raw vegan one though, but it's not anywhere near as good as veniero's or my mom's!!)

oh and sass- shhhhh! don't say the G word! (greek yogurt!) i used to be addicted to that stuff and i miss that too....damn over-morals of mine! gahhh! ;)

urbansherpa's picture

Easy peasy! Now back to my evening Vanilla Skinny Cow!

princessmichelle's picture

If you like cheesecake and are on the east coast you should check out Vegan Treats. Its the best cheesecake ever and its vegan! They are located in Bethlehem, PA but deliver to a lot of restaurants in NYC and I think a few in Baltimore and DC now too... The peanut butter is especially fantastic. I look forward to this on every trip to PA to visit my parents....

swell1's picture

thanks swell1!! i'm going to look for this. oh how i miss cheesecake! in nyc there is a place called lifethyme (that i mentioned) cafe on 6th ave and 9th st that makes a vegan cheesecake and also a RAW vegan cheesecake. both ROCK!!

urbansherpa's picture

Oops.  I ate a corn taquito for the gluten-free feat and it had cheese it it.  I'll start again tomorrow.

@HereNow's picture

Like I mentioned in the water challenge, I love milk.  I could drink a gallon a week!  And ice cream is my favorite food.

But since going Paleo about 2 weeks ago, it's been pretty easy to cut out the dairy.  No crazy pangs or urges to grab a carton of cottage cheese or yogurt.

Now I have a little lung infection going on (I get one every 3 months because of my asthma) and this time i haven't haven't been as mucusey or pleghmmy.  Kinda cool!

ADRIANA's picture

I'm still wondering how in the world I can get as much calcium daily as I would with dairy (and without supplements)???

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

ADRIANA's picture

choc silk is yummy. i have no desire to ditch dairy again- love my yogurt! soy fro yo is yummy

sassletics82's picture

Completed.  More annoying than hard. 

@HereNow's picture

This isn't that hard because I can't eat much lactose, although I frequently rely on Lactaid milk to get my protein. In any case, I dieted strictly for 3 weeks earlier in 2009 and didn't eat or drink any dairy products during that time. When I added dairy back into my diet, it didn't bother me, although I don't feel that well if I eat too much cheese.

Project Swole's picture

minus the occasional indulgence (as I was once the queen of skim milk)...i'm diary-free since June!!

ALKings10's picture

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