Love Body

Two Hours of Body! Love almost always involves physical relationship, and such a relationhsip can be as rich and mutli-hued or narrow as the bodies involved. We're not talking simply about sex. The ability to sit still with any loved one or friend, to hold hands, to hug, to dance. Loving bodies are affectionate, fluent, sensitive. These things are not trivial. They take practice.

To complete the body feat, then, you must put your body into relationship. We leave the specifics to you, but you should set aside at least two hours for the feat. You might take a partner yoga workshop or a tango class. Treat yourself to a massage. Perhaps commit  for the challenge to giving and receiving a daily diet of hugs or back rubs, or to holding hands, walking arm-in-arm. Yes, if possible, have more sex. Practice listening and speaking with your body. And to tune up your cells for all this work, consider making small adjustments, like sleeping naked for a week, jumping in a cold pool, rubbing snow on your face. Stimulate the skin! Clear out the lungs! Soak the eyes! 

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Authored on 02.09.10 at 05:01 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
NicoledeB 14:46 02/13/2010
volcane09 16:15 02/14/2010
erikka 17:08 02/14/2010
princessmichelle 23:46 02/14/2010
spindig 00:20 02/15/2010
joesgirl 15:53 02/15/2010
artichkme 16:17 02/15/2010
smiles1024 19:02 02/15/2010
gotigers2003 20:27 02/15/2010
jmmartim 23:01 02/15/2010
kornflowers 23:35 02/15/2010
Juliet B. 09:26 02/16/2010
FrogOmnibus 10:36 02/16/2010
runleenarun 20:47 02/16/2010
urbansherpa 14:00 02/17/2010
sandyliz 09:51 02/18/2010
liz 13:49 02/18/2010
babarbanel 14:21 02/18/2010
ladykat 15:48 02/18/2010
Charity D. 17:45 02/18/2010
lhlady517 20:00 02/18/2010
Butwhatifido 22:04 02/18/2010
whatodds 09:32 02/20/2010
aat8 11:36 02/20/2010
vonhottie 18:38 02/20/2010
chococat 19:09 02/20/2010
100Pounds 20:02 02/20/2010
miacometbather 12:57 02/21/2010
shaynet 14:15 02/21/2010
ann.witulski 18:37 02/21/2010
moniq68 20:27 02/21/2010
lovelylisa 21:52 02/21/2010
Matty_G_Fresh 22:02 02/21/2010
FatBottomSlim 22:03 02/21/2010
msh258 22:35 02/21/2010
zuzupetals 23:29 02/21/2010
sassletics82 00:49 02/22/2010
Llaves 09:13 02/22/2010
jan1965 10:20 02/22/2010
CJ 14:17 02/22/2010
oiwuc 16:00 02/22/2010
twinklefee 17:23 02/22/2010
seshat 18:24 02/22/2010
syrupandhoney 21:27 02/22/2010
Fraidy 23:36 02/22/2010
ADRIANA 10:09 02/23/2010
Oliver 13:01 02/24/2010
NatalieRios26 10:35 02/25/2010

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Only 2 hours out of the entire challenge--11 days?  NICE!  I'm too blessed with a best friend who holds my hand while we watch films (and we have a "movie night" every Saturday); a teen daughter who hugs me every morning before she's off to catch the bus, and every night before she calls it a night; a husband who'll give me a rub when that last workout was a killer!!

Do the cats count?  Cos they're ALWAYS a little too over-affectionate--especially when they want to be fed!

volcane09's picture

Since I am going to an all weekend dance workshop thing this weekend I will say I will work on body communication and connection with all my different dance partners.


Also I am so going to treat myself to a massage.  And I am sooo a sucker for hugs.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I am still working on this one, but I'm thinking of spending this feat focusing on his body for a couple of hours...


I tried to make that sound less smutty but it didn't work!

CakeOrDeath's picture

2 hour thai partner massage workshop -- on valentine's day -- complete with a "snuggle savasana" -- check! 

princessmichelle's picture

Great 24 hours with husband yesterday connecting on a physical, emotional and sensual level.  Then took myself to 1.5 hour yoga class this morning on my day off where the theme was about setting aside the need to achieve and jumping instead in the unknown, being open to possibility, and understanding the need to be open even in darkness.  Somehow this message-- to be softer, to be open, to welcome possibility rather than forcing myself into the obsession of what's-next, as manifested in my body and in my heart throughout my practice today-- seemed like an enormous gift of self-love.  Just what the doctor ordered on my day off.

joesgirl's picture

I did the all weekend dance festival... I had a two hour workshop on blues dancing and keeping frame and connection with your dance partner. It was beyond fantastic. Plus I had sooo many fabulous dances all weekend long with friends and strangers. :)

FrogOmnibus's picture

can't seem to post about this via the feat post thing...hrm. i'll post in my reg post section, kay? fyi i had a much-needed pedicure, a personal class with an anatomy genius to fix my hip, and a 1 hr massage. ahhh.

urbansherpa's picture

snuggle savasana! omg!!! so cuttteeeee. 

urbansherpa's picture

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