To complete the Locavore feat — which is new and improved from our Eat.Sweat.Blog. challenge — everything you consume for 24 consecutive hours must come from within 100 miles of your home. This hardly calls for suffering. Local breads, cheeses, wines, meats, seafoods, and, of course, fruits and veggies are easily found at your local farmers' market. You just may need to plan ahead a little. Eating local has many virtues: Your fruits and veggies will typically have ripened longer, and be fresher, and so taste better. When you buy them, you'll be supporting the local economy. And you'll be saving jet fuel and/or diesel which would otherwise be burned transporting your groceries from far off lands — thereby doing your part in the battle against pollution and global warming. It's also sort of cool to stay in touch with the seasons, and, when the going gets tough, and the trucks and planes aren't moving, we'll be in better shape if there are some farmers nearby to feed us....

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Authored on 12.22.09 at 05:40 by Oliver.


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maymay 10:45 01/12/2010
marsadrian 11:34 01/13/2010
VivaAviva 12:13 01/14/2010
Gia Alvarez 12:35 01/14/2010
armandae 22:25 01/14/2010
marikorose 16:37 01/16/2010
rahree 07:49 01/18/2010
FrogOmnibus 13:19 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 17:00 01/18/2010
VeganDiva 01:53 01/19/2010
NayP12 16:25 01/19/2010
konstanzepr31 16:39 01/20/2010
hurley13 21:57 01/21/2010
snowpeach 17:58 01/22/2010
rodrilau 14:41 01/23/2010
erikka 17:28 01/25/2010
maxthebd 23:00 01/25/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 17:33 01/28/2010
Daisy58 02:31 01/29/2010
Kaitlyn 18:06 01/29/2010
@certainDISASTER 13:43 01/31/2010
gotigers2003 20:01 01/31/2010
SeryiStar 11:29 02/01/2010
oh_totally 07:20 02/03/2010
@HereNow 21:43 02/03/2010
Beelove 23:44 02/03/2010
emilyg 21:14 02/05/2010
babarbanel 22:13 02/05/2010
swell1 02:07 02/06/2010
greengirl20 12:06 02/06/2010
FatBottomSlim 22:50 02/07/2010
dysterious 16:40 02/08/2010
runleenarun 20:20 02/08/2010
lrcat22 10:32 02/10/2010
spindig 02:13 02/11/2010
Mr. Mohawk 13:41 02/11/2010
Rowing the Harlem 23:40 02/11/2010
barefootgirl 11:25 02/12/2010
ashleigh0723 15:37 02/12/2010

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Ut oh. Finding local coffee might be a toughie ;)

runleenarun's picture

I think some of Gorilla Coffee is made locally.  Same with Oslo. Both are in Brooklyn.



Does buying food from local farms at Whole Foods count?

oiwuc's picture

Sweet. Boston Organics/Enterprise Farms/Chestnut CSA not to mention others FTW.

armandae's picture

Went to Whole Foods in California and bought carrots from this woman's booth that they hand picked at the farm that morning! And they were delicious!

VivaAviva's picture

Did a duck confit of local game and fat rendered from local ducks, thyme, rosemary. Did deglazed carrots and turnips from local farms and butter sourced locally :) Eating locally seems like it would be a hardship in New England in winter, but definitely not the case.

armandae's picture

@oiwuc: I think local farms definitely count, no matter where you buy their produce from. I'm counting the Long Island potatoes from my Key Foods.

But I don't think even Gorilla or Oslo grow their coffee beans within 100 miles of Brooklyn, so coffee drinkers might be SOL that day.  ;-)

samritchie's picture

oh wow, was I even thinking when I posted that? ha! I do think they roast it here though!

oiwuc's picture

It was tough.. but I survived off of apples and root vegetables I bought at a local farm stand this weekend. I did saturday evening thru this morning.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I shop at the Union Square Farmers Market every week.  Luckily they have hothouse tomatoes.  Going 100% local for the day wasn't too difficult. 

VeganDiva's picture

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walmer's picture

YUM!  Okay, I can do this too!  Maybe not the duck confit, but something!

andrealc23's picture

This one was pretty painless, except for going without  coffee for a day. I don't mind our local tea, but it's no replacement for coffee!

Daisy58's picture

I'm suspicious about Whole Foods' "local" markings. I went to the Tribeca Whole Foods this morning and the crab cakes were marked as local, specifically from New Jersey. Query: Is the crab that made the crab cakes local or were the crab cakes just assembled locally? The crab legs available were not local, and in fact, the only local fish was monkfish and whole mackerel. I was so suspicious, I just bought stuff from Ronnybrook. There were some local steaks, so I may go back tomorrow.

gotigers2003's picture

Here comes success.

3 local eggs, fried for breakfast.

Lunch: spinach stromboli and potato knish for the Union Square Farmer's Market.

Dinner: eggplant stromboli same source

Apples and pears from the same source if I get hungry this evening, though the 24 hours is probably already up.

@HereNow's picture

Feat accompli, even in the middle of the desert! Hooray!

babarbanel's picture

Hooray for Red Hill Cheese and the St. Kilda VegOut market - done.

swell1's picture

I freuqent Green City Market and enjoy buying the local items from the Whole Foods and Kingsbury so this was a treat!

greengirl20's picture

Doing this today.  No coffee.  Feel like dying.

runleenarun's picture

7 am to 7 am, lots of checking and making sure things were close.  Got eggs that were under 100 miles, mushrooms, and even flour that claimed close proximity to my home.  I used a lot of Google mapping to be sure.  I didn't starve, but I would definitely expand this to 200 miles if I were to do this in real life, just for the extra cheeses & whatnot.

I will be having a local butternut squash soup made with a local onion, garlic, cream and other goodies tonight.  Yum.

lrcat22's picture

I talke about this in the general post.  I went to the Union Squre market and even mentioned vendors.  Too much to repeat, but, it was a valuable experience.

Rowing the Harlem's picture

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