To complete the Localvore feat, everything you consume for 24 consecutive hours must come from within 200 miles of your home. This hardly calls for suffering. Local breads, cheeses, wines, meats, seafoods, and, of course, fruits and veggies are easily found at your local farmers' market. You just may need to plan ahead a little.  Eating local has many virtues: Your fruits and veggies will typically have ripened longer, and be fresher, and so taste better. When you buy them, you'll be supporting the local economy. And you'll be saving jet fuel and/or diesel which would otherwise be burned transporting your groceries from far off lands — thereby doing your part in the battle against pollution and global warming. It's also sort of cool to stay in touch with the seasons, and, when the going gets tough, and the trucks and planes aren't moving, we'll be in better shape if there are some farmers nearby to feed us....

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chessqueen84 22:38 10/03/2009
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Oliver 19:35 11/01/2009

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This one was great I went to the farmers market on a wenesday morning, and picked up squash, apples, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, beets, pears,and a loaf of bread. These items turned into a great lunch and dinner.

chessqueen84's picture

Do oils, spices, etc. count?

forthrightfattie's picture

I want to do the locavore feat, and I like to have a small amount of whole grain at least once a day and I don't eat wheat or anything with gluten. Does anyone have any suggestions for picking up glutein-free whole grains that are grown locally (ie within 200 mi of brooklyn, ny)? Either a brand name i can buy in a store or a farmer's market? Here's ignorance for you - does quinoa or brown rice or kasha even grow in the northeast? OY!

kornflowers's picture

My research showed a few exceptions could be made-- I drank fair traded coffee and allowed oil, salt and pepper. I think everything else was local!!

andrealc23's picture

one day of raw and i feel like a new girl. want to continue day 2. am goin to stay on the no sugar train as well. squeeky clean.

kapo's picture

Salt? That's the sticky point. I may have to follow andrealc23 rules, except I can find local butter, so I won't use oil. Also, I think coffee is cheeeeea-ting.

bicycleprincess's picture

How specific are we getting here?  The feat lists local breads, but sources of flour from northeast-grown wheat are few and far between.  I wouldn't be comfortable going to the grocery store and buying a bag of flour from wheat grown in kansas to make my own bread for this challenge, so why is it that that loaf of bread from the farmers' market (most likely made with the same flour) seems like it might almost be okay?

Are we talking about locally produced food-stuffs or about locally sourced ingredients?  Is the focus on supporting a local economy and network of food growers/distributors, or is the focus on the environment?

flashgordonsoap's picture

Completed, a trip to the Union Square Farmers market provided wonderful apples, pears, tomatoes and carrots.

@HereNow's picture

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