Jump Rope - One Minute with Five Crossies

Must be able to jump rope for one minute, without mistakes, and, during this time, to execute at least five successful "criss cross" jumps. See here for good example of the criss cross jump.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:15 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
msh258 22:00 06/22/2009
ssattin 09:19 06/23/2009
Eis4Emily 06:29 06/25/2009
nfolkert 17:21 06/26/2009
killercadoogan 07:42 06/30/2009
ADRIANA 23:47 06/30/2009
body electric 08:08 07/06/2009
erikka 08:23 07/06/2009
Fraidy 06:08 07/13/2009
supermary 11:40 07/20/2009
AlyKat 21:35 07/20/2009
runningrudy 20:18 07/26/2009
princessmichelle 13:01 08/16/2009
Oliver 20:50 08/17/2009
Butwhatifido 23:37 08/21/2009
H2Ownage 20:52 08/25/2009
spindig 02:42 09/04/2009
CJ 08:44 09/04/2009
scsoccerchick6 18:48 11/02/2009

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jump roping is my new favorite activity -- it makes me feel like a little kid!

i did 2+ minutes of jump roping, without mistakes, and 12 criss-crosses because i'm awesome.

msh258's picture

PunkRope last night!

Gotta love it when one class completes 2 feats – jumproping and the 3rd of my fitness sampler classes. We also did a ridiculous number of pushups and situps last night, but with breaks. So I can't check those off the list just yet!

ssattin's picture

At the boxing gym we jump rope for days. I still get super pissed when I catch it in my ponytail, but everyday gets better.

ADRIANA's picture

had to sneak the criss-crosses into the CrossFit warmup . . .

body electric's picture

Does anybody know if there are any classes at Crunch that use jump ropes?

spindig's picture

OOhhhh! That would be great! I see the trainers using jump ropes all the time, but I haven't seen a class with one.

Maybe in Rebounding?

sandyliz's picture

That was harder than I remember. I'm stealing my mom's jump rope to keep working on this.

Butwhatifido's picture

I could probably go this but never got the chance to try. Next challenge???

sneathd's picture

Wow... jump rope is now added to my cardio. Ouch.

scsoccerchick6's picture

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