A classic and invaluable skill. To complete this feat, you must be able to juggle three items, continuously, without drops, for one minute. Instructions here, and inspiration here.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:09 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
sassletics82 17:23 07/10/2009
nfolkert 12:46 07/31/2009
CJ 12:50 08/10/2009
spindig 20:49 08/23/2009
Mr. Mohawk 14:21 09/06/2009
Oliver 16:23 09/07/2009

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von Hottie timed me and said I definitely juggled three items for over one min. I'll try and keep this skill up...but not sure...it's a tricky one!

sassletics82's picture

Are there bonus points for juggling machetes, chainsaws or bowling balls?

sneathd's picture

wow. one minute is ALOT longer than i thought. took me a bout a million tries....

Oliver's picture

No luck here. I tried a few times but no success.
I've been wanting to learn this for about 20 years.

sneathd's picture

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