Jan Plan Plus

Every good drinker knows that it's important to take January off. Suffering for just one month, has many advantages. It reassures you that you are not an alcoholic; reminds you of what it feels like to be sober, and go to bed on time; and wins back friends who may have distanced themselves from you after that last holiday party. More to the point, it allows you to enjoy all your drinking for the rest of the year. But seriously, a single drink never killed anyone, but many of us tend to overdo it. Take a break. In our case, "January" means the duration of our challenge, but extra brave people are free to start on January 1st. Go for it. Feel really good. 

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Authored on 12.22.09 at 05:52 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
mitzidodge 20:30 01/11/2010
brooklynette 07:09 01/12/2010
megdala 20:32 01/13/2010
sarahbeanne 13:33 01/14/2010
Shark1 14:37 01/14/2010
alison 09:26 01/17/2010
konstanzepr31 20:23 01/17/2010
melissaleemarie 13:54 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 16:59 01/18/2010
sopo 22:12 01/19/2010
JennErdedy 00:38 01/20/2010
tcmahunt 15:37 01/22/2010
maxthebd 03:35 01/24/2010
Sparrowsgo 09:09 01/24/2010
chelice 23:34 01/25/2010
emahlee 21:42 01/31/2010
lonek8 22:15 02/01/2010
Beelove 23:44 02/03/2010
Mr. Mohawk 11:57 02/05/2010
maymay 13:16 02/08/2010
czellet 14:20 02/08/2010
caitrin 15:41 02/08/2010
dysterious 16:36 02/08/2010
lhlady517 10:42 02/09/2010
kornflowers 15:05 02/09/2010
librarianjess 16:20 02/10/2010
janebrda 08:17 02/11/2010
FrogOmnibus 14:33 02/11/2010
swell1 15:16 02/11/2010
maya622 15:39 02/11/2010
Llaves 20:07 02/11/2010
shawninchgo 22:22 02/11/2010
Eis4Emily 01:45 02/12/2010
CakeOrDeath 02:27 02/12/2010
killercadoogan 07:35 02/12/2010
liz 07:55 02/12/2010
muzzle32 09:06 02/12/2010
Fraidy 10:33 02/12/2010
Seelexfit 10:54 02/12/2010
msh258 11:11 02/12/2010
princessmichelle 11:17 02/12/2010
Butwhatifido 12:00 02/12/2010
babarbanel 12:01 02/12/2010
snowpeach 12:35 02/12/2010
lizh 12:44 02/12/2010
shaynet 13:51 02/12/2010
whatodds 14:43 02/12/2010
ashleigh0723 15:37 02/12/2010
runleenarun 20:02 02/12/2010
nfolkert 22:39 02/12/2010
Rowing the Harlem 00:04 02/13/2010
Oliver 17:07 02/14/2010
meggiep 05:20 02/15/2010
SeryiStar 10:17 02/19/2010
kaxxina 13:27 05/25/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

kaxxina on 05/25/2010 - 13:27 Comment

No Alcohol =  

SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 10:17 Comment


haha i like the first part of this description, a lot!

urbansherpa's picture

I make this easy. I just stay away from Manhattan.

maxthebd's picture

No thanks.  Did this for "OcSober".  Bleh.  I'm too cranky without alcohol.

volcane09's picture

I'm going to attempt it, but I live in Iowa. It's winter here.

Khaliah's picture

definitely am doing this feat, If you cant do this one... u may have a drinking problem.. LOL

onemike25's picture

After this past weekend my roommate and I were talking about actually doing this so I'm going to give it a try!

deanna25pounds's picture

I was too sick for the month of December to drink, not even during the holidays, I think that should count for something.

jan1965's picture

no prob on this one. me + alcohol = bitter feud

mitzidodge's picture

But red wine is good for you.  Darn it, I just had a glass tonight.  Can I take the rest of the month off?  But red wine has all those good things, like polyphenols and resveratrol.  Hmmm, what's a social workout member to do?

Geez, now I guess I have to make my bed every day.

VeganDiva's picture

I already drink very rarely, so I feel kind of guilty including it in my "list of 10 goals".  But it's late, I want to finish this and go to bed!

have5cats's picture

This works plus it will help me save money this month! What can I say, I have a lot of very cute nieces and nephews so Xmas is always a disaster finance wise :)

Raviahmad's picture

This is very doable for me.


lhlady517's picture

This one is good for me!  Got to add an achievable one onto the list...

rachesther's picture

It's been a tradition of mine to take off between New Years and my birthday two months later.  I find that avoiding binge drinking and staying out late in January and February significantly improves my health in the winter.  So I'm already 13 days into this.

nfolkert's picture

Not even going there. Nothing wrong with a glass of red wine and a piece of good dark chocolate a few times a week. You can tell them the (future) dietitian said so.

I'll be making my bed, too, VeganDiva.

hungryRD's picture

Easy peasy. Alcohol and I make for a bad combination. (On the bright side, I know what everyone else did while drunk!) Not even sure it should really count on my list of ten.


megdala's picture

Day Four and struggling, but I will make it.  We are taking one weekend off since we will be in Las Vegas but we will add three more days at the end to be legit.  Is it sad that I can't remember the last time I went three days in a row without ANY alcohol?  I guess I needed this...

Shark1's picture

I never drink, so I don't know if this really counts for me, but I may as well get credit for my constant consumption of club soda in bars.

alicetiara's picture

This feat isn't worth the deprivation. 

Moderate alcohol consumption is good for you.


  • 75% of obese people want to loose weight
  • 75% of smokers want to quit
  • only 20% of drinkers want to stop
@HereNow's picture

This is not a big deal for me - I really don't drink, but I'm seeing if I can check as much as possible off, just to push myself.

konstanzepr31's picture

This is not a big deal for me - I really don't drink, but I'm seeing if I can check as much as possible off, just to push myself.

konstanzepr31's picture

I made it about 4 days before I went back to my wine, and I am much happier that I did.

I am enjoying some of the other feats.  This one wasn't worth it. 

KKesquire's picture

Just joined the challenge and am going alcohol free! Last drink on 1/17.

nicole0703's picture

easy one for me!

tcmahunt's picture

This one has been very easy for me.  And I'm glad because I wasn't sure how my body, mind, friends would react to me not drinking alcohol.  I sort of like being with it all the time.  And the best part is I can still have fun, who knew?

ReneeLRohrer's picture

I can check this off as accomplished now because I either drink tea, water or diet soda.

lhlady517's picture

I can check this off as accomplished now because I either drink tea, water or diet soda.

lhlady517's picture

not a big drinker so this hasn't been hard for me.  I'll have one occassionally, but would rather eat my calories than drink them...

kornflowers's picture

It was hard since I had to be a non alcoholic at two parties.. but woo hoo did it.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I passed up alot for this- post to come.

Llaves's picture

Wow. I can't believe this day finally came! I can't wait to order a flight of wine so I can try all the ones I've been missing!

liz's picture

who's doing shots with me tonight at vonhottie's party?!

msh258's picture

Easy one for me as well!

Rowing the Harlem's picture

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