Hula Hoop

Must be able to hula hoop for one minute without dropping the hoop, or otherwise assisting with your hands. Check Hooping.org for instructions and examples.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:16 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
Fraidy 21:10 06/22/2009
msh258 21:59 06/22/2009
sandyliz 08:41 06/29/2009
londontransplant 05:18 07/04/2009
princessmichelle 10:47 07/05/2009
sneathd 21:01 07/12/2009
sassletics82 00:17 07/13/2009
ssattin 11:20 07/13/2009
CJ 13:14 07/13/2009
Mr. Mohawk 09:59 07/14/2009
bookworm 10:52 07/20/2009
nfolkert 15:10 07/25/2009
AlyKat 23:29 07/27/2009
spindig 20:16 08/05/2009
Butwhatifido 17:16 08/10/2009
twinklefee 09:02 08/17/2009
H2Ownage 20:13 09/04/2009
bene 18:43 09/08/2009
PhoenixRising 22:52 10/02/2009
salsamamita 18:32 10/12/2009
amfeller 10:21 06/09/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

amfeller on 06/09/2010 - 10:21 Comment


i'm the queen of sexy hula hooping. i'm amazing and i tantalize those around me with my swaying hips. (or, so i'm told)

msh258's picture

yes, msh, you are;) and so am I, now that I figured out how. I forsee a hoop-off....

sandyliz's picture

I am NOT the queen of sexy hula hooping. I'm pretty good at it though - I can transition the hoop from my waist to one hand over my head and then back no problem, but I do not look sexy while doing it...

londontransplant's picture

all i have to say that it's much easier when you're naked! bought a hoop yesterday and maxed out at 25 seconds (was wearing baggy pants at the time). this morning - before getting dressed - not a problem.

princessmichelle's picture

I did it at the Social Workout meet up at the Sheep Meadow. It tool about 25 attempts. Thanks to Sandy for the timing. Thanks to Social Workout for getting me t otry this. I havn't done more than 10 seconds before in my life. It's quiote a core workout.

sneathd's picture

Got this done in last week's hoopdance class.

bookworm's picture

I went to Swing-a-Ring Night at Hudson Beach. Hula hoop artist Miss Saturn (Jenny McGowan) was there. I was able to repeat the challenge with TWO hoops! Do I get bonus points?

"Get & Stay Fit • Make New Friends • Have Fun! • www.swingaring.com"

sneathd's picture

After much searching for a hoop - the K*Mart at the Gallery Mall in Philly (think W. Smith - Parents Just Don't Understand) finally hooked me up with a hoop and a jump rope. (the rope I'll worry about later in the week) This was actually easier than I thought it would be (thank god as so may of these are way harder than I thought they would be...) so I did it clockwise (natural) and counter-clockwise (somewhat more difficult). Feeling good and ready for some yoga.

Butwhatifido's picture

It was hard for me to find a hula hoop, thus why it took so long to finish the challenge, haha.

H2Ownage's picture

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