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Clearly, we believe in social workouts. We think it's good to be around other people while sweating — to spend non-verbal time with friends and strangers, to find ourselves motivated and inspired. YET, sometimes the social workout is not available. Sometimes its not even desirable. We also believe deeply that every home should have space set aside for the body, i.e. room to dance and stretch, places to tumble, ideally with flying trapezes and swimming pools with nearby saunas. Living in the big city, or even the suburb, however, we must make do with less. But less is not nothing. Every home, no matter how small, should have space for stretching, perhaps pushups and situps, possibly meditation. To complete the Home Workout feat, you must create that space in your home, and then use it at least once a week over the course of the challenge. We're eager to hear how it goes, and especially hoping you'll share your interior design breakthroughs along the way....

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Authored on 12.21.09 at 08:35 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
sarah6211 13:06 01/04/2010
kat-tastic 18:30 01/07/2010
Speeing 18:48 01/09/2010
Saucyd 23:54 01/10/2010
deannajo 15:58 01/11/2010
orrloff 20:27 01/11/2010
yeahredgymnast 00:33 01/12/2010
Raviahmad 11:20 01/12/2010
KKesquire 12:45 01/12/2010
mgeigner 12:45 01/12/2010
Lela 17:44 01/13/2010
Gia Alvarez 13:33 01/14/2010
Shark1 14:45 01/14/2010
2getmorechi 22:07 01/14/2010
chelice 23:28 01/14/2010
tigertailamy 13:40 01/15/2010
Llaves 00:00 01/16/2010
Trix 11:20 01/16/2010
tcmahunt 15:51 01/17/2010
konstanzepr31 21:22 01/17/2010
blankettegirl 11:15 01/18/2010
FrogOmnibus 14:20 01/18/2010
czellet 14:25 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 18:18 01/18/2010
lauram 21:17 01/18/2010
emilygeee 20:33 01/19/2010
nettap 16:15 01/20/2010
obsoleteforms 17:28 01/20/2010
ericanewnum 10:56 01/21/2010
alicebradley 12:37 01/21/2010
tndixon 16:26 01/21/2010
vcolsen 15:39 01/23/2010
kika 18:57 01/23/2010
notoriousjbg 00:56 01/25/2010
seprice86 04:35 01/25/2010
kdking 09:49 01/25/2010
lmstew 15:50 01/25/2010
mitzidodge 19:06 01/25/2010
jmmartim 00:24 01/26/2010
abbeysoul 10:50 01/28/2010
Elspeth 02:14 01/29/2010
@certainDISASTER 14:57 01/31/2010
emahlee 22:42 01/31/2010
tigertailryan 01:27 02/01/2010
oldbaygirl 09:37 02/01/2010
KatieGaga 00:01 02/02/2010
librarianjess 03:22 02/03/2010
artichkme 16:44 02/04/2010
abertany23 22:29 02/04/2010
volcane09 08:26 02/05/2010
jenniechris 12:08 02/05/2010
Mr. Mohawk 13:03 02/05/2010
hivemind8 21:15 02/07/2010
lrcat22 12:47 02/08/2010
Sardonic 13:13 02/08/2010
greengirl20 16:28 02/08/2010
espaide 11:30 02/09/2010
lhlady517 11:55 02/09/2010
liz 13:12 02/09/2010
shawninchgo 13:43 02/09/2010
syrupandhoney 13:46 02/09/2010
Butwhatifido 21:14 02/09/2010
vajardin 22:45 02/09/2010
emilyg 22:56 02/09/2010
maxthebd 02:33 02/10/2010
sassletics82 03:43 02/10/2010
Jenns_11 09:44 02/10/2010
lizh 11:27 02/10/2010
chococat 12:45 02/10/2010
neversent 15:05 02/10/2010
seshat 15:18 02/10/2010
oh_totally 17:27 02/10/2010
twinklefee 20:38 02/10/2010
aat8 20:52 02/10/2010
hktexan 22:00 02/10/2010
gleam 22:53 02/10/2010
andrealc23 23:56 02/10/2010
shaynet 23:58 02/10/2010
swell1 06:03 02/11/2010
janebrda 09:16 02/11/2010
KirstenDC 10:04 02/11/2010
body electric 11:20 02/11/2010
reganh 14:06 02/11/2010
princessmichelle 14:51 02/11/2010
Khaliah 18:32 02/11/2010
sandyliz 22:08 02/11/2010
@HereNow 23:27 02/11/2010
runleenarun 23:40 02/11/2010
Rowing the Harlem 00:48 02/12/2010
moveyourbootyblog 01:34 02/12/2010
za 03:04 02/12/2010
Eis4Emily 10:44 02/12/2010
oiwuc 11:30 02/12/2010
marikorose 11:37 02/12/2010
Seelexfit 11:59 02/12/2010
msh258 12:00 02/12/2010
pittami 12:50 02/12/2010
babarbanel 12:51 02/12/2010
starry04 13:11 02/12/2010
erikka 13:15 02/12/2010
Kaitlyn 13:20 02/12/2010
NayP12 13:22 02/12/2010
vonhottie 13:56 02/12/2010
FatBottomSlim 16:58 02/12/2010
jenniew 17:27 02/12/2010
CakeOrDeath 17:29 02/12/2010
nfolkert 23:37 02/12/2010
meggiep 06:19 02/15/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 20:21 02/15/2010
SeryiStar 12:09 02/19/2010
celeste 12:55 03/22/2010

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celeste on 03/22/2010 - 12:55 Comment

Corner claimed  

SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 12:09 Comment


I live in a typical New York apartment so I don't have very much space, but my "workout space" is a strip of carpet in front of my coffee table long enough for me to 1) stretch, 2) do push ups and sit ups for the 1,000's, and 3) face my east facing window to do the Sun Salutations.  I used the space twice today!

yeahredgymnast's picture

This goes nicely with the 1,000 Situps that I've committed to.

have5cats's picture

Ditto for compatibility with other challenges. I'll be clearing off my carpet of needlepoint and knitting paraphenalia every evening so I can start my Sun Salutations every morning with a clean space.

Raviahmad's picture

I hung up my large pile of clean clothes that was next to my bed, and suddenly I have a really roomy strip of carpet within in view of the tv to do all my workout dvds and anything else I need to do. 

KKesquire's picture

Getting up early to do a workout DVD tomorrow!

espaide's picture

my workout space situation is exactly the same except my only (admittedly big) window faces south!


buttercupgrrl's picture

Done & done i already cleared out my 2nd livingroom downstairs for my home workout space. And my workouts now are only indoors due to the weather. So Great!!!

Lela's picture

I have a small mat that gets placed in the middle of my common space in my apartment. I tend to need to move the coffee table to use it. I can get a decent view of my tv from here so I can do workout dvds. I also can set up my resistance bands on my mat or wedge them into a closed closet door for resistance exercises. Otherwise there isn't much space in my apartment.

FrogOmnibus's picture

Thank you Wii Fit Plus!  And if you have this, check out the fun game where you are riding a segway around- your calves will burn and it is entertaining.  I also highly reccomend the snowball fight and the plank push-ups.

Shark1's picture

I have a standing Wednesday morning date with Jillian Michaels in my living room. I like doing a workout video at least once a week to break up the tedium of going to the gym. I also leave my hand weights & stability ball in the TV room and I try to make use of them while catching up on the DVR!

tigertailamy's picture

I moved a humidifier thing a friend lent me that i never use to the closet and now have my foam roller and yoga mat in its place. Just so happens to be right at the end of my bed so I have no excuse to start off yogaing. I am also going to pick up some 10 pound free weights this weekend so I can at least work on arms and squats on those days were the gym doesn't fit in.

Llaves's picture

Our living room has been my workout space for years!  I just push a chair and ottoman against the wall, get out my mat or weights, and voila!  I love how little time it takes to get into my clothes, workout, and head to the shower.

Trix's picture

My work schedule is so varied so i found it difficult to make it to the Y so I dropped my membership and bought an eliptical for home. I have no excuses not to jump on and sweat. I also love the freedom to rip off my shirt and workout in my bra without people staring!!

tcmahunt's picture

I cleared my crap on the floor infront my bed and will be doing abs, push ups and stretches every afternoon!

Booty_Buster's picture

I'm sstill on target with this one.

The 30 Day slimdown and Sparkpeople's Bootcamp along with aerobic stepping.

lhlady517's picture

large athletic ball from lululemon, yoga mat, some full nalgenes and a bit of creativty....55 min later, I feel stretched out, strengthened (thru many creative types of push ups, water-bottle presses) and warmed up.

Not bad!

seprice86's picture

in NYC there is an excersise on demand channel! time warner channel 1025. totally genius for that rainy day when you just wanna do some abs of steel and visit with jacke warner for a little while!

mitzidodge's picture

i had been trying to convince my guy to turn our guest room into the tv/workout room for a while & i finally did!  im not a huge fan of attempting to shred and balance on a giant ball for all my neighbors to see.  so now i have just enough space upstairs, away from nosey neighbors for a yoga mat and my ball so i can one 1000s and wii fit to my hearts content.

artichkme's picture

I have some type of fear of doing ab excercises in the gym. I really hate lying down on those mats. I just think they're unclean! Definitely do all the abs at home.

KatieGaga's picture

Yoga mat in place in the front lounge with dumbbells, fit ball, and resistance bands alongside (I'd use the skipping rope here too if I had the headspace--I have to take it outside on the driveway if the weather's nice enough and there are NO BLOWFLIES!)...the gymboss timer set...and, yeah, my morning home workout is here. 

Recently I started meditation sessions with my Tai Chi instructor at his home studio...which has inspired me--okay, I admit I've actually been OBESSESSING--to declutter the front lounge; rearrange, redecorate, and simplify!!  I would like to not only use the area for my morning home workouts but also to eventually use the space for evening meditation.  **sigh**  :)

volcane09's picture

i did this in two places: i set up a full length mirror on a stool in my living room so i can practice my boxing form, then i rearranged my bedroom so at all times it has space for a yoga mat. i haven't blogged about it because it's, well, boring.

Mr. Mohawk's picture

I have really enjoyed doing yoga at home :)

greengirl20's picture

My exercise program for the rest of the week:

today: 40 min of cardio kickboxing

Wed: 30 DS L2 & 10 min cardio kickboxing

Thursday: 40+ min cardio kickboxing

Friday: 30 DS L3 & 10 min cardio kickboxing

Saturday: I'm going to try for 60 min of cardio kickboxing but will accept 45-50 minutes.


lhlady517's picture

Watch Series releases for the week, divided by genre. There is also typically at least one interview or feature, as well as a section called "Download This"

asope's picture

Just completed my last home workout in order to complete the challenge! (Thanks to the NYC blizzard for keeping me inside today...) I live in a typical small NYC apartment with my boyfriend, so there isn't a lot of place to set aside, but I staked out my little corner where there's enough space to roll out my yoga matt, and where I can stow my foam roller and resistance bands and take some time when I need it. I've been using it mostly for yoga/pilates, stretching, and some push-ups and sit-ups. It's been good to have at times I feel like working out and know the gym will be too crowded or when the weather is bad, or just when I feel like a good strectch.

neversent's picture

Did my last one today - it's more relaxing rolling around on the ground in the comfort of my own home rather than the gym where people step around you... or over you. My gym doesn't have a great space for mat exercises...

gleam's picture

I got some awesome home gym birthday presents: a 14# dynamax ball and a plyo box, which has yet to be assembled.  Also, my downstairs neighbors moved out, so until there's a new tenant we can Oly lift in the living room!!

body electric's picture

Does transforming the stairs in my building into a workout space count?

@HereNow's picture

The best part of this was that I rowed on my Concept 2 rowing ergometer at home every week.  I prefer water rowing and cross-training.  I needed more discipline and this challenge helped.

Rowing the Harlem's picture

I get sweatier and feel like I've worked harder when I'm at the gym...but it sure is nice to have my own shower about 2 feet away.

babarbanel's picture

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