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Life in the big city is about restaurants. Often, that's a fabulous thing, but sometimes eating out all the time can wear you down, physically and emotionally. Cooking is primal, grounding, and restorative. In short, preparing your own meals, almost regardless of the actual menu, is good for you. To complete this feat, you must cook at least four meals a week at home over the course of the challenge. The meals in question may be breakfast, lunch or dinner, but, to count, the act of preparation and eating must include some thought, a moment of "intention." You'll know it when you see it. Have fun.

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Authored on 12.22.09 at 02:46 by Oliver.


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rainmemories 22:59 01/30/2010
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espaide 16:09 02/01/2010
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dysterious 13:31 02/02/2010
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librarianjess 03:21 02/03/2010
kornflowers 00:19 02/04/2010
Joe M 02:14 02/04/2010
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volcane09 07:37 02/05/2010
Mr. Mohawk 13:03 02/05/2010
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oh_totally 17:27 02/10/2010
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twinklefee 20:33 02/10/2010
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Llaves 23:49 02/10/2010
moveyourbootyblog 01:26 02/11/2010
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zuzupetals 14:16 02/11/2010
Butwhatifido 15:24 02/11/2010
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runningrudy 23:07 02/11/2010
shawninchgo 23:21 02/11/2010
runleenarun 23:41 02/11/2010
yeahredgymnast 00:16 02/12/2010
100Pounds 01:51 02/12/2010
CakeOrDeath 03:28 02/12/2010
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natejgray 00:01 02/13/2010
@HereNow 11:16 02/13/2010
Oliver 18:07 02/14/2010
meggiep 06:19 02/15/2010
deanna25pounds 10:40 02/16/2010
SeryiStar 11:25 02/19/2010

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piece of...veggies  

SeryiStar on 02/19/2010 - 11:25 Comment


Does brown-bagging one's lunch (or breakfast or dinner) count? Or should the meals be consumed at home?

mo rizzle's picture

Does brown-bagging one's lunch (or breakfast or dinner) count? Or should the meals be consumed at home?

mo rizzle's picture

What about leftovers? Do they count for a second (or third) meal?

hktexan's picture

I am going to count the home cooked meals I bring to work. 

espaide's picture

I LOVE to cook, so this one's gonna be easy.

annabanana's picture

I too would like to know if meals prepared at home (including leftovers) then brought to work count.

gleam's picture

I cook all the time! Yay! Love it.

steenroxit's picture

I cook all the time! Yay! Love it.

steenroxit's picture

I do most of my cooking on weekends, and then eat leftovers for most of the rest of the week.

have5cats's picture

Home cooked meals are the best. I'm trying to remember the last time I did eat out--I think it was the end of July when I took my SIL to lunch at Red Lobster--otherwise it's our own cooking.

lhlady517's picture

It sounds to me like they would count - after all, you spent the time to prepare the meal oh-so-lovingly, and homecooked meals are not often eaten on the go, so you'll have to sit down and enjoy the meal.  I think that qualifies as "preparing and eating with intention".  Although, I'm pretty sure peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don't count.  :) 

muzzle32's picture

Easy - I love to cook!  I'm even going to a cooking class this weekend to learn how to make Winter Soups & Stews!  Can't wait to try out some of those recipes.  

This morning I prepared my lunch, a recipe from my favorite cooking magazine (Fine Cooking).  It was delicious:  quinoa salad with raisins, dried apricots, avocado, almonds, scallions and a lemony dressing.  Yum. 

sdaphd's picture

We'll be having grilled salmon and steamed cauliflower tonight for supper.

lhlady517's picture

Does it count if you live with someone and they prepare a homecooked meal for you both to eat? Or do you have to be doing the cooking?

CakeOrDeath's picture

I have this one in the bag!!! Yessss!! I already make lunch 5 times a week and bring it to work. I also at least cook dinner 4 times a week. Yahooooo

Lela's picture

I cook all the time...Even if I have to peel and squeeze a grapefruit for lunch...its all home made baby!!!!

Booty_Buster's picture

No problem on this one.  We made smoothies two nights ago (mixed frozen berries, banana, soy milk) and froze them.  That has been dessert (so I am no longer crying about my Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream from Ben and Jerry's).  For dinner I make a ton of food and then we have left-overs to bring for lunch at work or, like last night, a quick reheat instead of ordering take-out.  Having friends over for a game night tonight is the perfect excuse to have our fourth dinner of the week at home.  We will try to do a weekly game night and hope this continues through winter.

Shark1's picture

I'm cooking and eating at home almost all the time - this includes bringing the food I cook to work for lunches and when I'm not home for dinner for dinners.  It will be two weeks this weekend and I feel LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!

MarianJulie's picture

I would say YES definitely!  

MarianJulie's picture

Week one accompli.

I cook breakfast most days.

Two fried cage-free eggs on a whole wheat burrito that has been topped with refried beans and warmed in a microwave.  Add a splash of organic ketchup and I'm all set.


@HereNow's picture

Week one accompli.

I cook breakfast most days.

Two fried cage-free eggs on a whole wheat burrito that has been topped with refried beans and warmed in a microwave.  Add a splash of organic ketchup and I'm all set.


@HereNow's picture

I love to cook.  So this challenge is a joy. 

I just made a fab dish, sort of like paella but with quinoa instead of rice, vegan sausage, red pepper, sauteed onion, green peas and artichoke hearts.  YUM. 

VeganDiva's picture

yes- i think bringing your food to work totally counts! (even if i also ate a piece of pizza later in the day:). i love to cook. this is my very first finished task of my very first challenge. later joiner so hope i can catch up!

angelajimenez's picture

We had sirloin tips w/ Mushroom gravy one night followed by

King crab, roasted asparagus and baked (sweet for me) potato

Tonight was "just" ham sandwiches and tomorrow will be homemade pizza--using what we have on hand.

lhlady517's picture

I almost always cook my meals. Last week was a tasty pot of chicken soup for dinner. Lunches were roasted chicken with roasted winter squash with spinach and cranberries. Breakfasts have been oatmeal or scrambled eggs on an english muffin.

This week I have been eating spinach quiche, or spinach and three bean salad for dinner. Breakfast the same deal.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I've been getting into poaching this week.  (I usually rely on my george forman's grill for all my meat and fish cooking...)  I love the poach method cause it's easy and it also creates a broth/soup that I eat as part of the meal.  Tonight I put some water in the pan and seasoned it with fresh garlic, scallions, salt and pepper, rosemary and thyme.  I placed boneless/skinless chicken breasts into the pan once the water was softly boiling (and lowered it to a simmer). I then added sliced zucchini, white button mushrooms and baby spinach.  Yumm-o!

kornflowers's picture

I always cook at least one meal a day at home so this was easy.  I can't wait for my CSA to start in spring to make this even more fun!

greengirl20's picture

So I've been counting meals prepared by committee at work, with crock pot and toaster oven.  Are we okay with that?  Some I help, some I only eat.

sandyliz's picture

Another week accomplished.

I very good salad on Friday night.  Lettuce, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, grated romano and parmesan, sliced hard boilded eggs and broccoli slaw (from TJs).

@HereNow's picture

I usually cook at least once a week so that I can bring most of my breakfast and lunch.  Then I'll cook dinner if home early, or will bring it if I'm doing my volunteering.  This week so far, I've got lots of:

french lentils


baked chicken (with onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes)

grass fed beef meatloaf (with garlic and sundried tomatoes)

roasted cabbage

cucumber, radish and onion salad

kornflowers's picture

man...i got to the point where i ate so much take-out at my job that i could really feel it in my soul. i HAD to put it on a plate and use a real fork and knife just to not get depressed. i notice a real difference even when i just make a simple sandwich for myself. my boyfreind has a real gift for making his plates of food look delightful before he sits down to eat, even if they're just leftovers and i admire that.

mitzidodge's picture

ive cooked breakfast, lunch & dinner every day since the start.  ive even managed to make enough so that the boy can take lunch to work everyday too.  so good.  but also totally need to go to the grocery store more often.  the things we had put up for winter (soups and such) are almost gone.  

artichkme's picture

I love to bake but not so much to cook meals....but since I joined this challenge late and had to combine this home-cooking with "no sugar" and "whole-grainy", baking was out.  I managed though!

Daisy58's picture

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Just made a really yummy soup:


Grass fed ground beef (it makes a world of difference in flavor and health if you can splurge on grass-fed)  mixed with minced garlic and sun-dried tomatoes, salt and pepper. Made these into small meat balls.






Fill pot with water and put fire on high.

Slice onions, mushrooms and parsnips and put into water.

Peel the stalks of the broccoli and then cut into florets.  Cut the stalks into chunks.  Place in pot.

Place the meatballs into the pot

If you have extra garlic and sundried tomatoes that you minced, put that into the pot.

Flavor the soup to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder (start off with a little and then add as soup cooks).  Won’t need too much.  Lower the temp and simmer until meatballs are cooked (veggies will be ready as well).



kornflowers's picture

okay, getting impatient so I'm clicking the button, seeking the green check.  I've posted recipes, I cook every week and bring bkfast and lunch to work every work day and cook dinner most evenings.... there! done!

kornflowers's picture

I am obsessed with cooking, so this one is something I usually do anyway. Had to work for it the one week where we spent a long weekend away, but otherwise, no problem!

neversent's picture

Every meal of this challenge so far has been prepared at home. With the snow we just received, there really won't be any plans to go out the rest of the week. So I can safely mark this one off.

lhlady517's picture

i prepared about 85% of my meals throughout this challenge...especially now that i've gone paleo, it's almost a necessity if i wanna be certain i'm eating what i should be eating.

msh258's picture

My bank account was happy with this one.

Llaves's picture

This was a lot easier now that I'm unemployed and eating 95% of my meals at home than it would have been in October.  Still, it's good to actually cook - not just eat cheese and crackers (mixing it up with olives when feeling fancy) - for every meal

Butwhatifido's picture

After making dinner tonight and my lunch for tomorrow I am totally feat accompli!

runningrudy's picture

Cooked healthy breakfast most days.

Evenign meals from time ot time.

@HereNow's picture

Mission Accomplished!!!!  I didn't realize until like 2 days ago that leftovers count as a "home cooked meal".  I was only counting the food the first time around.  Therefore, all of these are fresh cooked meals.  

I made a meal on:  1-11, 1-12, 1-16, 1-17, 1-19, 1-20, 1-21, 1-24 (twice), 1-26, 1-28, 1-30 (twice), 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-7, 2-8, 2-9, 2-10, 2-11.  

Glad I did this.  I feel it definitely made me healthier (and saved money!!!!)

yeahredgymnast's picture

This feat saved me so much money! And calories for that matter since I don't pig out as much at home as I do eating out.

liz's picture

I first discovered how much cheaper and healthier it was to eat at home the first year I joined a CSA. I had so many veggies at all times that I didn't want to go bad, that I was basically forced to abandon takeout for the length of the growing season. I found myself with extra cash and having accidentally lost 5 pounds. Of course, the northeast in winter is not so good for farms, so I have a tendency to fall back into takeout ruts during the colder months. I was glad to have this challenge to motivate me to keep up the cooking. This week's 4 meals: Poached eggs & sauteed spinach on a whole-wheat English muffin for snow day breakfast, whole wheat sweet potato muffins with toasted pecans, cardamom and ginger, potato leek soup, tomato vegetable soup, and tonight I'm making chana masala. I've been making big batches of soups and then taking them with me for lunch, which has been a huge savings from the soup place down the street, which charges seven bucks.

neversent's picture

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