Half Mile Swim

This is an untimed feat. Must swim half a mile, without the help of flotation devices or swimming aids of any sort. You may complete the feat in a pool, or in the open water, with or without wetsuit. (In an Olympic sized pool with 25 meter lanes, complete 33 lengths. In a 25 yard pool, complete 36 lengths. In pond, lake, or ocean, please find a reliable way to verify the distance. Most important: Please be safe. Stay close to shore, and make sure you are not alone, and can get help if necessary.)

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:37 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
captainpretty 10:18 06/29/2009
Butwhatifido 17:54 07/05/2009
vonhottie 23:16 07/14/2009
mo rizzle 17:20 07/19/2009
spindig 21:04 07/19/2009
H2Ownage 14:42 08/06/2009
runningrudy 20:29 08/09/2009
pittami 21:12 08/09/2009
twinklefee 22:17 08/09/2009
ssattin 11:50 08/16/2009
princessmichelle 16:06 08/16/2009
nfolkert 16:06 08/16/2009
warrior 10:23 08/17/2009
CJ 16:05 08/24/2009
sneathd 16:27 08/30/2009
Fraidy 23:17 08/30/2009
superkk 21:54 09/02/2009
Oliver 15:16 09/07/2009
sassletics82 20:52 09/07/2009
librarianjess 14:04 10/06/2009
missliz1230 20:33 10/06/2009
salsamamita 18:34 10/12/2009
femlafrog 09:56 10/20/2009
FrogOmnibus 20:54 01/18/2010
oldestgal 15:41 04/07/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

oldestgal on 04/07/2010 - 15:41 Comment


Did this twice just to make sure I counted correctly :)

ssattin's picture

at eastern athletic club - did 40 lengths just to be sure.

princessmichelle's picture

Love swimming now, specialy outside. Pool of course, not to the sea level yet. soon though.

warrior's picture

Completed at the Lasker pool in Central Park. Two extra laps just to make sure. I haven't swum this far since I did it for a certificate when I was about 14.

sneathd's picture

I actually swam a mile today. :)

FrogOmnibus's picture

I think it's all about the style, sure you do have a very good style in swimming which makes it easy for you.

I have been trying to have a good style, till I read this book about the
freestyle technique, since then my style & my speed have been improved in a noticeable way.

Basha besh's picture

I swim 60 lengths in a 25 yard pool twice a week.  Have been doing it since Sept 2009

oldestgal's picture

I love swimming, but I don't think I can make a half mile swim. I easily get tired.I admire those people who can swim a mile. Wish I could do the same. nkelly above ground pool steps

nkelly's picture

That's excellent! Hope someday I could swim like that! :)

~Overnight Pool Supplies~

chudson's picture

Quite difficult for me also to cover half mile but practice is going on..Hope for better result! AquaLogix Bells

KarenHaris's picture

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