Group Fitness Class Sampler

To complete this feat, you must take three group fitness classes. At least two of these must be live, physical classes. One may be taken at home, via DVD, streaming video or audio, or via Wii or other gaming console. Your classes are as follows:

  • 1 Spin Class
  • 1 Yoga Cass
  • 1 Other Class of Your Choosing, the nuttier or tougher, the better.
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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:34 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
ssattin 09:18 06/23/2009
sandyliz 16:37 06/23/2009
pjsnsockz 20:30 06/27/2009
Fraidy 00:21 06/28/2009
ADRIANA 01:32 06/29/2009
erikka 08:44 06/29/2009
CJ 22:26 06/29/2009
warrior 10:14 07/01/2009
natdapp 19:52 07/01/2009
RuNnin Late 10:51 07/02/2009
londontransplant 05:15 07/04/2009
Eis4Emily 18:25 07/08/2009
nhibber 15:58 07/13/2009
sneathd 20:07 07/13/2009
Lela 10:22 07/17/2009
msh258 20:34 07/17/2009
lizmeister321 14:58 07/20/2009
Oliver 16:32 07/20/2009
nfolkert 17:00 07/21/2009
princessmichelle 07:38 07/23/2009
Kaitlyn 14:37 07/25/2009
Katie B. 08:24 08/05/2009
runningrudy 18:26 08/05/2009
Butwhatifido 19:43 08/06/2009
gotigers2003 20:44 08/11/2009
twinklefee 15:26 08/13/2009
spindig 20:46 08/13/2009
sassletics82 22:44 08/19/2009
Charity D. 10:32 08/26/2009
killercadoogan 16:37 09/04/2009
Mr. Mohawk 13:04 09/06/2009
chessqueen84 22:44 10/01/2009
moardy 15:16 10/02/2009
natejgray 14:33 10/05/2009
czellet 20:55 10/07/2009
babarbanel 20:10 10/14/2009
femlafrog 09:56 10/20/2009
indigojones 14:37 10/24/2009
kaitlinb 11:13 10/25/2009
FrogOmnibus 13:22 01/29/2010
amfeller 10:22 06/09/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

amfeller on 06/09/2010 - 10:22 Comment


Wait- I actually have to do those 3 classes??? I thought it was just a guideline??

sandyliz's picture

do these have to be done all in one day, and do they have to be new classes, or any classes?

Fraidy's picture

1 - Nike Training Club class
2 - Boot Camp
3 - Boxing Class

ADRIANA's picture

This is the easiet fests for me. I love my group classes in crunch, thank you to the wonderful crunch fitness intructors. Love you guys!.. yehhh

warrior's picture

Hmmm... I screwed up and posted complete... when I don't have a spin class and I used 2 yoga classes. Ah well I will have to ask Oliver to remove this from my list. I also have an issue with a required spin class... Neither of my gyms offer that and I sure as shit ain't joining a third just to get a spin class in. So, this may be a failed feat for me unless they accept the Boot Camp Class that I am going to do tomorrow.

RuNnin Late's picture

SPIN: no brainer, I do this 3 or 4 times a week anyway

YOGA: reluctantly getting into it, could see myself doing one yoga a week just for good measure

HULA HOOP: silly good fun and worked my abs really well. I'm totally buying a hula hoop to play with in the house.

londontransplant's picture

So, when I originally checked this off, I had done a bunch of classes, but not the prescribed list. Luckily, msh258 dragged me to spin, so now I can officially be sure I have completed this.

1. The Ride with Ayana W. at Crunch Union Square
2. Vinyasa Yoga with Sonja at Crunch 83rd Street
or AntiGravity Wings Yoga at 38th Street
3. Dance Your Ass Off with Carol J at Crunch 38th
or Streetfighter with Bishop at 38th Street
or any of the classes taken at the Vital Juice Retreat

At least I can feel accomplished about one feat!

sandyliz's picture

1. The Ride with Ayana W. at Crunch Union Square
2. Vinyasa Yoga with Sonja at Crunch 83rd Street
3. JUKARI Fit to Fly with Kristen at Equinox 19th Street.

I won this class from Time out. It's a collaboration between Reebock and Cirque Du Soleil to get the 75% of women who don't regularly work out to do a class. I did it a Equinox on 19th Street. It was fun and worked the whole body. I can see that it would be good for all levels.

PR Blurb:

JUKARI Fit to Fly isn’t just fun to take part in, it is an effective hour-long total body workout of cardio, strength, balance and core training.

A trained instructor guides a class of up to 12 people through the workout moves using the FlySet (see image on left). The FlySet hangs from the gym ceiling and has been designed specifically for JUKARI Fit to Fly.

The FlySet consists of a durable three-stranded rope fixed to the ceiling with a 360 degree swivel point at an adjustable length with two attachment loops. The FlyBar, a 4.5lb neoprene coated attachable steel bar, is placed through the two loops, which can be varied in height, to create an apparatus that strengthens and lengthens the body as you experience the sensation of flying during the workout.

sneathd's picture

YAY! Finally did the third class! Finished with:

Spin (do this all the time anyways)
Hot Yoga (now my regular tuesday class! so glad to be back into it!!!)
Hot Pilates (not very inspiring, but at least i could check of the feat...will be doing more exciting class soon, i'm sure)

msh258's picture

One of our Group Fitness Instructors will meet you and your group on-site for the Group Fitness Class of your choice! Sample classes include: ... liposuction

www01's picture

1. Yoga at Jivamukti or I.AM.YOU. Do it anyway, love it.

2. Core Fusion Open at Exhale CPS. Did a bunch of these in june/july, but kind of over it now.

3. Ride the Zone with Marion (Upper East Side). Crazy.
Though i would hate it, which i did for part of the class, but found myself singing (screaming?) along w/ marion by the end of the 45 min. Maybe I"ll go back???

lizmeister321's picture

1.) Multi Intenso at Kula Yoga Project
2.) Spin with Adrian at Equinox
3.) Dance Across the Floor with Michelle Roth

Oliver's picture

1 - Tumbling with Gary at LAVA
2 - Sunrise Celebrations with Sarah at Shambhala Yoga & Dance
3 - The Ride with Michelle G at Crunch Park Slope (+ more classes at Crunch this week)

princessmichelle's picture

Thanks for having this be a challenge because it really is for me. I'm very shy about classes so this was really good motivation to overcome my fears and get in there. My personal goal is to try at least two more this summer.

Butwhatifido's picture

Kickboxing last night at court jester

step aerobis  wednesday night at court jester

lunch time yoga at work.


FrogOmnibus's picture

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