Go Fish

Nutritionists agree that eating fish is very good for you. Most seafood will give you high-quality proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, but is low in saturated fats. Yes, you have to be a little careful about eating fish which may have high levels of mercury. But that's easy enough to arrange. To complete this feat, you must eat fish (or other healthy seafood option) three times a week. You choose the fish, and the preparation. Obviously, sushi counts....

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Authored on 12.22.09 at 02:33 by Oliver.


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sarah6211 13:02 01/04/2010
kat-tastic 18:25 01/07/2010
maikosmaking 21:34 01/09/2010
JuliaHaskins 16:27 01/11/2010
seprice86 19:27 01/11/2010
knitstuff 17:59 01/12/2010
eoz 08:49 01/14/2010
Amanda.Schneider 11:26 01/14/2010
sneakysnoo 15:18 01/14/2010
sfmsf 17:40 01/15/2010
regstaco 02:01 01/16/2010
Beelove 12:44 01/16/2010
greengirl20 14:20 01/17/2010
obsoleteforms 14:24 01/18/2010
DLMdoc 18:14 01/18/2010
coolbeannes 15:05 01/19/2010
mully22 20:28 01/19/2010
Evangeline 00:00 01/21/2010
indigojones 18:43 01/22/2010
Gia Alvarez 01:47 01/23/2010
jessica.mottz 22:37 01/24/2010
lmstew 15:49 01/25/2010
michlny 00:13 01/26/2010
chelice 21:52 01/26/2010
@certainDISASTER 15:02 01/31/2010
emahlee 22:41 01/31/2010
hurley13 00:41 02/03/2010
maxthebd 19:21 02/03/2010
lurtle 13:33 02/04/2010
libby 00:21 02/05/2010
volcane09 07:16 02/05/2010
MammaPole 14:25 02/05/2010
chaoninja 15:12 02/05/2010
abertany23 20:42 02/06/2010
body electric 10:00 02/08/2010
czellet 15:19 02/08/2010
caitrin 16:44 02/08/2010
killercadoogan 20:42 02/08/2010
lhlady517 11:48 02/09/2010
Joe M 14:51 02/09/2010
kornflowers 16:02 02/09/2010
vajardin 22:21 02/09/2010
vcolsen 22:34 02/09/2010
sandella 02:18 02/10/2010
rolene 07:55 02/10/2010
tcmahunt 12:43 02/10/2010
oh_totally 17:27 02/10/2010
msh258 21:02 02/10/2010
Fraidy 02:08 02/11/2010
za 05:06 02/11/2010
KirstenDC 10:03 02/11/2010
monikaus 11:48 02/11/2010
Mr. Mohawk 14:38 02/11/2010
princessmichelle 14:51 02/11/2010
FrogOmnibus 15:34 02/11/2010
hktexan 22:56 02/11/2010
runningrudy 23:05 02/11/2010
shawninchgo 23:23 02/11/2010
@HereNow 23:24 02/11/2010
Eis4Emily 02:44 02/12/2010
gleam 11:05 02/12/2010
sassletics82 11:13 02/12/2010
marikorose 11:36 02/12/2010
zuzupetals 11:48 02/12/2010
pittami 12:49 02/12/2010
Charity D. 13:06 02/12/2010
mindy b 13:07 02/12/2010
andrealc23 13:08 02/12/2010
Katie B. 13:14 02/12/2010
erikka 13:15 02/12/2010
twinklefee 13:17 02/12/2010
Kaitlyn 13:19 02/12/2010
snowpeach 13:35 02/12/2010
vonhottie 13:55 02/12/2010
seshat 15:28 02/12/2010
spindig 16:15 02/12/2010
jenniew 17:27 02/12/2010
runleenarun 21:03 02/12/2010
gotigers2003 22:30 02/12/2010
nfolkert 23:29 02/12/2010
Oliver 18:06 02/14/2010
espaide 10:49 02/22/2010
celeste 16:49 03/28/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

celeste on 03/28/2010 - 16:49 Comment

Go Fish!  

espaide on 02/22/2010 - 10:49 Comment


Uh oh! I'm new to this site. But I don't eat any meat or fish. Definitely won't be able to complete this part of challenge :(

Reeses's picture

Nor me, which is a shame. While not an ethical veggie, I gave up meat for all of last year, only eating it on my Christmas break. I'm back to veggie again for this year and can't think of a suitable alternative to have a go at this feat!


Is there any chance of a replacement version for veggies? Maybe some kind of nut/seed eating one (if we're going with the omega 3/protein theme)? I wouldn't mind that as I hate nuts and seeds and it might force me to try some!!!

CakeOrDeath's picture

Cakeordeath, sorry to report that the jury votes on no substitutions for Go Fish. Perhaps you could make a nut and seed-related feat your DIY feat?

Katie B.'s picture

Thanks Katie! I would, if eating them didn't make me feel like Tweetypie ;) maybe next challenge!

CakeOrDeath's picture

I'm vegan so I don't eat fish.  I could buy mock fish at a store in Chinatown and cook with that.  Mock fish and seafood are on the menu in a some veggie and vegan restaurants.  Would that count?  I will gladly eat the faux fish and seafood 3x a week.

VeganDiva's picture

Hey VeganDiva, I'm afraid we must be strict with this one. To complete the feat, you must actually eat real fish. But you absolutely don't have to complete the feat. I think the point of this one is that -- for non-vegetarians -- eating fish is very healthy; and if the fish is not in scarce supply, it can be ecologically responsible.

Oliver's picture

OK, I'm signing up for fishie, and keeping track below.



1/18: ??

Oliver's picture

week 1- 2 down, one more to go. Sushi, Flounder

sassletics82's picture

week 1- 2 down, one more to go. Sushi, Flounder

sassletics82's picture

Week one accompli.

Sardine and lettuce burritos on Tuesday and Friday.

Grilled tuna on Thursday (delicious).

@HereNow's picture

This one was not much of a "feat" for me as I do this anyways....I don't eat meat, so fish is one of my go-to items.  Sorry for all the veggies out there (I used to be veggie too), I feel your pain.

greengirl20's picture

just finished poaching some wild black cod.  Put some water in a pan and minced onion, garlic, fresh ginger with salt and pepper.  yummmm

kornflowers's picture

three cheers for fish.

i am such a pisces like that.

mully22's picture

Tomorrow's lunch will have me 2/3 of the way there for this week.


lhlady517's picture

Another week acomplished.  Sardine burritos, sardines on top of home made chick pea curry and wreckfish at Il Bulo last night,

@HereNow's picture

Sushi dinners at the very least, three times a week and sardines at least once a week for lunch!

Easy breezy!

michlny's picture

Sushi for lunch?!  This one's a snap.

@certainDISASTER's picture

I will have clam chowder today, Tuna for lunch tomorrow and salmon on Thursday. That will finish out the challenge here for me.

lhlady517's picture

always do this, always will...

kornflowers's picture

yes! loved this! going paleo made it very important for me to eat more fish anyways...so this was great extra incentive: some favorites choices over the month are salmon, shrimp, calamari, scallops, mahi mahi, cod, tuna steaks, sardines (which i never even realized i even liked!).

msh258's picture

ok, lame, but poverty made this feat about consecutive cans of tuna fish, which I probably won't eat again until June.

Mr. Mohawk's picture

Eat fish either tuesday or friday during the challenge. Local sushi place had cheap sushi deals on tuesday nights.

FrogOmnibus's picture

Lots of canned herring and sardine burritos


@HereNow's picture

Mini scallops, salmon steaks... and the most important discovery: canned salmon, tuna style!  The skin and bones in regular canned salmon gross me out. Also had a couple tuna sandwiches.

gleam's picture

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