Free Throws

To complete this feat, you must successfully complete five out of ten standard basketball free throws. A 50% free throw shooting percentage is solid for a non-player, and it would put you on a par with Shaquille O'Neal, who admittedly is one of the worst free thow shooters in the history of the NBA.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:00 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
runningrudy 09:26 06/27/2009
pittami 09:27 06/27/2009
Eis4Emily 22:25 07/05/2009
H2Ownage 22:12 07/10/2009
Fraidy 06:14 07/13/2009
spindig 12:33 07/24/2009
supermary 08:26 07/26/2009
twinklefee 10:36 08/01/2009
Mr. Mohawk 08:46 08/07/2009
nfolkert 11:16 08/16/2009
princessmichelle 11:21 08/16/2009
msh258 22:15 08/25/2009
superkk 21:56 09/02/2009
sneathd 18:09 09/07/2009
Oliver 18:30 09/07/2009
killercadoogan 22:11 09/07/2009

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It took me 20-30 minutes to remember how to throw a basketball and then make the feat. I had to start out right underneath the basket and even then it was 0 for 10 at first. Turned out I liked the underhand Rick Barry free throw method, easier on the shoulder. And when I finally made it, I made 6 out of 10, which helped to feel like I really could do it.

spindig's picture

8/10 - awesomeness! helps to have a pretty boy teach you :-)

msh258's picture

Final Day: I went to the North Meadow Basketball courts to try this but the office that lends out balls was closed. Russell and I played a 2 on 2 game vs. 2 kids who were there instead.

Later I found a basketball in our closet and took it over to the hoops at 100th street in Riverside Park and completed the feat.

sneathd's picture

Nice work! I too was sucked into a game. Managed to get my six for ten done later, sharing the hoop with the next game, when the players were at the other end of the court....

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