Festivus Pole Dancing

Festivus is a Seinfeldian holiday, which involves carrying a pole around and wrestling the head of your household. Doing either of these qualifies you to achieve the feat, but the official approach to achieving this feat is to take a pole dancing class at your nearest downtown gym or midtown joint or professional dance studio. Perhaps you'll meet Mamma Pole? Almost certainly, you will feel festive thereafter.

(Image: Wendy Traskos of NY Pole Dancing.)

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Authored on 11.18.09 at 02:56 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
MammaPole 01:02 12/01/2009
CJ 13:34 12/12/2009
spindig 03:33 12/18/2009
msh258 23:21 12/18/2009
killercadoogan 01:00 12/19/2009
princessmichelle 17:01 12/22/2009
Lucinda H. 20:32 12/27/2009
meggiep 22:21 12/27/2009
sandyliz 20:41 12/30/2009
twinklefee 20:58 12/30/2009
sassletics82 01:15 12/31/2009

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First of all, I'm a little too excited about this shout out!  Secondly, I certainly hope to see many of you in class with me.  I'm a pole junkie.  Catch me every Monday and Friday night at Crunch in Union Square in NYC.  Look for the girl in the 6" neon pink shoes.

MammaPole's picture

you're famous, mamma! and i love that you're asking people to recognize you by your shoes LOL

msh258's picture

I can't believe I suggested this feat.  Friday was not fun for me!

princessmichelle's picture

I really want to try this out!

shelleybelly's picture

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