Family Oriented

The holidays are about family, but often it's all about eating, talking, or drinking, and not enough about dancing, running, or sweating together. To complete this feat -- initially proposed by Sassletic -- you must work out at least once with at least one family member. Avoid kick boxing.

(Image: Fabio Kicks the Ball.)

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Authored on 11.18.09 at 03:40 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
jmmartim 10:56 11/26/2009
runningrudy 13:54 11/26/2009
pittami 14:19 11/26/2009
twinklefee 15:09 11/26/2009
EquinoxJulie 22:27 11/26/2009
ADRIANA 01:31 11/27/2009
kornflowers 21:58 11/27/2009
emahlee 00:02 11/28/2009
Kaitlyn 00:47 11/28/2009
ms_curmudge0n 02:15 11/28/2009
gleam 18:18 11/28/2009
volcane09 04:19 11/29/2009
liz 12:40 11/29/2009
marikorose 13:13 11/29/2009
andrealc23 17:47 11/29/2009
rlkauffmann 18:59 11/29/2009
babarbanel 20:09 11/29/2009
thriviver 01:33 11/30/2009
jenniechris 11:16 11/30/2009
emilygeee 11:32 11/30/2009
amygerken 17:17 11/30/2009
EmilyGJ84 17:21 11/30/2009
seshat 17:27 11/30/2009
MMCharlie 22:35 11/30/2009
oregondux1 23:42 11/30/2009
asellar 07:13 12/01/2009
erikka 11:06 12/01/2009
alicebradley 23:20 12/01/2009
bess 16:22 12/04/2009
SparklyFarts 19:39 12/06/2009
reganh 23:14 12/06/2009
Meenasyaz 12:44 12/07/2009
Fraidy 23:54 12/07/2009
sassletics82 18:47 12/08/2009
shaynet 16:56 12/09/2009
Katie B. 12:57 12/11/2009
jory 13:10 12/11/2009
amandanicole 19:06 12/11/2009
@HereNow 21:18 12/14/2009
stlcolleen 12:28 12/15/2009
ALKings10 20:49 12/15/2009
hktexan 08:24 12/16/2009
rennifer84 14:58 12/16/2009
lonek8 02:07 12/20/2009
oiwuc 17:11 12/20/2009
za 17:13 12/21/2009
whatodds 15:51 12/22/2009
rahree 23:34 12/22/2009
msh258 11:20 12/25/2009
meggiep 00:24 12/26/2009
lizh 08:54 12/26/2009
Sardonic 23:31 12/26/2009
Oliver 23:47 12/27/2009
princessmichelle 11:27 12/28/2009
Mr. Mohawk 11:55 12/28/2009
spindig 18:44 12/28/2009
syrupandhoney 10:07 12/29/2009
mo rizzle 19:06 12/29/2009
vajardin 13:42 12/30/2009
vonhottie 22:26 12/30/2009
janebrda 11:40 12/31/2009
starry04 12:21 12/31/2009
nfolkert 16:38 01/01/2010
CJ 13:43 01/09/2010
swell1 18:29 01/09/2010
jessica.mottz 22:36 01/24/2010
Joe M 14:55 02/05/2010

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wait...are we really supposed to avoid kickboxing? bc sometimes i do that with my brother...

Eis4Emily's picture

Woohoo! This will be my first challenge down because I'm working out with my brother over Thanksgiving--we're running a 5k together. :)

jenniechris's picture

woke up at 7am...started my thanksgiving off at the gym with my parents!



jmmartim's picture

Started off Turkey Day with the new wife and sister-in-law Twinklefee!

runningrudy's picture

Turkey Trots are a ridiculous family tradition... sooo this morning my sister, husband, and I jogged, walked, and danced our way through the 5k! woo

pittami's picture

5K check. Charity, family, and fun.  Awesome start.

twinklefee's picture

6am, me and the folks went to work out together.  I did my awesome boot camp thing, and they used the track and stairs outside at the community college.

ADRIANA's picture

My mom and I did two cardio dance workouts and yoga together. Hooray for Netflix Fitness videos instant play!

EquinoxJulie's picture

We just plain danced for an hour after dinner.  I'm gonna count that as a work out... but the challenge is still young... who knows what chanuka will bring!

kornflowers's picture

Ran with my brother on the trails this AM.  Yes!

ADRIANA's picture

Long walk with my partner.

ms_curmudge0n's picture

I spent thanksgiving morning doing lunges, squats, etc. with my mom.  She was tired and so she watched me do jumping jacks and law book lifts.  Then I was tired, so I watched her do the rowing machine.  She's in crazy amazing shape!

babarbanel's picture

pilates with dad, and weightlifting with mom.  my family knows no gender stereotypes

thriviver's picture

There is nothing like doing a Turkey Trot with 3 hours sleep with 13 cousins, 3 aunts, and your parents while being dressed in a turkey costume.

EmilyGJ84's picture

my running habit would be nowhere without my older brother.  He always runs with me when we see each other, and I get to call/text him when I am doing races -- he always encourages me.  Hope to get another run or 2 in before the end of the year, too.

bess's picture

Ran a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning with husband and the in-laws. I also try to have my husband run with me on at least one of my runs every week.

amandanicole's picture

Swim including a race with my son Russell at the Mount Laurel Doubletree pool on Saturday and Sunday.

@HereNow's picture

Tai Chi on Thursday nights with husband, child, and mother-in-law.  :)

volcane09's picture

yay for long walks with dad and the doggies! i'm sure workouts with the brother will follow too!

msh258's picture

I'm counting my workouts with msh258 and killer and sass as my family, since I don't really have one around :-/

Mr. Mohawk's picture

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