Energy Sabbatical

Turn off all non-essential home electronics, including the lights. Try a candle, and talking. To complete this feat, you must go largely electricity-free at home at least twice over the course of the challenge. No, you do not need to unplug your refigerator; and you can turn on your stove to cook. But scratch the TV, microwave, computer, powermixer, and anything else that is not strictly life-supporting. Think this is crazy, and need inspiration? Check out what Michelle Beavan, wife of No Impact Man, had to say about how the experience changed her life.

Image: Chris Gampat

BONUS: Every challenger that "feat accompli's" Energy Sabbatical will win a free yoga download from Natural Fitness.

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Authored on 12.18.09 at 01:45 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
Powerout2010 15:18 12/29/2009
Luscious 11:04 01/12/2010
joy p. 16:47 01/13/2010
eoz 08:48 01/14/2010
KKesquire 12:18 01/21/2010
snowpeach 14:49 01/21/2010
Fraidy 23:49 01/23/2010
sandyliz 15:20 01/24/2010
gleam 10:12 01/26/2010
rodrilau 21:28 01/26/2010
rolene 10:42 01/30/2010
maxthebd 14:56 01/30/2010
@certainDISASTER 15:00 01/31/2010
FrogOmnibus 14:45 02/01/2010
Llaves 15:34 02/01/2010
Untrapping Myself 11:49 02/02/2010
hurley13 00:41 02/03/2010
yeahredgymnast 07:58 02/03/2010
chococat 12:34 02/03/2010
swell1 16:12 02/03/2010
volcane09 06:17 02/05/2010
obsoleteforms 19:38 02/05/2010
Butwhatifido 15:23 02/07/2010
vcolsen 17:16 02/08/2010
emahlee 00:33 02/09/2010
liz 13:14 02/09/2010
oldbaygirl 23:23 02/09/2010
whatodds 02:05 02/10/2010
hktexan 22:01 02/10/2010
artichkme 12:10 02/11/2010
lurtle 13:11 02/11/2010
reganh 14:07 02/11/2010
VeganDiva 15:22 02/11/2010
Khaliah 18:32 02/11/2010
moveyourbootyblog 01:33 02/12/2010
CJ 10:42 02/12/2010
marikorose 11:39 02/12/2010
Seelexfit 11:59 02/12/2010
meggiep 06:19 02/15/2010
angela paolicelli-ortiz 20:22 02/15/2010

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I am in love with this feat.

Butwhatifido's picture

Question: if I keep Shabbat every week and not use any electronic devices does that count?

Fraidy's picture

yes!!! this feat rules! 

urbansherpa's picture

For how long?

michlny's picture

I'm going to try and do this 2 evenings a week for the challenge period. I'm pretty good in general but I think not having music on will be an interesting experience.

Raviahmad's picture

I accomplished this last night! Got home and ONLY turned the heat on in my bedroom. Didnt watch tv, and even UNPLUGGED anything not in immediate use!  The silence, and the calm and the ability to just "be" was so soothing. I lay in my bed and just reflected. Ended up getting better rest than I have in a long time!

Luscious's picture

wow i would if i lived alone BELIEVE ME LOL

Lela's picture

I'm intrigued by this feat.  If I spend a large portion of the day somewhere else- say knitting or reading at a coffee shop - am I keeping the spirit of this?

I guess I could be doing this now, if I wasn't on the damn computer :)

sandyliz's picture


@HereNow's picture

So I decided that keeping Shabbat counts for this feat since we go 25 hours without electrical devices and without cooking etc. and two weeks went by so I've done it twice.

Fraidy's picture

spent the second day mostly outside, not using anything that wasn't being used anyway, and then read by candlelight.

frankly, I'm glad its over because this was tough!  but I love the spirit, and am going to invest in more candles.  I'll just keep the music on nexy time.

sandyliz's picture

My husband is not a willing participant, so last night I went upstairs (while he played PS3 downstairs) and cleaned out my closet by candlelight. Then I went for a walk and came back and worked out in the dark. I made my lunch for today and read for a while. I hope that is OK, even though Arkham Asylum was blaring the whole time.

whatodds's picture

Amazing!  Thought this would be annoying, but it was wonderful.  Brought me back to the magical nights of big snowstorms of my childhood when the electricity would get knocked out.  A very different sense of peace.  ... second night...not so successful.  Upstairs neighbor blasting his radio killed the tranquility.  

@certainDISASTER's picture

I went all weekend with out the tech. I read two books and got a decent way thru making a scarf. It really was different and nice not being bombarded with stuff for awhile.

FrogOmnibus's picture

I love my life via Mac Light

Llaves's picture

I actually did this 5 times so far, but I kind of feel 3 of these times were too short of a period of time to count.  While I took my bath (3 times) for the "Take A Bath' Feat, I went electricity free and just lay in the tub for half an hour with a candle going.  Very relaxing.  The other two "legit" times I accomplished this feat, were for 2 hours and 2 1/2 hours.  I also unplugged everything I possibly could, and covered all digital clocks so I couldn't even see them.  The first time I did this feat, it was nice.  I got a LOT accomplished.  I wrote thank you notes for engagement gifts, did lesson planning, and browsed through wedding magazines (because I really need a dress!).  I was really impressed with how productive I was.  The second time I did it I was also productive.  I ate, showered, read some magazines again, and lesson planned again.  While it was nice to not be bombarded with internet distractions, I found myself getting bored the second time around.  I'm really glad I took this feat on, and it taught me I need to spend more time without electricity in order to simplify, but I discovered I am a long way from actually having a simpler life.  

yeahredgymnast's picture

feb.4 - journal entry

in a desperate attempt to complete 10 feats by the end of the challenge, today i went "off the grid."

harder than i thought, especially since i don't live alone and mother (age 83) is alternately amused and dejected/feeling rejected.

reading by flashlight

eating by candlelight

allowing myself limited cell phone access and ipod shuffling music, as long as they'll go without recharging.

bored - but certainly acutely conscious of how much time i spend on computer or watching tv. thought i'd practice instruments a lot, but don't feel like it.

shawninchgo's picture

Day 2 was much more succesful. I cooked by candlelight, we ate by candlelight, I went for a walk, I took a bath by candlelight (thus completing the take a bath feat), we got it on by candlight, and I tried to do a crossword puzzle by candlelight but was unsuccesful so we just went to bed then. My husband cheated and went online a few times, but it wasn't as bad as Arkham and it was peaceful at least.  I'm glad it's over, though.

whatodds's picture

honestly blizzard helped with this by knocking out the power.  but that was only for a day - decided to do two in a row just to see if i could without my fiance and i killing one another with cabin fever and boredom.  i cant suggest you try it.

artichkme's picture

This was a bit of a challenge since we are so used to flipping switches all the time. 

Luckily my apartment is never in total darkness since I get light coming in my livingroom from the streetlight out front.  So I didn't bump into things on my way in.

It was very peaceful being in a quiet home, except for the ambulence siren that wailed for a minute.

These were the days I took my bubble/mineral baths since I usually take them by candlelight anyway. 

Instead of watching TV or listening to the radio I read and did crossword and sudoku puzzles.  Then I went to sleep early so I could get the requisite number of sleep hours for the sleep challenge. 

VeganDiva's picture

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