Commuting Meditation

Choose or make up a short mantra, or prayer, or zen koan. Repeat this to yourself silently at least 1000 times (roughly) while commuting to your destination. Examine the effects.

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Authored on 09.06.09 at 08:20 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
msh258 14:36 09/06/2009
sassletics82 18:45 09/06/2009
ssattin 21:58 09/06/2009
spindig 23:23 09/06/2009
killercadoogan 05:30 09/07/2009
sneathd 18:21 09/07/2009
Mr. Mohawk 09:27 09/08/2009
Oliver 18:52 09/13/2009
lktx 09:40 10/02/2009
oiwuc 20:03 10/14/2009

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while doing the half century bike ride. i rule. mantra:

"every day in every way i get better and better at reconnecting with my body."

msh258's picture

so glad i saw this new feat on my mobile while mobile in a three hour car ride from PA today! When did this get added?!
"if you wanna make it, make it happen"
Words start to sound funny in your head. You feel cheesy. I'd make an awesome life coach. I'm so making it happen : )

sassletics82's picture

Does this have to be in one sitting? Or can we do it over time? Due to some upcoming, and very sudden, changes, I have been repeating a mantra over and over again... all day, and especially when commuting: "I have no idea where my future will lead me, but I can't wait to find out."

I've been chanting that for about 3 weeks now. So if it can be done over time, then most certainly feat accompli!

ssattin's picture

Huge props for Ssatin's mantra. It's like Oliver was channelling Ssatin with this feat. For me, the mantra did not come so easily, so I merged a couple of Wake Up Calls: "Fun Is Good. Suffering Is Optional." I just had to be mindful to not transpose the two. Accomplished on a 40 minute walk to/from Walgreens to p.u. geriatric care for my old cat. I like the way you set up a commuter feat for a holiday wknd, Labor Day, no less.

spindig's picture

My mantra because I didn't think of anything better til after...

"Damn I'm sexy!"

killercadoogan's picture

When running the the YAI 5K in Central Park I was silently repeating "Om Mane Padme Om". I had one of the best results of my life, coming in 32/720 and second in my age category.

sneathd's picture

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