Climb Higher

No elevators. Take the stairs. Really. 23rd Floor? No problem! New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley wants to slim down fat New Yorkers by making them take the stairs. Slim yourself voluntarily.

(Image: Raindog)

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Authored on 11.18.09 at 02:31 by Charity D..


User Date & Time
jmmartim 14:33 11/29/2009
regstaco 22:56 11/29/2009
elenaho 08:00 11/30/2009
emilygeee 11:31 11/30/2009
chocoholic 17:13 11/30/2009
ElizabethEv 21:03 11/30/2009
CaraEC 16:24 12/01/2009
Skp505 12:35 12/02/2009
runleenarun 13:31 12/02/2009
juneflames 10:09 12/03/2009
alicetiara 16:05 12/03/2009
ALKings10 18:52 12/04/2009
SparklyFarts 19:38 12/06/2009
Meenasyaz 12:45 12/07/2009
pearl 18:14 12/07/2009
satin sky 09:30 12/08/2009
jenniechris 10:27 12/08/2009
PicturesInInk 14:17 12/11/2009
gleam 16:08 12/11/2009
emahlee 16:48 12/11/2009
rennifer84 13:51 12/16/2009
lonek8 02:12 12/20/2009
sandyliz 00:54 12/26/2009
ADRIANA 00:50 12/27/2009
artichkme 21:55 12/28/2009
twinklefee 19:06 12/29/2009
lhlady517 12:59 12/30/2009
andrealc23 16:41 12/31/2009
lizh 12:59 01/01/2010
babarbanel 15:05 01/01/2010
CakeOrDeath 18:58 01/01/2010
rahree 20:46 01/01/2010
oiwuc 21:56 01/01/2010
spindig 22:39 01/01/2010
FrogOmnibus 15:12 01/13/2010
Juan Llave Lozano 18:47 03/09/2010
kaxxina 21:10 05/23/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

kaxxina on 05/23/2010 - 21:10 Comment

Feat Accompli!  

Juan Llave Lozano on 03/09/2010 - 18:47 Comment


what about places that don't allow you take the stairs for some reason? i have to go to the spanish consulate a few times and i'm pretty sure that they won't let you wander the building...

msh258's picture

ha! leave it to the other rule nerd to ask what i was thinking!

i work on the 2nd floor, but they lock the doors in the stairwell, so i can only take the stairs on the rare occasions when the elevator doesn't work.

am i breaking the rules if i take the stairs whenever it is allowed?  I'll even skip the escalator at the Lex/63rd stop where its 4 floors from the platform.

sandyliz's picture

Is it

(a) Everyday or

(b) Just the days you workout or

(c) At least once during the challenge?

elenaho's picture

I work on the 47th Floor of my building so I cannot do the stairs... However i will do stairs up and down at my apartment building, in the subways, and whenver there's an option for escalator vs. stair, I'll do stair... I think that's reasonable for me... (last night I had packages and I was glad I didn't have to do the stairs until tomorrow morning!)

kornflowers's picture

I walk up 5 flights of stairs evey day to my apartment, and I have been walking up the stairs at Columbia instead of taking the elevator.


Do i mark this done now? or at the end of the challenge...hmm...I'll just do it now and continue on with it.

jmmartim's picture

Is this challenge long or one day??? My ass needs to know...

sandyliz's picture

Piece of cake. I walk up to my 3rd floor apartment every day and up subways stairs at least twice a day.

runleenarun's picture

love me my 5 floor walk-up!

ALKings10's picture

carrying groceries and Xmas presents up stairs is not fun, but I don't have a choice at my apartment.

gleam's picture

My townhouse in Portland is 4 stories tall.  Seriously.  Bottom is the garage, then the living room and kitchen, 3rd story is master bedroom 1, 4th is master bedroom 2.  I walk these everyday :)

Other than that, two floors everyday at work.

Haven't used an elevator in a long long time.

ADRIANA's picture

That picture loooks like the one I took at Ponce De Leon lighthouse (FL)

lhlady517's picture

I took the stairs at work and at home (no alternative there) and also tried to take them whenever it was another option.  Had to take the escalators or elevators a few times, but overall took the stairs.

andrealc23's picture

I typically take the stairs unless I am not allowed to. I have been trapped in too many elevators in the past to ever willingly take one.

FrogOmnibus's picture

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