Blood Alcohol Leveling

One glass of water after every cocktail. Fight hangovers, feel better in the morning. Added bonus, when you're hydrated you're less likely to mindlessly pick at party platter food. 

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Authored on 11.18.09 at 03:32 by Charity D..


User Date & Time
elenaho 00:05 11/28/2009
jmmartim 10:51 11/28/2009
abbeysoul 09:38 11/30/2009
MMCharlie 23:01 11/30/2009
oregondux1 23:37 11/30/2009
erikka 11:06 12/01/2009
annalab 14:02 12/01/2009
Cottage Industrialist 06:51 12/02/2009
Skp505 12:31 12/02/2009
alicetiara 16:07 12/03/2009
ALKings10 23:28 12/06/2009
juneflames 08:19 12/08/2009
killercadoogan 12:06 12/12/2009
Fraidy 02:41 12/14/2009
amandanicole 21:10 12/14/2009
rennifer84 13:49 12/16/2009
volcane09 16:33 12/16/2009
sandella 21:43 12/18/2009
lonek8 02:09 12/20/2009
alicebradley 19:58 12/20/2009
ADRIANA 00:58 12/26/2009
kornflowers 09:43 12/26/2009
meggiep 22:20 12/27/2009
regstaco 00:34 12/28/2009
Yasmien 08:16 12/28/2009
stlcolleen 11:53 12/28/2009
k.ben 20:08 12/28/2009
artichkme 21:54 12/28/2009
notoriousjbg 02:52 12/29/2009
lhlady517 12:53 12/30/2009
shaynet 23:03 12/30/2009
sassletics82 01:12 12/31/2009
vonhottie 01:33 12/31/2009
starry04 12:22 12/31/2009
andrealc23 16:37 12/31/2009
vajardin 09:55 01/01/2010
liz 11:06 01/01/2010
msh258 11:37 01/01/2010
Sardonic 16:50 01/01/2010
za 17:55 01/01/2010
rahree 20:42 01/01/2010
spindig 22:38 01/01/2010
jenniechris 10:26 01/05/2010
swell1 18:30 01/09/2010
KirstenDC 14:33 01/31/2010
Juan Llave Lozano 18:27 03/09/2010
Annelies 16:38 03/26/2010

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Feat Accompli!  

Annelies on 03/26/2010 - 16:38 Comment

Feat Accompli!  

Juan Llave Lozano on 03/09/2010 - 18:27 Comment


I used to subscribe to this mantra at bars and vonHottie would make fun of me and I started drinking juice and telling boys at bars I was pregnant.

sassletics82's picture

I'm guessing this covers every alcoholic drink?

I already spend way too much time in the ladies' when I've been drinking, this feat means I'll probably spend more time in there than in the bar!

CakeOrDeath's picture

Love love love this.  My girl did this in vegas and she was the only one who woke up without a hangover.

ADRIANA's picture

I wasn't going to do this one cause I don't usually drink... but here we were, day one of the challenge and two glasses of wine later... (tee hee).  and yes, I drank plenty of water in between each glass!

kornflowers's picture

I tend bar, I'm Irish, and live in an indie version of a frat house...it goes without saying that mass quanities of alcohol are consumed in my life.
I added the water idea last night at a show...works great!! 

Skp505's picture

I don't drink, so I thought this would be impossible. However, I went to a holiday party this week where lots of rich hot non-alcoholic beverages were served! So I alternated with water. Unfortunately I still chowed down on the bacon-wrapped dates.

alicetiara's picture

I'm a big supporter of this one; you won't be hurting so much the next morning. If I'm going to a holiday party where I know there will be drinks, I'll try to hydrate before hand as well.

amandanicole's picture

It really does work!!! I finally tried this on Christmas night and drank wine and beer steadily from 3:30 pm to 12:30 am with a wine glass of water in between each drink and woke up at 9:15 the next morning without the smallest hint of a headache or stomachache, which is truly no small feat for me. I am usually hungover in some way if I exceed more than 3 drinks. 

I did it again at a party on the 26th with the same results. Amazing. So simple it's hard to believe I never tried this before...that one glass of water you chug when getting home from a night out really doesn't cut it. This sure does.

stlcolleen's picture

This really made me conscious of how little water I usually drink!  I think I certainly improved my water to alcohol beverage consumption!

andrealc23's picture

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