To complete this feat, you must give up caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and any other addictive, discretionary drugs for a period of one week.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 10:21 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
bookworm 10:22 07/03/2009
pjsnsockz 18:00 07/04/2009
killercadoogan 11:14 07/06/2009
Fraidy 22:20 07/07/2009
CJ 00:53 07/08/2009
spindig 10:17 07/13/2009
Alexis 23:20 07/14/2009
natdapp 09:17 07/20/2009
ssattin 10:46 07/20/2009
bitterkat 20:46 07/25/2009
sneathd 11:05 07/26/2009
gotigers2003 15:05 07/26/2009
runningrudy 21:17 07/26/2009
pittami 21:47 07/26/2009
sandyliz 09:08 07/27/2009
msh258 13:51 07/27/2009
tsitra 10:26 08/05/2009
Mr. Mohawk 18:22 08/16/2009
twinklefee 09:59 08/17/2009
Eis4Emily 12:51 08/19/2009
princessmichelle 16:35 08/21/2009
nfolkert 23:02 08/21/2009
Charity D. 11:34 08/26/2009
sassletics82 21:57 09/04/2009
DianaLeahWilson 21:50 09/29/2009
kriloucra 21:37 10/01/2009
chessqueen84 23:41 10/01/2009
adudek 11:39 10/07/2009
CakeOrDeath 14:31 10/08/2009
mazurake 00:31 10/12/2009
babarbanel 21:09 10/14/2009
kaitlinb 19:35 10/18/2009
femlafrog 10:53 10/20/2009
ccurrie 22:17 10/21/2009
meanyc 18:06 10/30/2009
FrogOmnibus 14:47 01/19/2010
dysterious 21:05 01/24/2010
Beelove 18:57 01/27/2010
junebug 00:21 01/29/2010
Juan Llave Lozano 18:26 03/09/2010
Annelies 16:37 03/26/2010
Phoeninja 00:16 07/13/2010
fosgood 19:07 03/06/2011

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Feat Accompli!  

fosgood on 03/06/2011 - 19:07 Comment

Feat Accompli!  

Phoeninja on 07/13/2010 - 00:16 Comment

Feat Accompli!  

Annelies on 03/26/2010 - 16:37 Comment

Feat Accompli!  

Juan Llave Lozano on 03/09/2010 - 18:26 Comment


I missed the caffeine much, much more than the alcohol. I'm breaking my fast with a big cup of my favorite tea blend.

bookworm's picture

Aye caramba!!! I misread this and thought that you got to choose the addictive, discretionary drug. I didn't see that it meant all of them.

sneathd's picture

Little Sammy Speedball by Clive James

At the age of seven years he could already boost a short
To score himself a bluebird or a pearl
He could smoke and chase the dragon, he could shoot and he could snort
And build a cocktail out of boy and girl

From any dealer's bundle he could sniff a single bag
And spot the blank, the ca-ca or the flea
The greatest living expert on the ways to mainline scag
He could tie up in the dark and not OD

So they called him Little Sammy Speedball
Because Little Sammy Speedball took it all

He ate cartwheels to go up and dropped sleepers to come down
A red and rose and pink and rainbow stash
He dynamited white stuff just to balance out the brown
And flashed on hash but never crashed on splash

Ripped on chalk and peaches he found time to load the Chief
And kissing big attained a state of grace
His panaddicted system was tuned high beyond belief
A miracle of forces poised in space

So they called him Little Sammy Speedball
Because Little Sammy Speedball took it all

But the day he turned eleven put the pin in the balloon
An aching tooth had nagged him half the night
He took a junior aspirin crushed with honey in a spoon
And exploded in a blaze of heat and light

In the ruins of his bathroom lay the candy-coloured pills
The universal user's bag of sweets
But nothing else remained except an echo in the hills
And the sound of tablets bouncing in the streets

So they called him Little Sammy Speedball
Because Little Sammy Speedball took it all

sneathd's picture

Started yesterday at 11pm.

sneathd's picture

Day 2. Decaf coffee and tea all day. Had to pass on a free wine tasting at the Union Square Farmer's Market.

sneathd's picture

Day 3. Caffeine not an issue. just drinking decaf tea and coffee. Missing my regular evening wine/craft beer/liquor.

sneathd's picture

Completed. This was very hard. Caffeine was not a problem, but giving up my evening drinks was. It surprised me how difficult that was and made me think about my relationship with alcohol. As I don't think moderate drinking is a bad thing and as it possibly has health benefits, I'm planning to return to my "normal" routine.

sneathd's picture

Dear coffee,
I'm sorry I took you for granted for so long. I'm sorry I mixed you up with all that refined sugar and fat free half and half. I'm sorry I bought Maxwell House and brewed you in a 20 year old coffee maker.
And now that we've been apart for 2 weeks, I promise to think carefully about my choices. I'll buy a French Press. I'll spend more money and get better quality beans. I'll buy whole beans, and grind them every morning.

Just please, please never leave me again.


sandyliz's picture

caffeine was so much harder to give up than alcohol! in fact i didn't have alcohol for TWO weeks and i didn't even care. i missed coffee sooooo soooooo much!!!

btw...sandyliz...your letter was amazing and captured my feelings exactly. you should make writing love letters your business.

msh258's picture

While the water fast sucked more..this one ranked right up there. Although it was very illuminating to me about my caffeine addiction!

tsitra's picture

man i hated this feat. that said, i've renewed my appreciation for iced coffee and have seen my tolerance level plummet! one small dunkin' donuts iced with skim = caffeine high. yikes.

twinklefee's picture

No idea my caffeine dependency was this bad. I blame my boss and his "Rocket Fuel" brew.

princessmichelle's picture

I was this good all last week. WOOT!

FrogOmnibus's picture

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