8.) Dips!

Like pull ups, dips can be relative, and so this feat is also relative. Over the course of the challenge, you must rack up 20 sets of your baseline count of dips. The first step here, then, is to find parallel bars, or a dip rack and do as many dips as you can do in one set. That's your baseline. You must now do 19 more sets of the same number of dips before the end of the month. If your baseline is zero, your goal is to achieve one unassisted dip by the end of the month. You can practice for this big day by working with an assisted dip machine, and/or by starting with your arms extended (get someone to help you up), and then doing "negative" dips i.e. slowly lowering yourself down. If you're uncertain as to exactly what a dip is, you might ask a friendly trainer at the gym, or surf YouTube for some low budge videos like this one from Dan the Muscle Man.

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Authored on 02.25.10 at 02:12 by Oliver.

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This is the only one I'm frightened of.  I can do a lot of dips, but I think I have an old injury on my clavicle because when I finish a set I usually get this stabbing pain in my pectoral near my clavicle that sometimes lingers for the next few days while I'm doing bench or incline press.

nfolkert's picture

bench dips don't count? those are the only dips i do.

Fraidy's picture

What if we can't find the equipment? I don't belong to a gym....

sarahz's picture

@sarahz ... go to a playground. Kids do this kind of stuff all the time and they don't even realize it.

tandoorichicken's picture

I think I'm going to start with dips using a chair, then as my strength builds I'll switch to the assisted machine thing - which I really should learn how to use.

gleam's picture

I think we need a judge to weigh in on the bench/chair things, because it's starting to look like that might be the only way I get any done..

Evangeline's picture

I can only get them done using a chair.  I am trying to do a lot to make up for not having a parallel bar and to build my strength.  I can't go to a playground, although I thought about it.  We have about 2 feet of snow covering the groung here...

samantha_e's picture

How to you remove a number from a feat?  I accidentally put in 100, when I meant to put in 1...I'm new to this...

samantha_e's picture

man! I'm suffering in this challenge by not belonging to a gym. Sorry, but there are no playgrounds with parallel bars in my neck of the woods. :(

librarianjess's picture

Doh! I would also like to know how to remove numbers from the feat. I entered 10 thinking that meant I've done 10 and didn't realize it meant number of sets.  Teehee!

runleenarun's picture

Yikes--I am also a victim of entering the wrong button. Meant to add some squats, as I have not yet found my parallel bar location... Is there an 'erase' button? Or will I just have to keep track myself until I catch up?

tiny darla's picture

GD - I did the wrong thing on this one also.  Didn't accomplish it yet, but was putting in the number of dips I've done to date.

ADRIANA's picture

I don't have dip bars/parallel bars available, but I practice with my kitchen counter which is an L shape. I face into the corner, put my hands on opposite counters and go for it. I can only do 1 but it's a start.

jan1965's picture

Dips hurt!

tracey's picture

double dip practice today!

msh258's picture

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