Wiikend meditation

The origin of this exercise comes from a place I never would have expected: a video game! Nintendo "Wii Fit" has a center of balance/meditation challenge where the goal is to remain as still as possible while focusing on a candle. The more you wiggle, the more the candle flickers. If you wiggle too much, it goes out. The Wii program lasts only three minutes.

I bought a box of plain white candles from the grocery store (about 4" high). Each morning, I light a new candle and try to practice the meditation techniques I have learned (usually I try to empty my head of thoughts, but if I can't, I try to just let my thoughts wash over me, as though I were in the calm of deep underwater watching waves above me). I haven't made it to the end of a candle yet, but I try to increase the time each day.

As a beginner to meditation, this allows me to introduce my brain to being focused by allowing it to focus on one single aspect while I work up my abilities. The candle is also an unobtrusive and pleasing way to feel time passing without having to set an alarm or watch the clock. It is only a start, but I have found that I start the day with much greater clarity when I take the time to quiet my brain in the morning.



Oh the wii meditation is crazy!  I hate how it ends-- scary!  But I like your plan of practicing with candles-- keep it up :)

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