we've got spirit, how 'bout you?

From my post of 2/15:
I feel stymied when my apartment is cluttered and dirty. I don’t really subscribe to Feng Shui, but I do feel an almost palpable change in the energy of a room once I have cleaned it. Sunday morning, I cleaned the apartment while listening to the music of Navajo flautist R. Carlos Nakai. I find his music to be very spiritual stuff and it reminds me of driving through Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico on happy car trips with my family. Overall, a cleansing experience. Get it? Cleansing? Never mind. (1hr)

From my post of 2/21:
I’ve been doing 10-minute meditations while laying in bed between my snooze alarms, focusing on my feet and going up to the crown of my head. Oddly, it seems to be helping with my ability to focus on daily tasks. I’m a fan. (10min x 6 days = 1hr)

Extra Credit – the photo of my home workout space as featured in my post of 2/16: “whereby the anima sola welcomes you to her den of iniquity”


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