I didn't make it to the planetarium, but I did do some deep soul searching which reached it's best pinnacle in the form of an email I got from my wifey, who is the only person who's allowed to ask me the tough questions and get the real answers. She's a little offended that I think of boyfriends as "lame" and sometimes takes my diehard defense of singledom to heart. She has a lovely husband and their relationship is a really beautiful and wondrous example of commitment, so I'm lucky I have her to remind me to take my thumb out of my own ass. Anyway, she suggested that maybe "maybe lame is sometimes a shifting of priorities--nay, even, a shifting of the SELF--that no one can
understand except the ones shifting?"

I owe her a long, long, long email but I don't have time because I'm already late to rehearsal and I'll see y'all later at the party.

oh and p.s. I had my annual booby doctor appointment today, and unlike years past, I didn't cry behind my sunglasses the whole way there and afterwards I didn't head straight into Forever 21 to cry into the racks of polyester. So in some aspects, my emotional maturity is much improved.



the "terrorist" is gonna have a new blanket to snuggle you under

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