love challenge recap: love soul

Okay. Maybe eating a giant piece of cake with a friend doesn't seem like a very spiritual activity. But you know what—I'm counting it.

2009 was not really my year. It was a year spent picking up pieces, a year of getting over THE guy and of harsh self-awareness and all manner of things that just kind of made me want to throw the covers over my head and spend my days watching reruns of Law & Order.

And so being able to sit down at 10:30pm on a Sunday to catch up with a dear, dear friend and enjoy—I mean *really* enjoy, no worries about calorie content or cutting back the next day or shouldn'ts or anything else—a giant hunk of chocolate cake slathered in fudge and swimming in ice cream, left me feeling more uplifted and good about my life than anything else has in quite some time. It was an "all is right with the world" sort of moment, which is very good indeed.



Your chocolate cake sounds heavenly!

liz's picture

it was! and it was nice to actually allow myself to enjoy it! :)

rachelnyc's picture

praise be to the chocolate cake!

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