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A Week of Surfing, Yoga, and Massage on Maui

  • Who: Me-Shell Mijangos and SwellWomen
  • What: A co-ed surf retreat, including surf lessons, daily yoga, massage, and a private chef.  
  • When: May 2 - 8, 2010
  • Where: Maui, Hawaii, with accommodations at a resort on Ka’anapali Beach
  • Why: Great breaks for surfers of all levels, experienced teachers (all instructors have at least five years surf instruction experience), and yoga sessions designed explicitly to complement surfing. 
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Yoga and Spiritual Healing in Panama

  • Who: Anna Karina Gutierrez, Maria Jose Fasano, and Lileana Ledezma, a yogini/astrologist, a hypnotherapist/Reiki master, and a massage therapist, respectively.
  • What: Five days of spiritual healing, including yoga, meditation, massage, astrological readings, hypnotherapy, and Reiki, all amidst the lush mountains of Panama.  
  • When: Retreats begin the second Tuesday of every month.
  • Where: El Valle, Panama with accommodations at Los Mandarinos.
  • Why: You might go just for Maria Jose Fasano. She has a Master's degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a serious student of pranic healing, Kabbalah, shamanism, and metaphysics. With her leading, this just can't be your typical lounging-in-the-sun retreat.
El Valle (via <a href="">losmandarinos</a>)


Brazilian Dance Adventure Retreat

  • Who: Body and Soul Adventures
  • What: Three hours of dance lessons daily, plus yoga, rainforest hiking and kayaking. 
  • When: Weeklong retreats most weeks from March - December. 
  • Where: Four nights on the beach in Paraty, Brazil, "the Venice of South America," and two nights in Rio de Janeiro testing out your new skills in the city's night clubs. 
Paraty (via <a href="">bodysoul</a>)

Kaitlyn said "

Paraty is amazing!! It is so so historic; unique and special. ..." More comments...


Cowgirl Yoga Ranch Camp

  • Who: Big Sky Yoga Retreats
  • What: Yoga and horses. A long weekend of yoga, riding, and cookouts with New-York-yoga-instructor-gone-west, Margaret Burns Vap.
  • When: June 24-27, 2010
  • Where: Wilsall, Montana, with accommodations at Fort Wilsall
Cowgirl Yoga (photo by <a href="">Larry Stanley</a>)


A Week of Yoga in the Greek Islands

  • Who: San Francisco yoga teacher Rusty Wells 
  • What/Why: A week in Crete, with two daily yoga classes, swimming, and sailing. Yoga Journal applauds Wells' "challenging and uplifting vinyasa flow classes," and he describes them as an "experiential explosion of music, sweat, stillness, and energy," which sounds pretty great. Plus Greek islands, Greek sunshine, Greek food, and Greek hospitality. 
  • Where: Crete with accommodations at the Porto Elounda resort and spa.
  • When: July 4 -10, 2010
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Spring Cleansing at a Green Retreat Center in Maine

  • Who: Nurture Through Nature, with Nancy Tripp, Jen Deraspe, and Raja Michelle
  • What: Yoga, meditation, hiking, and a weekend of Ayurvedic cleansing complete with a wood fire sauna sweat ceremony.
  • When: April 23 - 25, 2010
  • Where: Denmark, Maine at Nurture Through Nature's Green Retreat Center
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Wonder How a Mexican Yoga Retreat Makes You Feel?

Last week, I lead an awesome CorePrana yoga & pilates retreat in Tulum with co-teacher Jordanna Dworkin. This week, I've landed at a little oasis called Genesis Retreat in Ek Balam, right outside of the Yucatan's oldest city, Valladolid. I'm in a room called the "birdhouse." It's a small second story cabana style room with a queen size 'floating' bed suspended from all four corners. Pretty cool.

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Food, Wine, and Yoga in Italy

  • Who: Rebecca Wilson of Yoga Will Save the World
  • What: Daily yoga, Italian cooking lessons, wine tasting, and Old World-style relaxation at an Italian farmhouse. 
  • When: May 15 - 22, 2010
  • Where: Le Marche, Italy, with accommodations at Casa Beneserre
Casa Beneserre


Slaves to the Waves in Costa Rica with Kula

  • Who/What: Schuyler Grant, yoga rock star, and Allison Sinatra, yogi and board certified shaman, take a who's who of Tribeca's hardcore and trendy Kula Yoga Project for a week of yoga and surfing at a private beach in Costa Rica.
  • Why: Some retreats serve up yoga and hotel rooms, others massages and organic food. SOME freaks, however, will take you on a shamanic journey to the depths of your soul, and ALSO give you the surfing, yoga, organic food, and massages. Nevermind the howler monkeys, macaws, and mangoes, and the interesting cross-section of very limber New Yorkers....
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Yoga Retreats

Yoga and Snorkeling in Belize

  • Who: Lauren Toolin
  • What: A week of yoga on the beach in Belize, with moonlight meditation, evening fire circles, and a daylong snorkeling trip. 
  • When: April 17 - 24, 2010
  • Where: Ambergris Caye, Belize with accommodations at Ak'Bol Retreat Center
Ak'Bol (via <a href=""></a>)

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