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Yoga Retreats

Escape Is Only 100 Miles Away

If you're totally stressed out and dying to get out of town, but don't have the money or vacation days to indulge in a week-long retreat in the middle of some tropical island, check out Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch. Located 100 miles outside of New York, it's a mellow, grassy utopia that's pretty affordable and available most weekends throughout the year. Do some downward dogs in the grass, chant a stray sutra, nibble some channa masala and find your deepest and truest breath. It is, after all, only life.

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Yoga Retreats

Om Factory Takes Morocco On This October

Just in case you hadn't heard enough about Morocco, Amanda Wentworth and Scott Spampinato of Om Factory—located in the heart of the Fashion District—are leading a retreat in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in  Taroudant this October. Taroudant, called the "grandmother of Marrakech," is a walled city filled with jewelry and carpets. Shopping and pranayama all at once.....

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Yoga Retreats

Spend Halloween Surfing in Morocco

Does the arrival of Fall undermine your buzz? Are you pre-mourning the end of warm water surfing? Plan your fall surfing break now. Lauren Hanna (founder of Sonic Yoga) and Jane Beltz are hosting a surf retreat in Taghazout, Morroco in October, put together by the Liquid Yoga+Surf crew (about whom we don't know enough.) We do know this, however, courtesy of Surfline: Morocco's got surf. "Mellow rollers" in general, and in winter "big swells are frequent." Montauk is great, but staring up from the lineup past ancient medina walls at the kasbah might not suck either. Nor would a Casablanca beer after your late afternoon yoga session. As always, it's not cheap, but this one isn't the most expensive we've seen. 

  • Where: Taghazout, Morroco
  • When: October 25th - November 1st, 2009
  • What: Twice daily vinyasa classes with plenty of time to surf, relax and explore Banana Beach in Banana Village.
  • How much: $1199 for the week, including three meals a day. Airfare is approximately $1200.
  • Link: Morroco Surf And Yoga Retreat


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Yoga Retreats

Last Minute Planning: Labor Day at Ananda Ashram

Still planless for this weekend? Have a high threshold for all things Eastern and yogic, but Burning Man and Bhakti Fest are just too far away? Here's a tip: The secluded Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY is hosting a Labor Day weekend of chanting, mediation, yoga. Ananda is a special place. I was there years ago, and still get tingly when I recall the memories. You won't live in the lap of luxury -- lots of dorms feature bunk beds and shared bathrooms -- but the whole thing is super spiritual, ridiculously affordable, and far better for you than sitting in traffic on the L.I.E.

  • Where: Ananda Ashram, Monroe, NY
  • When:  September 4-7
    What: Morning & evening meditation programs with chanting,
    Yoga-Vedanta studies and selected readings, ongoing open yoga and
    Sanskrit classes, evening concerts and Kirtan.
  • How much: $80 a day for a dorm, $100 for a sem-private. Includes yoga classes, food, meditation.
  • Link: Ananda Ashram Labor Day Retreat
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Yoga Retreats

Virayoga's Elena Brower in Turks and Caicos

Elena Brower, much loved Anusara teacher and founder of Virayoga, is leading a six day retreat in Turks and Caicos. Elena's classes tend to be packed with devout Elena-ites, ("You don't want to go on a Saturday morning," says Oliver), practicing side-by-side, mats and limbs touching. The upside of Elena in Turks and Caicos: You get to take classes in paradise, swimming in mat space, far from the insanity of urban yoga hell. The downside: Even accounting for the inclusion of airfare, this baby ain't cheap.

Where: Como Shambala in Turks and Caicos
When: October 25-31
What: Twice daily classes of posture, meditation and breathwork. All levels welcome.
How much: Costs range from $5,681.00 to $8,669.00 (includes airfare, room, and board.)
Link: Elena Brower October Retreat

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Yoga Retreats

Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern At Kripalu

The Om Yoga braintrust is heading to Kripalu in November. Om is a Manhattan yoga hub, known for it's rigorous asana classes, Buddhist orientation, and a thriving teacher training program. Cyndi Lee, the school's founder, and David Nichtern, its Director of Buddhist Studies, have announced a Yoga and Buddhist Meditation Retreat at Kripalu in November. Seek your inner boddhisatva as you explore alignment, breathing and balancing. And if you need a break from all the Eastern mumbo jumbo, sneak out one afternoon for a bracer at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, epicenter of Norman Rockwell Americana.

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Yoga Retreats

Yoga High’s Liz Buehler Walker and Mel Russo Take On Kripalu

Liz Buehler Walker and Mel Russo of the hip, Lower East Side Yoga High center are leading their very first six-day retreat in the Berkshires this Fall. Mel, formerly of East Yoga, is getting rave reviews from the tattooed hipster crowd down on Clinton Street. See for yourself: Learn to backbend in the mountains while receiving spa treatments and eating delicious food.

  • Where: Kripalu
  • When: September 20-25th
  • What: Two classes a day. Morning class focuses on inversions, backbends, jump-backs and balancing. Afternoon class focuses on teaching together.
  • How much: Costs Range from $745 to $1,930
  • Link: Yoga High Kripalu Retreat

Recent Retreat Posts:

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Yoga Retreats

Laughing Lotus' Stacey and Byrn Head to Vermont

Laughing Lotus veteran teachers Stacey Lynn Brass and Byrn Chrisman are leading a Fall Foliage Weekend in Vermont's Okemo Valley. Think mountains, endless vistas of reds and browns, and absolutely bullet-proof yoga: Rigorous, deep, and fun.


  • Where: Plymouth Union, Vermont
  • When: October 22nd — October 25th
  • What: Two yoga classes a day, reading, waterfall-ing, hiking 
  • How much: $475 Sleeping Loft, $550 Double, $700 Single
  • Link: Laughing Lotus Retreats


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Other Places


Outdoor Yoga: Times Square to Lake Tahoe

One more wonder of summer: outdoor yoga.  You feel grounded -- to the actual ground, not the floor of some second story studio.  Outdoors, sun salutations turn literal.  Glorious!  We're delighted to have found three outdoor yoga events worthy of your summer fitness consideration: 

Times Square Yoga (via <a href="">Times Square Alliance</a>)

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