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Von Hottie On Physique 57, Pre-Natal Yoga, and Her Trainer's Girlfriend

Yesterday was an epic fitness day, in three parts. Get cozy, it's a big story...

I took a morning Physique 57 class with a lady friend. I've always been curious about just what kind of workout Kelly Ripa is doing! It was a pretty intense toning workout, lots of jiggling, squatting, and thrusting of things while on your tippy toes. I was in an intermediate class, so I felt like an impostor floppy fish floundering in a sea of lithe Lululemon dolphins.


von Hottie calendar on sale on Etsy . . . please support the von Hottness.

(Forgive the self-promotion, but I wouldn't be von Hottie if I weren't promoting myself.)


OMG Holiday Shopping! OMG What am I going to get Crazy Aunt Sue, Vegan Cousin Zoe, and Drunk Uncle Johnny?

OMG I know! A von Hottie 2010 Pinup Calendar!

von Hottie 2010 PARIS

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Blood Alcohol Leveling for a martinis

Inspired by Liz's post, where she had drunk 4 martinis & 6 glasses of water, yet still felt "doomed," I decided to do some field research.


msh258 said "

"pillow-biting" -- AMAZING!!!

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Golden Booby

Social Workout Wins the 2009 von Hottness Award

In the packed basement of a slightly scandalous New York City bar, at around 9 P.M. last night, Social Workout beat out Ford Motor Company and Pfizer to collect the first ever von Hottness award. According to von Hottie, who presided over the award ceremony and the launch of her 2009 Pinup calendar, the award is given to organizations and people who display "a spirit of infectious optimism, a celebration of the infinite value in being true to oneself and a desire to embolden others to live fearlessly and joyously." I accepted the Golden Booby, pictured here, on behalf of the Social Workout community.

For those unfamiliar with von Hottie, she's a longtime Social Workout member, relatively new to conventional fitness, but deeply inspiring. "Part pinup, part human graffiti, von Hottie is a New York moment incarnate...As a guerrilla performance artist, von Hottie blows a kiss to the glamour of yesterday, winks at modern celebrity culture, rubs up against the digital age, and charges New York City by the hour." Check her out in the  pages of Time Out NY.

2009 Golden Booby!

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power- hobbling- Day 2 of the Crutchologs

So I missed my long constitutionals...so I decided to try "power hobbling"
around today. Five blocks here, five blocks there, hopping up and down stairs. I'd say if I add up my romp around Washington Square park and then down to Soho with dinner in between, that's a good 1 mile on crutches.

broken bootie...not to be confused with yoga paw
Workout Date: 
Tue, 06/16/2009 (All day)

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hahaha "not to be confused with yoga paw"

hope you get better ..." More comments...

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