A Week of Yoga, Pilates, Hiking, and Biking in Italy

  • Who: Leah Katz and Nicole Meadors of Pilates Hudson
  • What: Daily Pilates and Iyengar yoga classes, plus cooking classes, hiking, biking, and the chance to explore vineyards and olive mills. 
  • When: April 24 - May 1, 2010
  • Where: Near Torgiono, Italy, with accommodations at the Villa La Montagnola
La Montagnola (via <a href="">lamontagnola</a>)


Five Days of Yoga and Sound Healing in Nicaragua

  • Who: Luana Hervier and Big World Small Planet 
  • What: Five days of yoga, salsa and traditional Nicaraguan dancing, singing, painting, meditation, Reiki, organic meals, a visit to a local school, cooking class, and a bonfire ceremony with a local shaman. 
  • When: April 17 - 22, 2010
Aqua Nicaragua (via <a href="">acqunicaragua</a>)


Women's Surf and Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua

  • Who: Professional surfer Holly Beck
  • What: A week of surf lessons and yoga on the beach in Nicaragua, for you and 5-10 girlfriends.   
  • When: Any Saturday to Saturday of your choice. 
  • Where: Nicaragua, 2.5 hours from Managua airport, with accommodations at Casa Blanca.
Holly Beck (via <a href="">Nikki Brooks</a>)


Yoga and Cooking in the South of France

  • Who: Yoga instructor Jason Olson
  • What: Yoga, cooking classes, hikes through foothills overlooking the Riviera, and optional trips to museums, galleries, gardens, grottoes, and local perfumeries.
  • When: July 3 - 10, 2010
  • Where: Grasse, in southern France, with accommodations at La Rivolte.
La Rivolte (via <a href="">jasondujour</a>)


Yoga and Running Retreat in North Carolina

  • Who: Sage Rountree, author of The Athletes Guide to Yoga
  • What: A weekend of yoga and coached running (with gait analysis and help building future workouts) at an athletic training center in North Carolina.
  • When: May 14 - 16, 2010
  • Where: ZAP Fitness in Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Blue Rock (via <a href="">ZAP Fitness</a>)


Intensive Five-Day Pilates Retreat in Spain

  • Who: Diane Wise of the Kane School of Core Integration and Cobham Pilates
  • What: Five-day intensive Pilates retreat in Mallorco, Spain
  • When: May 8 - 12, 2010
  • Where: Accomodations at La Serrania, a retreat in the foothills of Mallorca's Sierra de Tramontana mountains.  
La Serrania (via

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Mallorca is beautiful! Sounds like a nice retreat!

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Sea Kayaking and Yoga on the Sea of Cortez

  • Who: Diana Estey and Sea Trek Kayaking
  • What: Seven days of sea kayaking, camping, and yoga in Baja.
  • Where: The Sea of Cortez, near Loreto in Baja, Mexico
  • When: March 19 - 26, 2010
Yoga Kayak Retreat (via <a href="">seatrek</a>)


Lake Tahoe Running Retreat with Jeff Galloway

  • Who: Former Olympian and marathon coach Jeff Galloway
  • What: Summer running retreat at Lake Tahoe. Daily runs with Galloway, plus hiking and seminars on topics like injury-free running, speed work, nutrition, and goal setting. 
  • When: Two options, weeklong retreat July 9-16 or weekend retreat July 16-18. 
Lake Tahoe (via <a href=""></a>)


Five Days in Jamaica with ISHTA Yoga

  • Who: Alan Finger and Senior ISHTA teachers Sarah Platt-Finger and Julie Wilcox 
  • What: Five days of yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic healing, and philosophy lectures on the beach in Jamaica
  • Where: Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • When: March 3 - 7, 2010
Round Hill (via <a href="">roundhilljamaica</a>)


A Week of Yoga and Pilates in Tulum

  • Who: Jennifer Deluca, owner of BodyTonic Pilates, and yoga instructor Mary Chan
  • What: A week of morning yoga, afternoon pilates, and bliss on the beach.
  • Where: Shambala Petit Hotel in Tulum, Mexico
  • When: March 1 - 7, 2010
Shambala (via <a href="">yogapilatesretreat</a>)

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