may 20 - hotel room workout

after conference and before dinner, had a little over an hour in the hotel room. desperately wanted to take a nap but instead did my physique57 exercises. it required some adaptation - used full water bottles instead of hand weights, also used a water bottle instead of a playground ball for one of the ab exercises. but got them all done and felt well exercised.

Workout Date: 
Wed, 05/20/2009 (All day)


may 19 - walking in salt lake

in salt lake city for a business trip. took a break from the conference to go for a long walk, probably about 3.5 miles.

Workout Date: 
Tue, 05/19/2009 (All day)

may challenge on the road

i'm leaving tomorrow morning to go on a business trip, coming back thursday night. i'm a bit nervous to see how i do with the challenge while on the road - i can do my physique 57 stuff in the hotel room, and i've got maps so i can walk to parks and good walking routes, but i don't know how well i'll do fitting it into travel and conference and such.

Oliver said "

abbyj: between the last panel/lecture/seminar and the group meetup ..." More comments...

How do you workout while on vacation?

Is walking in a discovering-a-new-city way considered a workout? (It isn't exactly heart rate elevating brisk or power walking.

Going to Shanghai next week and I'm staying with a friend who does not workout. What am I going to do for my workout days??


elenaho said "

Thanks everyone!

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Traveling + Workouts (& Copenhagen tips?)

A friend of mine talked me into a last-minute fare deal to Copenhagen for Memorial Day weekend (!!). I am a pretty flexible work-out-er since I mainly run and do yoga, and w/ the jet lag and the short trip I won't have that much of an opportunity to exercise there aside from city walking/biking. Unless you guys can inspire me...


londontransplant said "

walking, biking, and burpees...I travel a lot as well and find I ..." More comments...

Workout 25 - At it again

Got in a quick workout early this morning, though not as long of a workout as I would have liked.

I worked out at the hotel gym last night, and had to get my workday started early this morning. Hey - we do what we can with what we have, and what I have is a ridiculous amount of dedication due to my commitment to BOWC.

Today's workout
Treadmill: 20 min 3mph

New York

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