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Drop the Pop!

Endomondo Coca-ColaA new Harvard study of nearly 1,878 Boston area high schoolers suggests that "heavy soda drinkers were much more prone to violent behavior than other teens." Doh! Apparently the effect is similar, but possibly stronger, than that of alcohol. Got issues with your Mountain Dew? Just click through to Social Workout's battle-tested soda drinking "limit" goals....

Poet Laureate

Plastic Surgery is Good for Your Esteem

In a world where Heidi Montag can get sick of her ballooned G cup while worrying the rumored sex tape of her might feature her pre-under-the-knife body, or where Jennifer Anniston isn’t the cover girl you think she is (or is she?) it comes as no surprise that the New York Times can report that cosmetic surgery boosts your self esteem. I guess the surprise comes when you realize the article is about an eighteen-year-old girl Kristen who got boobs for a graduation gift.

Montag (via <a href="http://www.nydailynews.com">nydailynews</a>)

sandyliz said "

Of course it isn't all the media's fault.  The media does what ..." More comments...


Exercise When You're Young, Stay Sharp When You're Old

Lots of studies show that working out as you grow older can reduce your risk of developing dementia. But new research shows the hours of exercise you put in in high school have perhaps the most significant impact on your future cognitive functioning. The study, which looked at close to 10,000 women, showed that while exercise at every stage of life reduced risk of cognitive impairment down the line, once you factored in everything like smoking habits and BMI, the activity that statistically mattered the most was teenage activity. What's up with that? It might have something to do with exercise building your brain while it's in a developmental stage, and researchers also have a theory about building a youthful "cognitive reserve" you can call on later in life. They're not sure yet, but this means you should definitely nix your plans to give you nephew Grand Theft Auto for his birthday. That boy needs a tennis racket, STAT.

Old Age (via <a href="http://www.socialworkout.com/2009/10/06/racing-age">Angela Jimenez</a>)

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Mohawk’s Got the Rants

Maybe I’m channeling msh258 here, but something about today seems like it deserves a rant or two. Lo and behold, I refresh my Yahoo news page and read this lovely article about new Wisconsin legislation that’ll slap a 10k fine and some jail time on health teachers if they teach kids about contraceptives because a) it’s illegal to have sex if you’re a minor in Wisconsin (HA!) and b) knowing how to have safe sex will “contribute to the delinquency of a minor.”

NYC Condom (via <a href="http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/pr2010/pr010-10.shtml">nyc.gov</a>)

sassletics82 said "

I should prob stay "grounded" and just stay jealous-i'll let you ..." More comments...

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