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Spa Porn: The Golden Door

It's an impromptu art show in a Greenpoint apartment. Among the crowd is a friend freshly back from a week at the Golden Door, a resort near San Diego in California. Work has been tough, she says, but she is glowing. She's a former investment banker, in her late 30s, and is choosing her words carefully to describe the resort experience: "You have to write about it," she says. "Deborah Szekeley invented the modern spa."

Bliss (Via <a href="">The Golden Door</a>.)

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look at the price tag on some of these resorts and yoga retreats and ..." More comments...

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150 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019
Manhattan Midtown East

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Oh My! Spa Castle

So this was my first visit to anything called spa, and my review is a bit different from the friend I brought along. In my opinion, this was by far the best way to spend $35 I could imagine. I don't see any reason not to stay for at least 8 hours. "Bade Pool" is my new favorite phrase.

I'm just going to review floor by floor:

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SandyL. Excellent work! Thank you. I'm so there. (FYI: I cleaned up ..." More comments...


Detox Retox

Great Jones Spa, with Chaser

Not sure what I look forward to more on any given Saturday: The pools at The Great Jones Spa or the subsequent spicy chickpea snack and cold, dry martini at the nearby Five Points Restaurant.

The Great Jones Spa isn't exactly a place to get your heart pumping, but it does have 15,000 square feet of indoor H2O amenities to relax and renew sore or tired muscles. (Like, say, at the end of a month of working out almost daily....) Their Water Lounge is inspired by the Roman Baths of Caracalla. Which is sort of cool. For your bathing and chickpea-tasting pleasure, then, here are my recipes for both fine spa day and post-game snack...


New York

Extreme Spa Hopping

The Spa Castle

We have a weakness for outer-borough spa adventures. The Russians and Koreans run this racket. Who needs to fly to remote beach, when they can simply turn left en route to La Guardia and take up residence at the Spa Castle on glittering Flushing Bay, a wonderfully awful sounding place. We hope someone will quickly visit and report back...

SPA CASTLE is the perfect combination of traditional Asian saunas and luxurious European spas. In consultation with overseas experts, we created numerous innovative spa and sauna systems never seen before in the United States...Your spa experience begins as you walk through the doors. Multiple purified air dispensers, which distribute filtered oxygen-enriched air, are installed throughout the spa....

We just want to lie on top of that yellow mushroom thing and watch the jets fly overhead.

Surreal. (Via <a href="">Spa Castle</a>.)

New York

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I'm so going. This is the perfect way to reward myself for BOWC! I ..." More comments...

Place Review

What's the Deal with Watsu?

In The Player, Robert Altman's brilliant Hollywood take down, studio exec Tim Robbins escapes to a desert spa with his girlfriend, (but is inconveniently called back to L.A. to participate in a police lineup....)  My boyfriend and I decided for Valentine's Day to go to the same spot, Two Bunch Palms. It's about a 10 minute drive from Palm Springs, and has it's own hot sulphur pools, huts for spa treatments, tennis courts, yoga classes, a lap pool, and it's near Joshua Tree National Park.

Watsu (via Watsu Institute)

Los Angeles

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